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  1. Hey ! very nice mod ! However how do you install it ? cant understand how to compile... Ty Edit : just found the "release" button sorry :)
  2. Compare to my 1.36v1 Screen its a bit lower. 136v1 136v2 let's try 1.36v3
  3. 1.36V1 ~2h uptimes we use V1 for 24h with no crash between reboots. I restart my serv every 6 hours.
  4. Very very nice Perf ! 30 FPS/CPS @ +80players Nice !
  5. Calgon87

    Arma 3 Battle recorder

    I dream about a .dem system like on Half-life, u can read your demo, extract frame by frame at the MAX FPS u want and with max settings on :) I probably use this tool to make short action movie :)
  6. Calgon87

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    hi ! Im new to bi Forum :) Im here to post/discuss about video editing with arma 3 ! My current quest is to find good mod/tool to create the perfect quality of movie with the A3 engine :) I dream about record system like Quake/Half-life with frame by frame export (.dem), but i think its utopist ^^ Greetings from France :)