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  1. Yes i have @ASDG_JR running.
  2. I cant use scopes on cup weapon. Its only me o what?
  3. lovemotion


    This work on SP?
  4. You can make a sp version?
  5. lovemotion

    Simple Single Player Cheat Menu

    Its possible to add no weigth limit to the soldier? i have a mod that the max weigth its 120kg. I have a problem with add ai object to zeus editor. The option is active but, the ai objects dont appear.
  6. lovemotion

    US Insurgency ALiVE

    You are going to make a sp version? :D
  7. I have a problem with a mission "ISIS ALIVE" When i want to launch it this pop up. No entry bin/config.bin/cfgvehicles/ALIVE_sys_profile/Arguments/debug/values/Yes.-defualt
  8. lovemotion

    US Insurgency ALiVE

    I cant run it. I have a problem with ALIVE. No entry bin/config.bin/cfgvehicles/ALIVE_sys_profile/Arguments/debug/values/Yes.-defualt
  9. lovemotion

    edit _maximumLoad

    Hi i cant find GetNumber(ConfigFile/"CfgInventoryGlobalVariable"/"maxSoldierLoad"). I want to edit max soldier load for a addon but i cant find where is the file. I dowload the pbo manager but there are a loooot of pbo. I am a noob about editing and that stuff.... byeee!
  10. Try to eliminate the ai and respawn it. I use zeus for that.
  11. Sometimes when i start a new game, the ai spawn with russian weapons(rhs mod) by the way, the problem with fox didn´t happen again, but i dont know why my fps fall to 35-38 after like 2 or 3 hours playing.
  12. After i save the rebel leader, and i have to kill fox, the game started to stuttering like 2 second. Its unplayable. Chernarus, rhs mod and last sp version. Before that, the performance was great. Great mission.. keep working on it!!! :D