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  1. dyflinn432

    Swedish Army Mod 3 (SAM)

    That RG32!, is the most beautiful thing iv seen in arma in a looong time!...... Seriously props to you guys all your stuff looks great!
  2. dyflinn432

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I notice this with a lot of addons, I get around it very easily by just using vanilla units and giving them custom loadouts it's more work but once you have it done you can save them as a composition in Eden, makes it really convenient for getting them again easily. EDIT: This is assuming your using RHS units as your playable slots in the mission.. and BTW this only apply to playable unit's RHS units work fine as enemy and friendly AI
  3. dyflinn432

    Project OPFOR

    Looking forward to next release and wish you the best! Out of interest what are you planning on including in the Irish Conflict? Is it just IRA and UVF? or do you plan on adding any other forces such as the PSNI (police force) ...... sorry if this is annoying but being in an Irish Arma community it's exciting to see some more Irish content coming, mission ideas are already popping into my head!
  4. Check your battleye tab after loading .. sometimes it seems to block ACE3s Dll files for some reason, if it is then an easy fix is to disable battleye but ofc it might be needed for your server.
  5. dyflinn432

    Server Issue

    The main problem was that our member was using two routers, and the first one was not bridged properly. We bridged the first router completely gave the server a static internal IP. That seemed to fix our issue he can connect via LAN now, all this goes way over my head tbh, some of the guys in my community manged to work it out after alot of trial and error.
  6. dyflinn432

    Server Issue

    So we have set up a dedicated server using TADST on a PC in one of our members houses, the server is join-able by everyone within our community except for the persons whos house its hosted in, he cant find the server on internet or LAN, and cant join through direct control either, the server PC and his own are both on the same IP Address. were fairly new to this an cant for the life of us find the solution, i belive the error is the fact that both PCs are on the same IP Address? Any Help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Lovely Ship, loving the interiors, the cranes ah such a great place to deploy on a mission from, one thing tho i cant seem to find where it is i open the Submersible Hatch?, Great work on this beauty.
  8. Overview We are a new community from the Republic of Ireland, and are seeking more players to join us. At present we are a small community who play mainly COOP. We do not play as specific unit but prefer to play as a variety of different Units/Armies Including: Irish Defence Forces USMC US Army Various SF Russian Forces and whatever else takes our fancy... Our play style is fairly realism focused without going overboard, you wont call anybody sir, but you are expected to listen to whomever is in charge in a particular mission. Requirements Being Irish is NOT a requirement but bare in mind that you would be joining a community of Irish people - a strong sense of Humor IS required. A Working Microphone A Decent Internet Connection Aged 16+ A basic knowledge of installing Arma mods. Teamspeak 3 Joining: Drop us a message here or on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/1stIRW#members
  9. Hey so me and my group recently set up a dedicated server which we use TADST to manage, and we cannot figure out how to save progress during a mission this is something i remember doing in Arma 2 with hosted servers all the time, when you would get the option to 'resume' a mission and not start over. Iv been search the forum looking for a solution and cant find a clear answer, some have said to put Persistence=1 in the server.cfg, but it seemed that infers you must leave the server up all the time, which is not realistic for us. We are fairly new to this server stuff so are we missing something obvious?, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Haha you missed out man!!, ah no it was so crowded i was nearly on the end of my toes trying to see things, but well worth it. Was great to see our military have the spotlight for once!
  11. Was lucky enough to stand 3 feet from Mowags, LATV's, Scorpions and more today at the Military parade in Dublin, absolutely amazing display.... Army Ranger Wing waving to people form a mounted GMG was definitely a highlight lol
  12. dyflinn432

    Irish Armed forces Mod

    Any more progress, me and my mate use this mod all the time and were wondering how the Mowags were coming along, Id love ta help you make some stuff but my skills are still quite basic with Blender.
  13. Seeing as people are putting in suggestions, may i offer one of my own The Irish Army Ranger Wing https://youtu.be/Fdg3aRYUabY Just a suggestion, you have quiet the list now so id understand if you don't want to add more to it
  14. dyflinn432

    Irish Armed forces Mod

    Do you have any plans to include UN Variants of the Units in the future?
  15. dyflinn432

    Irish Armed forces Mod

    Looks great, cant wait till we have both the Mowag and the RG 32 in game, eagerly awaiting next release!