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  1. Which is the same thing as the user "computer" linked you in his reply at the top of the thread.. He linked to the actual code, you linked to the compiled/compressed/packaged as a mod-code.
  2. The reason for why it hasn't been changed in quite a while is that ACE3 Medical is being rewritten from the ground up. The code linked is the one in the master branch of ace3 and what is being used when downloading ACE3. CPR in ACE3 Medical has been pretty much useless for a good while and this is why addon-addons like this exists: I wholeheartedly recommend using this mod, not only does it make CPR work, it actually removes the need for the magic wand called PAK completely. The mod works very well.
  3. @jonpas & @rekkless: Thank you so much! As expected it was stupidity being in the way of proper usage. Seeing it now ... it just becomes so clear :D Agreed on babel btw it really is cool ... but I play 99.9% PvE-based zeus missions and the ways the missions are designed we never get any use for it. So, I unbound it.
  4. The ACRE radios is not a radio item like the vanilla radio is, they can't be placed in that slot no matter what you do in your config. They need to be added as a uniform/vest/backpack-item, like in your example but under either Items[] = {}; and/or RespawnItems[] = {}; In other words the same place you would've added first aid kits if you were to hand out those.
  5. Question regarding keybinds that I couldn't find an answer for either here on or the wiki. I've configured ACRE to have similar keybinds to TFAR due to the simple fact that it's just easier to remember what's where when I play with different groups where some use TFAR and some ACRE. So for a simple two-radio setup for ACRE-use (343 for intra-squad comms and 152 for inter-squad coms) I'm using caps-lock for 343 and Ctrl-capslock for 152. This works kinda fine and with kinda I mean that when I press capslock the 343 transmits and when I press Ctrl-caps-lock the 152 transmits. BUT, and here's my issue; when pressing Ctrl-caps-lock it permanently also switches my active radio so if I press caps-lock without ctrl pressed again my 152 transmits and not the 343. In order to get the 343 back on to capslock only I need to cycle radio back to 343. As a squad lead you transmit over both radios very frequently so it's a bit of a annoyance having to cycle radios every time I've transmitted something over the 152. I was under the impression that the alt-radio-bindings should just trigger the multi-ptt but not switch the active radio permanently. I'm very open to the fact that I'm doing something wrong but I could've sworn that it work the way I want it to some time ago :) Screenshot showing my bindings:
  6. That's the way I do it. Set up the repo on your local computer and point it to a dedicated folder. Dedicated as in NOT your Arma folder, use a folder somewhere else dedicated just for creating your repo files. After the repo is created with the correct addresses (along with the credentials needed to download (I say again: download, not upload) from the server ... unless you allow anonymous) and stuff, select the repo in the repo list and click the wrench/screw driver button. Copy the mods you want in your repo to the new folder, set the build options and build it. Lastly, configure the upload options (host and credentials needed to create folders and files on the ftp) and click Upload. Voila!
  7. No, no updates has been released since around 2015 iirc but they are working hard on updating it. Just go back a page or two for updates and status.
  8. Bamse

    Bamse's mod-mods

    That has been fixed in ACE3/RHS compatibility packs natively for ages so my patch shouldn't really be necessary. Mod is only listed here for ... uhm ... let's call it historical reasons (but it's mainly due to lazyness ;D)
  9. Bamse

    Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS Hotas

    Indeed. It's a very very reasonably priced intro-HOTAS. The joystick is a simple cosmetics upgrade from legendary T.16000M joystick that in it's own right as the most affordable starter stick of all times basically and I had one for several years before upgrading to first TM Warthog and then to the newly released Virpil T-50. The tracking is really good on the T.16k and the center detent is a matter of taste in combination on what you are flying as usual. I wouldn't go down the DCS route with the joystick tho and that's due to the simple fact that there's just too few buttons on the actual stick. A lot of buttons on the base is just not good enough in you're in a tight furrball :) I haven't tried the throttle myself but a friend of mine has had it for ~6 months or so and he haven't said anything bad about it yet. He's not the most passionate guy when it comes to joysticks but usually you'd hear if its was shit :)
  10. OCAP == awesomesauce. Our small group misses it with a passion :)
  11. You're correct. The AA-mode is a classic non-CCIP HUD-funnel and there's several profiles in the IFFCC for different plane types, aka, different wing tip-to-tip measurements to get the funnel to be as exact as possible versus the actual threat profile:)
  12. Impressive! Is there a chance you'll make it compatible with firewills' A-10C? :)
  13. @Applejakerie Nothing to be sorry about! Arma will be Arma :) As long as we know what to expect and how to handle it, all is good!
  14. Hi! First time hosting the mission, fell in love with the mission right away ... as did the whole of our small group. We're having a blast pushing back the Russians from Taunus and at first it was a bit predictable after a while but it didn't take long before all kinds of crazy reinforcements started arriving and made our lives a whole lot more unpredictable and interesting to say the least :D Excellent work! One question tho; we did this major session basically only building FOBs, placed beautiful concrete walls around them all, made zig-zag entry ways guarded with all kinds of AI so the enemy just couldn't steam roll the FOB if they wanted to. After a server restart the placement was like it had been a minor earth quake with random wall segments (concrete walls and hesco walls) being moved a couple of meters basically rendering the once beautiful walls unusable :) I guess this might have to do with that objects can't spawn or be created inside another object (even if colliding very very _very_ slightly) so it gets moved to a "safe" location and spawned there instead perhaps? Aka vanilla Arma mechanics more than anything? False/true? Any tips&tricks on how to build solid walls that will look good (and serve its purpose) even after server restart? :)
  15. Indeed, it was a classic bug easy to reproduce if you have several joysticks plugged in and enabled at the same time. I was able to reproduce the error not two patches ago with my WH and a Xbox360 controller plugged in and enabled at the same time. I've not tried it with 1.72 tho. I've never tried with TARGET tho since I don't see the use for it when it comes to how I use my WH in Arma and DCS so if there is something fucky with TARGET ... well I dunno.