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  1. [kgb]cartman

    German Addon Studio releases

    Very nice. I can already see some nice KFOR Missions on Chernaruss. All we need now are some decent vehicles (Fuchs, Luchs, Marder, Wolf). Hope you include the SpliSchu and that the Oliv and NVA Units follow ;)
  2. Very good work, but can A3 handle a map like this in multiplayer? Looks to me, like there are too many objects. I remember a mission that we played on the x-cam showcase map and the performance was very bad. Of course this map was for the presentation of the x-cam mod, but I think the high density of objects is a real performance killer!?
  3. [kgb]cartman

    Zero Dark Zero

    It didn't worked on a dedicated server, with more players, so I had the choice to rework it, or just use the AGM Altimeter. But I like yours better ;). What would be nice, is a container to eject, before you jump. I don't really know what the name is, but I mean this little metal crates, like in the HALO Scene from Battlefield 3.
  4. I like the idea, but there are two things I would change. The big circle in the hud is not necessary and immersion breaking and I would like to point my finger, when I press the key once and take my finger down, when I press the key a second time. That would give others more time to look at me and follow the direction I am pointing at. Except that, it is very nice.
  5. [kgb]cartman

    "Dak To" Map - Unsung ArmA 2 & 3

    No, that is the recording. The recording wasn't that perfect and youtube did the rest. Sorry for that, maybe I have to check my settings, but I use the settings recommended by youtube. The frames were pretty good. Up to 50 frames in the jungle area. Really amazing work and the light effects in the jungle are awesome. I know that he also added a different skybox for the A2 Version and the water in the rice paddies don't work in the A3 Version by now. But so far, I think it is the best map I have seen for the Vietnam setting. Can't wait to play a mission on it.
  6. Showmaker of the Unsung Mod Team gave me his new map for testing and making a small video, showing off his new map. I would say, the countless hours he put in, were time well spent ;). It does look just amazing. Thanks for letting me have a preview. Map by Showmaker Mods by RazorBack
  7. [kgb]cartman

    Zero Dark Zero

    And here my 12k HALO-Jump I pulled a bit early so I could land close to my gear ;).
  8. [kgb]cartman

    Zero Dark Zero

    Hi Goblin, I really love your mod, but I wanted to use it in multiplayer missions on a a dedicated server. So I played a bit around with it and made my own scripts using some of your scripts, sounds and gear. So far I got a 12k HALO Jump starting in the C130 and a 4k Jump with a Stryker drop. (The drop sound for the stryker is a bit off in that recording) Hope you like it ;). Keep up the good work. Cheers Cartman
  9. [kgb]cartman

    KGB No Zeus Mod

    Like I said, there are a lot of ways to work around it, but that way you be done with it for good ;).
  10. [kgb]cartman

    KGB No Zeus Mod

    We played a Zeus mission last weekend and I didn't noticed that pop up, when the game master entered the Zeus mode, so I don't really know if that is an issue. I think you just have to synchronize the game master with the module and the message doesn't pop up. But we can change this. I will wait a for about a week and make an update, in case some bugs come up, or someone else is requesting something. Thanks for the feedback.
  11. [kgb]cartman

    KGB No Zeus Mod

    Yes, this is right ;). It is supposed to give more immersion, so the players won't know, when Zeus is around. I consider especially that sound of the screaming eagle as annoying. And I hate it, when people destroy the immersion, while talking about seeing the eagle, or a yellow/red chain. They use it mostly to indicate the next wave of spawned enemies.
  12. [kgb]cartman

    KGB No Zeus Mod

  13. [kgb]cartman

    KGB No Zeus Mod

    I can't disable it in the Configure/Expansions!? And sure, you could work around it, but you can just put the pbo in your repo and be done with it. That way, you won't have to explain it every time someone in your community builds a Zeus mission. So I think, it is still a useful mod ;).
  14. [kgb]cartman

    KGB No Zeus Mod

    No Zeus Mod by [KGB]Kampfgruppe Berserker Description: Are you sick of lines like: "Oh look, up there is the eagle. Watch out Zeus is spawning enemies...", or "Did you hear the eagle? Zeus is watching us..." That is over. This mod turns the mighty eagle into a tiny mosquito. No more eagle, no more annoying screams. Notes: If you find any bugs, let us know and we fix it, but it should work fine. Check out our WIP Thread: http://kgb-arma.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=68 Download www.kgb-arma.de ts.kgb-arma.de YouTube