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    Windowed magazines

    Here is a part of my Model.cfg, which contains the animation for the windowed Magazine: I'm working currently on a weapon pack, which use windowed Magazines. When you have questions, ask me ;)
  2. I would say WWII, because I'm waiting alot of time for an good A3 WWII Mod and the weapon pack would decrease the wait time for me...
  3. ohh. :p Forget it...
  4. The Addonbuilder said, "Build failed, Result Code = 1", when I want to pack my Project folder!
  5. Hey Folks, Im currently working on a Weapon with included Grenade Launcher. The GL got a two chamber system (one Grenade in the barrel, the other behind it.) Now, I want to realize this Animation: The very special thing is, that the animation just have to start, when: 1. Before shooting, both GRenades are in the "MAgazine". 2. The Magazine is NOT empty. I thought abaout a script solution with eventhandlers and count elements, but I dont know, how to realize this Script and include into the config and/or the Model.cfg, so some help would be very nice :) The other thing, I wanted to ask is, whether I only need an .rtm, shown in the video (of course later exported from Matrices) or I need more than this. Answers and all help is welcome. Greets, Biwi
  6. DerBiwi

    Addon Bulder SitRep

    Are there any valid links for pboproject, for A3, or can I use the A2 version of the pboproject?
  7. realized it yesterday. The whole Animation is covered :)
  8. BAd to Hear :( Where can I create one? Maybe I can create a ticket to change this... @Devs, fix it please, if you see this post... Would be really awesome if you could realize this. @SaltatorMortis. No, there are no 2 diferent UGLs. Its one "barrel" , divided by the cover. If the first grenade is launched, the second GRenade will be transported into the "mainbarrel" from where it will be shooten. If the "magazine is empty, the Grenadier have to put the first grenade into the last part. Then the mechanic push the first grenade into the mainbarrel, then the Soldier can put the second grenade into it. I've already workeda bit on project art for an GrenadeLauncher, with the same System, but with an Magazine under it... ;). This would be more Aesy, because of one primary muzzle.
  9. DerBiwi

    Normal maps and rvmats

    Im not an expert with RVMATs, but I can tell you, that you maybe have to made a "full" simple .rvmat (Normal- Specular- and Detailmap. Just choose temporary files to fill it.
  10. DerBiwi

    Normal maps and rvmats

    Its a little bit of diferent to help you without knowing the .rvmat. Please send us the inside of the file. But if you watchting on Buldozer, dont select the whole model. Got the same issue, when I started modeling...
  11. DerBiwi

    Blender Toolbox and Oxygen Animations

    Nice Work with the animations man:cool: Maybe reinstall OB. When reinstalled, the Box should appear. I got it for some Reason...
  12. Hey Folks, I'm currently experimenting with an Assault Rifle, which got an Flashlight already included into its mainbody. So, I'm interested in, how I can activate it (with "L", like an normal Side Accessory). This is, what I copied and overtook from the Config of the SCAR with laser of the A2 Samplemodels: class FlashLight { color[] = {0.9, 0.9, 0.7, 0.9}; ambient[] = {0.1, 0.1, 0.1, 1.0}; position = "flash_dir"; direction = "flash"; angle = 30; scale[] = {1, 1, 0.5}; brightness = 0.1; }; So, my simple question is: have I to make something special to make it activatable by the player? Greets, Biwi
  13. Heydee Hoo Folks, Now, after all Animations issues were terminated:cool:, I want wo begin with the handanims for my different weapons. The Problem is, I dont know how to do this. I've heard, that the creating of Animations is also possible with Object Builder only. Could someone explain me, how to create an Staticanimation for my Guns? Would be nice... Greets, Biwi
  14. Hey guys. For some days, I cannot find out, why I have the same issue than last time again. It looked so: http://steamcommunity.com/id/DerBiwi/screenshot/38596151986286242 So I believe, its a binarizing error. This is my Animation as .rtm: http://www.file-upload.net/download-9226149/BISkeleton_lrx.rar.html And my model.cfg: I dont know, What I can do to solve this problem. Please help me...
  15. Hey Folks, since the new bootcamp update, I wanted to update my Weapons, which arent finished yet :) Now, When I want to pack my Addon in AB, I get this message: http://www11.pic-upload.de/05.07.14/2lqegl9txuw.png Then, The building is finsihed, it said, the build was successfull, but when I take a look on my Desktop, There is no .pbo file and no error textfile. And i Cannot figure out the Error, when I dont get a errorfile. Do somebody have a solution for this? Greets, Biwi
  16. DerBiwi

