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  1. Since 1.60, there is any Problem with VON Channel config. I tryed old and new config system in description.ext and config.cfg Its working for the most players how i configured it, but not for all. A few players has Global Channel and can talk over it. ^^ Just a Hint ^^
  2. markussr1984

    Bohemia, why you want to destroy your Community ?

    HI, thanks for the lot of comments, but you can be sure, i know how to use battleye and the be filters. and i know the pros and cons of infistar. infistar is not useable on servers with high player count because it needs a lot of performance AND is useless against Invictus Battleye does work in the case, the "Hacker" or better named ScriptKiddy uses any Script command, but if he is staying EngineBased there is nothing what be filter is able to detect. The Engine Based fetures of Invictus are enoth to fuck up a server or the players. Password and whitelist systems does maybe work if you completly lock out new players. Whitelist is ner useless because Invictus is able to fake the player id AND has an optin to reed all ids from players on the server before join it. What i meaned with the monitizing commend was missunderstanded!!!! I wrote that the current rules are ok for me. I only wanted to show a pont what PLAYERS want to have. i agree with the point that someone wants to earn money with servers, and mean that this is bad and should not be supportet. But yes, we have a approved monitizing system working but earning money is far far away. we reinvestigate ALL the money in our server to give the player the best possible expiriance. I also know that the "real" arma 3 community does not like life mods but please dont forget that the life community is the biggest part of all players who are playing arma 3.
  3. Why this title? 1. I saw that Bohemia makes a free Arma 3 weekend. It´s a good idea, but not at the moment. Invictus Load is active and undetected right now, many servers has 5 or more attacks from Hackers per day. This alone is bad enogth to steel the fun on this game. now comes a free weekend and new players can see how nice hackable is arma. and hackers does not worry about banned accounts, becouse its free! Why u don´t fix the current hackable parts and then make a free weekend ?????????? 2. Monitizing Rules: Yes i like the control and limitation of real money. That was a good idea. But its hard to get enogth money to pay servers. The system is good as is atm. I only had one wish, please allow it to sell ingame money. Players want to be able to buy it. They buy it! if allowed or not. but now. they buy it from other players for worse prizes and servers does not get anything from this. have a nice weekend bohemia. i have to protect my server manually against the fucking hackers now. and please don´t answer something about battleye filter. its not possible to detect the most fetures of this hack
  4. ATM we don´t have any crashing Problems with v4. But nearly complete Database Connection is running over HC. AND The Perfomance valus are mutch bader as it was with 1.54 But ok, its better to run Stable as to have better Performance.
  5. With v4 i registered many Simulation Thread freezes. with v3 i do not have this Problem. logs in PM to dwarden
  6. Start testing v4 on 0:00 o´clock let´s see whats happen ;)
  7. Hi, this happens if the .dll file is not signed(whitelisted) from Battleye. And only Client side. The both mallocs in Dwardens dropbox are for server side using, so it´s not possible to use it clientside with active battleye. The dll itselve does work also clientside, but if you want to do this, you have to send it(or a link to dwadens dropbox) to Bastian Suter from Battleeye, than he can whitelist this file and all is working fine. @dwarden, yesterday we had a servercrash at 1.56_perf.v3 but server was not writing any logs. there is nothing in rpt and he does not generate mdmp or bidmp files. so i´m sorry, but i have nothing to send to you.
  8. 156_perf_v2 was just crashing on our Server. Crashlogs was send via pn to dwarden
  9. Sorry Dwarden, i cant´t report any Crash. just this one crash with 1.56_perf_v0 on HC with i reportet to you. but this was only this one. sice this our server and hc runs without any crash. Good job Dwarden :) Time for Holydays for you :P
  10. Sorry my fault :( i didnt realized that this is depending on ALIVE Addon. and KK i had eaten your blog :P i know how callExtension works :rolleyes: OK, then i have to serach whare the freezes come from on my server :ph34r:
  11. Right, this is what i mean. Dwarden tells a few posts before that the fix is not includet in the 1.56 release, but its a terrible bug. So i hoped that dwarden is able to tell us when there come out a fix for this issue. I think this bug is priorized nearby the left crash fixes.
  12. Hi Dwarden, is known any time when the callExtension Bug gets fixed ? since 1.56 it feels that this happens a lot more than with 1.54. Our players are crying because the get killed when they are in Helicopters when the Simulation Thread freezes. (Helicopters drops down like a stone)
  13. Hi everyone, I saw that there are a out lot of servers running on extDB2 v64. OK. its a bit older, but works with 1.52. So comes my question WHY stoppet so many servers at extDB2 v64. :blink: Right, is was the last version that was running with Fred41´s malloc. :rolleyes: I have written a custom malloc on tbb44u2 (latest stable from intel) and includet something (not all) changes from Fred. It´s supporting huge Pages, etc... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- atm i search 5 - 10 people how want to test it. If you want to test it then you should - have a stable server without crashing atm. - did work with Frd41´s malloc and know how it is to use. - know how you can monitor server performance right, to see if there is a positive or negative effect. - your server should have 50+ Players(NOT SLOTS!) Please PM me here if you want to try it out!. (I don´t answer on each pm!!! i contackt only the servers i think they are good for test) In your PM i want to see: - ts3 ip - Gametracker link of your server - your Arma3 Gameserver(s) ip and Port(s)
  14. v16 & extDB2 v70 looks good. Was running yesterday with up to 150 Players without Crash on Server and HC. v16 is the first version of 1.54 that can run our HC without crashing every 30 minutes. today i try to reduce the performance brakes(that i have build in to reduce crashes) step by step. And take a look on what is happening. And a BIG thaks to dwarden for his work !!! He is a little wizzard :P
  15. On our server, Altis Life with 120+ Players on evening did run following: Restart periods between 4 and 6 hours. v12 no runtime crash, only crashes at startup. v13 terrible crashes every 30 - 90 minutes and startup crashes. v14 stable since release yesterday 16:00 o´clock good work dwarden, good work (anyone working in background and i don´t know)