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  1. So after reading the patch notes and saw that you removed the abillity to join servers there, how am i supposed to play with friends now?
  2. esschallert


    I highly doubt it
  3. esschallert


    Hello everyone, i´ve encountered a hacker/glitch user whatever you like to call him. Gamemode was Clash (so usually no respawn, and definitively not on his mate i just killed. Time was around 22:00 CET (Berlin Time). His name is glum24 You can see what i mean in the video i´ve linked.
  4. esschallert

    Official Sever Support

    dedicated gaming server for 15 bucks... stopped reading there.
  5. sometimes after the match is over no MVP screen appears and also no score screen, i´ve checked it multiple times and the exp/credits are not added. This Bug/Error happens 1 out of ~15 games. If it happens the next time i record it and post a link to the video.
  6. esschallert

    Is it possible to group up?

    will there be one, if not for example if i want to play with 4 friends, its quite tricky to get on one server, even to find one with enough free slots.
  7. esschallert

    Ask us anything!

    Will there be new maps for example for link if yes when can we expect them. Also will there be different gamemodes, like link on bigger maps with 10 vs 10?
  8. esschallert

    Points In Game

    The Main "M" objective gives you the most points, if you are able to hold it (and be near it in the center) then you can end up with 4000+ points.
  9. esschallert

    Feedback Thread

    i find it perfect to, dont know why that many teamkills happen, flames only tanktops and clouds long sleves simple as that. Finally a game who punishes Teamkiller with the right amount.