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  1. creative5p

    Resetting Skill Tree

    You get all your skill points back but it will cost a small amount of credits.
  2. creative5p

    Voice of a woman

    Good shout. If you can't let us disable it completely please give us a slider in Audio settings to turn it down a bit. This ofc isn't a priority but maybe the dev team can have a discussion about it. Cheers!
  3. creative5p

    Reset skill tree

    You can keep the weapons that you have purchased so you don't have to buy them again, however you won't have access to them unless you unlock the same weapon class in the skill tree.
  4. creative5p

    Arma gold edition mods not working

    Well maybe cause it's a mod for ARMA not ARGO.
  5. creative5p

    Feedback Thread

    This issue was already in the pre-release version. Hoping for a fix soon :)
  6. creative5p

    EXP Not Being Rewarded

    Can we get some kind of response from a Dev? This topic has been up for a few days now and it's not like this is some minor bug. No XP being awarded is a big issue and I for one don't want to waste my time playing when I'm not certain if I'll be rewarded at the end of the match.
  7. creative5p

    Feedback Thread

    In easy you can identify the enemy by the name tag above their heads. And as for Hardcore then the name says it all, it's HARDCORE get used to it. CLOUD has full sleeved green camo and FLAMES have beige tank-tops. It's not that difficult to see who is friendly and who isn't
  8. creative5p

    EXP Not Being Rewarded

    Had this bug and managed to capture a video of it. Please fix, as it can become rather annoying if happens more than once.
  9. creative5p

    Feedback Thread

    Argo is based around PVP. If you want to play co-op with friends I suggest finding another game. ARMA 3 for example!
  10. creative5p

    Feedback Thread

    Can you please add a some sort of matchmaking or at least make it so that all guests and lvl 1-3 can only join easy mode servers. It's so god damn frustrating and annoying having them in hardcore servers if you are trying to win the game and they don't know what to do and run around like headless chickens or worse team killing.
  11. creative5p

    Supressor unlock

    Ah no worries. It's a Prototype at the moment and it's good when bugs like this are found and fixed before full launch.
  12. creative5p

    Supressor unlock

    I couldn't attach it to any of the lvl 3 AR's. I managed to add the screenshots. Am I doing something wrong perhaps?
  13. creative5p

    Supressor unlock

    Hi, I'm having a strange issue where I have unlocked lvl 3 Assault rifles and lvl 3 suppressors but when I go to equip the suppressor it says that no compatible suppressors are available. For some reason I can't upload a screenshot that I took.