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  1. i want to play with my 3 friends the competitive multiplayer scenarios. with the random supply drops and own landing pod. but we cant play hardcore survival, when in the supply drop is the stupid creative 3d-printer! How can i change the 3d-printer from creative to the small one! this is so anoying! an why i cant print storage boxes? Hey BIS, please wake up and work on your game!
  2. Hello, i'm playing many Coop-Missions with the VAS 'Virtual Ammobox System' by Tonic. Now i try to use the new Virtual Arsenal from Bohemia Interactive. Some of these Missions are Dynamic-Coop with some enemy players How i can get a Virtual Arsenal for my Side only (if Nato = without CSAT gear and Items)
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    please add a signature...
  4. Best Mission at the moment! But please can you implementate the backpack's and vest's at shop?
  5. shit! i have problems with your script! i can only 'cleare score' one times! the script works not longer! only one time, no more! this is in my mission and in your tamplate! pls help!
  6. hm, after 'clear score' its don't work anymore :pet5:
  7. hey BIS, pls fix this damned vehicleinterior bug! this is still there since ArmA2-release!!!!:936:
  8. that is my favorite map! i love the areal, the forests and so on! is a update planned? maybe a little bigger Map? best greetings from Germany - Christopher
  9. Hy, here i like to present my first addon! i made some skins from the Ikarus in Bundeswehr-Style Screenshots: many thanks at 'SmartGun' and 'Marseille77' for helping me at the config-file. >Download< Requirement: Operation Arrowhead can also be hosted at armaholic, arma2base and all other ArmA-Community-Sites best greetings - Christopher 'sorry for my bad english'
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    AC-130 Script for ARMA2 (0.3)

    how i can reload the weapons???