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  1. Will this be fixed in an upcoming performance binary or do we have to wait until the next official update? I'm waiting for Dwardens magic ;)
  2. no difference in case of the positioning issue
  3. hey luki, thanks for your help but thats not what i am looking for. i want them to get deleted when the player disconnects, not when he dies. as i said i also dont want a routine, that runs in a 5min cycle or something. i was trying around with "onPlayerDisconnected" but i dont even know where to start.. :/ thanks a lot anyways i was also trying to get this to work only if a player disconnects.. its a serverside FSM class Delete_dead_bodi { name = "Delete_dead_bodi"; init = /*%FSM<STATEINIT""">*/"{" \n " deleteVehicle _x;" \n "} foreach allDeadMen;"/*%FSM</STATEINIT""">*/; precondition = /*%FSM<STATEPRECONDITION""">*/""/*%FSM</STATEPRECONDITION""">*/; class Links { /*%FSM<LINK "true">*/ class true { priority = 0.000000; to="Share__Work_load"; precondition = /*%FSM<CONDPRECONDITION""">*/""/*%FSM</CONDPRECONDITION""">*/; condition=/*%FSM<CONDITION""">*/"true"/*%FSM</CONDITION""">*/; action=/*%FSM<ACTION""">*/""/*%FSM</ACTION""">*/; }; /*%FSM</LINK>*/ }; }; this way, the corpse are getting deleted instantly, but theyre also getting deleted if a player got killed, i dont want this because i want them to keep in a revivable state
  4. hello everyone, i hope you can help me, i searched already but i didnt found a solution yet. im pretty new to scripting and i'm looking for a simple script that deletes a body and his weapon as soon as he disconnects. i found a way to have a routine that deletes, lets say every 5minutes all weapons and bodies on the ground, but i want it to delete them as soon as the player disconnects. would someone kindly provide some help? thanks a lot guys
  5. any infos on perf1 stability? random crashes on full server is kinda annoing! /EDIT1: testing right now on 90/90 - going to report later /EDIT2: still huge performance issues, server crashing from time to time, player positioning is heavily desynchronized and players losing connection every now and then.
  6. with newest 1.18, our server is not showing up at all, they need to connect via IP
  7. i'm running perf4 in 6hours periods with 90 people right now vor over 12 hours. it's working fine and most users experience a slight fps increase of about 5% server performance seems ok, no big changes but its absolutely stable
  8. going to test it with 90/90 players for 6 hours now, gonna report if there are issues
  9. djules

    Altis Life RPG

    our service truck is not working anymore.. seems like any custom addActions not working properly anymore with 3.1.2. do i miss sonething? greetings
  10. djules

    Altis Life RPG

    we have only the issue that unrestrained players can't logout
  11. djules

    Altis Life RPG

    sry - nvm