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  1. i would like to suggest a feature that lets any side to build a defensive parameters around the city or the military base that they control , i find it very easy to breach the enemy controlled zones and capture it
  2. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    is update is just awesome i love the new AKM/S and caiman Mraps , i just wish you guys make an AKMS model with rails on
  3. supported by the 9th armored division , the iraqi 4th division's firing its 2nd mechanized rapid intervention brigade to recapture Athira after the withdrawal of the para military ( hashid shaabi ) leaving the city in the hands of ISIS ... m1a1sa advancing towards its positions getting briefed battle start enemies's dead ATHIRA recaptured! VSM,VTN,RHS,TRYK,NIARMS,SMA,PrivteWorks
  4. Iraqi Army's 5th division on a checkpoint near altis airport patrolling ISIS sniper with a 23mm anti armor rifle VSM,RHS,VTN,TRYK,DARMAXXPRO,PrivteWork,More..
  5. Iraqi Army's 15th Division holding a defensive line around Athera as ISIS willing to attack the city RHS,VTN,VSM,TRYK,PrivteWork,and more...
  6. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.17.1222

    great work as always JR, i just want to say that the explosion sounds feels very low ...
  7. Iraqi federal police forces supported by T72A captured the last bit of sofia after heavy fight with ISIS ended by fleeing ISIS to the mountains near sofia VSM,VTN,RHS,ACE, Personal stuff and more
  8. Iraqi E.R.D ( emergency response division ) using the the environment to cover their advance ISIS enghimasieen ( SPECOPS ) spoted! VSM,RHS,VTN,ACE,CUP, private mods, and more ...
  9. watching the front lines ( iraqi army mod ) Iraqi army ING soldier with a M16A4 on the front lines taking a rest after heavy battle with ISIS Iraqi ING (AT Squad) with BMP-1 discussing things reporting an ISIS movement Iraqi ISOF preparing ... ISOF MG (240G) with GMG OSHKOSH mods RHS , VTN , ACE , CBA , ASR AI , Private Stuff , VSM vests , FFAA , CUP , Other mods i don't remember
  10. ASR AI 3

    @robalo the radio support distance slider really affect AI groups if you set the slider to the middle and higher the AI will support their mates according the slider limits you can try it and see by your self @mickeymen reduce the rearm slider to 2 mags it will help keep AI snipers in their positions , its odd but after countless hours of testing and looking for a solution this was very helpful as i found rearming feature keeps the AI thinking to rearm all the time.
  11. ASR AI 3

    for soldiers leaving positions you need to reduce the support distance in ASR AI setting ( i set them to 0 )
  12. ASR AI 3

    theres no way robalo can do this through scripts or FSMs , in later arma versions ( 1.40 and later if im not wrong ) the AI used their AT weapons against infantry during battles but BI did something that missed the whole formula ... now the AI use their ATs if they run out of ammo ( when AI soldier have less than 3 mags he will think about using his AT very seriously ) BI must do something about their AI modders did everything to fix BI mess ...
  13. ASR AI 3

    i use 3den and make simple quick mission with zeus and RHS units only , and here is what i did to test opened up zeus then placed 2 defending US marines squads on the west edge of GARVIA village near the main altis Airport , placed 3 russian squads infront of us forces 700-800 away and sent them to attack the village and as the us forces began to lose its positions i placed 2 mechanized US squads and sent them to support the battle when these 2 mechs arrived exactly at 200m away from the entrance of GARVIA they stopped and disembarked their bradlyes and began to hit the floor watching the main road while their mates got their as$es handed to them because the russians were outnumbering , did the same with motorized units got the same results and yes i have ASR_RHS installed , i might need to do more tests under different conditions and see
  14. ASR AI 3

    tested just now , AI units still fears to march forward even if theres a combat 2kms away i have tested with motorized units and mechanized both elements refuse to get in combat and help their mates on the front line just because they heard a gunfight and some explosions , tried to push a weapons team the moved 5 meters forward and heard the firefight then they start looking to cover while the fight is morethan 1800m away!
  15. ASR AI 3

    i wish i could help you but my scripting skills sucks as hell and i hope you tell me how to decrease the AI awareness in your mod so i can try my tricks