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  1. Capjerahya

    OFP Materials

    Nice job. I tried messing with materials aswell and same issue I got with sun color where my metal materials looks more like tainted gold at certain time. The engine uses different sun color for different game time and that's one limitation I have to live with. Another issue is material is not applied to OFP override units from the main config file. I replaced OFP default units with WW4 units on ECP config then applied Material addons to ww4mod textures by making another addon. It only applies to the addon unit not the edited. I tried to apply the materials straight to the main config as well but no luck.
  2. Capjerahya

    OFP in internet browser

    :< Error: WGLE.Renderer: Could not initialise WebGL http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebGL#Support
  3. I don't think you'll find you answer in this section.
  4. Capjerahya

    WW4mod and Custom AEC .wrp Files

    do you have your terrain detail maxed out?
  5. Capjerahya

    WW4mod and Custom AEC .wrp Files

    It works fine for me. I have ww4mod+ECP and able to play large scale missions in AEC. BTW, when you say custom you mean your own or just a modification of PMC's AEC?
  6. You can use pbobox to extract pbo files and modify the config.cpp from there as long as its for personal use only.
  7. If your talking about converted models from arma1 or 2 then all you have to do is download the public data and use that instead. Just read the license and comply with it. If it say limited to Arma title, it includes armed assault, arma 2, arma 3 and arma:cwa. There are 3 licenses for puclic data. The only one that you can't use in other arma series is data under DML-SA as it's only for A2DayZ mod. If you are talkig about permission for other models thay was taken from other mods then just ask permission from the original creator. There's.no reason for them to be greedy about it. Thing about it is license page is down. :3
  8. this might help you. http://www.ofpec.com/editors-depot/index.php?action=details&id=551&game=OFP
  9. Capjerahya

    remove shaded side

    Thanks for the advice. I pretty much spend a hours optimizing my models to suit OFP engine. Grass renders depending on user settings. Got my models set to 0.5, 0.75, 1.150, 1.75, and 2.0 which is no model to render to limit render distance and it works fine on a very old netbook of mine. But renders to far on my PC when I got all settings to maximum.
  10. Example ;distance from player _dist=2 ;create unit and set post in front of player _unit = "man" createVehicle getpos player _pos = [(getPos player select 0)+(sin (getDir player)*_dist),(getPos player select 1)+(cos (getDir player)*_dist),(getPos player select 2)] _unit setpos _pos ;wait 2 seconds ~2 ;delete unit deleteVehicle _unit exit
  11. Capjerahya

    An open letter on basic ARMA:CWA support

    I my self wanted the ofp source code just to implement Join in Progress option. I even tried to reverse engineer what whole thing thinking I can do it my self but failed. I also spent 1 month just to get a better option for 3D sight in OFP. Thanks to NPS team I was able to make a good sight out of their ideas. If ever they release the source for public modifications then I would be able to make this feature better. But considering BIS is more in to arma 3 now, I just work with what I have and what I can do with RV1 engine. Forget about this. Not gonna happen. :3
  12. Making some progress in my goal to recreate ofp original maps. :3
  13. Capjerahya

    remove shaded side

    Strange, when I tried to set the edges to sharp, save and reload the model all setting were reset. I then adjust the lighting without the texture to make sure polygons are rendered plain in buldozer then put it back to my original settings. This time it worked fine. :3 Thanks for the help mac. Cheers!
  14. Capjerahya

    remove shaded side

    Hi, sorry for bothering once again. I already spent hours trying to get some of my models right but one thing that I notice with all my models are the have uneven shaded part. Like in this image. Both are of the same model and texture, but other polygon is shaded dark while other side is in normal shade. I want it to stay uniform and light like the unshaded part but can't figure out how. I already set the light property to both side, zbias none(don't know what this does, and also set it to half lighten. Model shadow disabled, but model shading stays the same. It only does that with my model anyone has an idea why it does that? Thanks!
  15. Capjerahya

    An open letter on basic ARMA:CWA support

    Uhhmm. I don't think that ever going to happen. No commercial company would release their engine source to public. Its like saying they quit in the whole game developing industry and others are free to make a clone of the game.