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  1. Does anyone have copies of these missions? I have been trying to download them for awhile but that site really sucks, if you need server space to host them just send me a message on here (may take awhile to see it) or get me on discord Twiztid#0500 Thank You!
  2. Totally understandable , If you need some free hosting to work on this PM me. I would love to have something like this. Twiztid
  3. twizztid

    JSRS: DragonFyre -- WIP Thread

    +1 I am still new to this community and to Arma only started playing on April of this year and started hosting a dedicated server and building missions and training maps a month after I started playing. I have to say 99% of the people of this community are willing to help you out with any questions etc about the game or scripting, missions. My hats off to all of you that make this such a great game to play and a great place to help and share idea's with. Now on topic, who knows if or when they will implement that feature, but in the ens it is your decision and I know from me and I think the rest of the community we say Thank You for all your hard work and we will be behind you whatever choice you make. Twiztid
  4. twizztid

    Free Games

    Thanks Doveman :) Twizztid
  5. Ahh I never thought of that , it is the missions that come with the download, I would have thought that they would be , but that could be the answer. Twiztid
  6. I keep getting this error and I have tried downloading the @alive from PW6 and Armaholic and the main Alive site. I have also downloaded the Aliveserver again along with the .cfg and I still get this error no matter what I try. I also have noticed that even if I connect to the database it does not even show that we were on a mission any advice? 13:58:20 Warning: This version of ALiVE is build for A3 version: 132.127785. The server is running version: 134.128075. Please contact your server administrator and update to the latest ALiVE release version. Thanks, Twiztid
  7. CiforDayZServer, I helped test your Arma 2 version and it was great, I can not wait to try this one out. You defiantly have my vote for the contest. Oh how I hope Alive index's this one. The Ops I could make on this map would be amazing. Keep up the great work. Twiztid
  8. twizztid

    Combat Space Enhancement 0.2

    Is it just me or can everyone download the cse server side mod? I keep getting the error page when I try. Is there another link, I looked on the main website and it has version 0.9.0. Twiztid
  9. AJCStriker, I had the same problem , you have to make sure you are running it as admin, then also right click on the shortcut and click properties, then select the tab security and make sure the user you are logged in with has the permissions for everything, if not edit and give them to yourself. I hope this helps you, it is what finally worked for me. If this does not work Major_Shepard is very helpful and has always responded back to me when I needed help. Twiztid
  10. twizztid

    [WIP] Map Wake Island

    chrys45, Thanks for letting me know on my way to download it now. Twiztid
  11. Pete, I sent Surfer a pm and I am game when ever so when you guys have a time in mind let me know. If you want , not sure if you have a dedicated server if not mine is yours. I look forward to hearing from you guys. Twiztid
  12. twizztid

    [WIP] Map Wake Island

    I can't wait for this map to be released, with no port of Fort Benning, I have been debating on a map to use as a training base and this looks like it would work just fine. Keep up the good work. Twizztid
  13. We still love the mission, it may have a few bugs here and there, but the time you put into the custom sounds alone is amazing. We would still love to have you join us one night , the offer still stands. Keep up the god work. Twizztid
  14. My hats off to you Burnes, Love your work my unit loved your first tank mod releases and I have been following your releases ever since. Eh a little water won't kill a tank :D. Keep up the good work. Twizztid
  15. I had problems before with it not building correctly even though I let it run as admin. I had to go in further and give myself the user rights to run it as admin also. I hope this helps some people. Twiztid
  16. Major_Shepard, I have finally figured out why the program was not producing the sync files and hope to have the repo up tomm at some time. My dedicated web server I have had the same company for almost a decade and am friends with the owner ( no not some fly by night web host, they up there with the top ones) I know what speeds I can get out of my web server so I will let you know what speed's I can get. I also want to also say thank you for all your time and effort you put into your programs and responding on the forums with everyones questions, you are one of a few that still do , so thank you. Twiztid
  17. I do not think there is a way to disable it, but you can set it for a higher percentage then you can get (over 1.00) Twiztid
  18. Maybe this will help you, this should be the first thing in your server.cfg // GLOBAL SETTINGS hostname = "name of server"; password = "password for ppl to contect to the server"; passwordAdmin = "password to admin the server"; reportingIP = ""; logFile = "server_console.log"; verifySignatures = if you want to check mod signatures; There will be more to your server.cfg, this is just the beginning and having to do with the server password question Twiztid
  19. SaOk, Roger that I up voted on that problem, and thanks for getting back to me, just to make sure the links on the front page are the up to date ones for your project? Twiztid
  20. twizztid

    JSRS: DragonFyre -- WIP Thread

    My unit wold also love to help if needed, but no matter what how is it coming along? I bet Arma 3 is so sweet to play for those beta testing guys lol. Twiztid
  21. SaOk, What is the latest version for MP and also are the optional sound mods still valid on the first page? I would love to have my unit give it a test run. I am a learning mission maker so maybe I could help debug anything if you would want. Twiztid
  22. I have yet to get it up on my own server yet, but from other repo's I have downloaded from there is some sort of limit. The most I have ever been able to get was 500kbs, I really need to get mine up as I have a dedicated web server and know there is no limitations on speeds to really test this. Twiztid Edit: I also do want to say though, even with this problem, this tool is still the best way to sync muliple people with a servers mod list, Thanks Major_Shepard
  23. @CiforDayZServer, your point on people so quick to get mad and post negative things has seemed to increase, I am still new here but I just don't get it. Everyone is so quick to download a mod but when BI comes up with an update or something happens and it breaks the mod, people act like the maker of that mod went in their computer and broke it on purpose. I for one am thankful for every mod that anyone puts hard work into. This is just my two cent's so everyone take it how you want. Twiztid
  24. twizztid

    Flight Deck Crew Unit Addon WIP

    Looks great, can't wait for the release as I am using the Nimitz in my next mission I am working on. Twiztid