    Problem with Addonbuilder

    Thank your for the answer. Now it works. But I cannot find any .log file,where all my Config.cpp errors are enlisted. Where can I find them?
  17. hey guys, do somebody know, how I can upload an addon on Steam Workshop?
  18. As long as I understood, you want to make little accessory into the buildings right? If you want to use the same thing (generators, containers etc.) you should make them as an proxy.
  19. DerBiwi

    Help with Trees modeling

    The only thing I know is, that in the ArmA I Sample Models are some type of Palms. But without Textures. How long it will durate?! After my own experience (I have not much) its durate so long, until you are happy with it. But what you have to do, if you want to make your own Trees: -Make the stomp and the mainbody -define the leafes (the most complicated part, take a look into the A1 and A2 Sample Models) But there are also some other addons, which are for A2, but they will also work with A3MP or AiA. However, I hope this information could help you a little bit at your way to become a 3D-Gardener :) Regards, Biwi
  20. Have you made the skripts as .sqs? than you should convert them into .sqf. This is better for Performance Doln.
  21. Hey Doln, I have one question: How did you made the active Camouflage? Greets from a big fan of your work :)
  22. Hey guys from BIS. I think, everyone, who creates buildings and other artificial stuff for ArmA3 would like to see this: https://manuals.bisimulations.com/vbs2/2-00/devref/Default.htm#Oxygen_Manual/Oxy_LODs/Oxy_LOD_Underground.htm%3FTocPath%3D5%20Oxygen%20Manual|LODs|_____11 It would be one of my biggest wishes. Whta do you think? Should bis include this into the OB?
  23. Thx for the answer Surpher. Do I have to do the same to the Vest and the Helmet?
  24. Hey guys. I've created a retexture of the stadard BLUFOR-Uniform and Vests, but when I want to start the Mission in Editor, I got this error message: http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/486698653722459280/50CE66E6A018FE8E28BD436083E16115A8F54B1E/ I've defined the Uniform so: class U_greek_uniform: Uniform_Base { scope = 2; /// scope needs to be 2 to have a visible class allowedSlots[] = {BACKPACK_SLOT}; /// where does the uniform fit to when not equipped displayName = "Uniform (Multi-Fleck)"; /// how would the stuff be displayed in inventory and on ground picture = "\A3\characters_f\data\ui\icon_U_BasicBody_CA.paa"; /// this icon fits the uniform surprisingly well model = "\A3\Characters_F\Common\Suitpacks\suitpack_blufor_diver"; /// how does the uniform look when put on ground hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"biw_units_campaign\data\units\greek_clothing.paa"}; class ItemInfo: UniformItem { uniformModel = "-"; uniformClass = Test_Soldier_base_F; /// what soldier class contains parameters of the uniform (such as model, camouflage, hitpoints and others) containerClass = Supply90; /// what fake vehicle is used to describe size of uniform container, there is quite a lot SupplyXX classes ready mass = 80; /// combined weight and volume }; }; And so I included it into the unit: class greek_soldier :greek_base { author = "Biwi"; scope = 2; displayName = "Rifleman"; uniformClass = "U_greek_uniform"; //the uniform item side = 2; faction = "biw_secyour_faction"; vehicleClass = "biw_greek_infantry"; };
  25. DerBiwi

    Modeling Texture problem

    Have you defined your Texture in the Faces properties? As what have you saved your TExture? .png .tga or .paa?