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  1. Ok, surely I miss something :) As I saw, you can select only the stable, and the development branch. If I chose Stable it tries to update with 107410 steam ID. I presumed the other uses the dev branch (which is the same id). The dedicated server package (the one that's free, so you don't need to buy another arma3 for you server) according to the bistudio wiki uses the 233780 -beta branch. (And thats the way I use used it for years so must be right ;) ).
  2. Just found this tool, and seems great. However, can't use it yet, since I can't find a way to use it with the dedicated server package (233780 -beta). Can you make it possible to choose that branch too?
  3. starcos

    Eden Custom Compositions into Zeus

    I was hoping to find some answer to this question too. (So bump.)
  4. starcos

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Does Vcom AI reacts to players IR lasers? We had a debate, whether we are overcautious ;)
  5. Thanks, I didn't notice this option, it makes my "job" much easier :)
  6. I really hope you find some solution to this, because this way it's a real pain in the ass to keep a local dedicated server's mods updated.
  7. starcos


    And is that the same as if I was saving it with the 2d editor? Let me ask it in other way: if I save it not binarized, can I load it to 2d editor? Many times saving them in Eden breaks missions that work all right if saved in 2d editor, it'd be nice to have a workaround like this.
  8. I think that if we knew why is it working for some, and why not for others, I bet it'd be much easier to fix ;)
  9. About generating missions... I don't know, that before the hotfix, whether the mission generation was working or not in my mission with mcc mod, when it was saved from the 3d editor. (Because it didn't even start on dedi, but that part is now fixed). It seems that the generator draws the circle, places the objectives, but can't finish the rest. But now I tried it, and no form of the mission generation is working. I tried into a zone, anywhere on map, or with campaign. I tried while hosting, or on the local dedicated server I usually use. The old version of the mission, saved from the 2d editor (even if saved after 1.56), still works perfectly. (One difference I noticed, I don't know if it's related or not: the "old" version shows some synchronizing stuff on the left of the screen after the mission starts, those version I saved from the 3d editor doesn't do this)
  10. Does it still happen after yesterday's Arma hotfix?
  11. Same problem here with the modules. I change the settings, but when I open the module again, they are back to default.
  12. starcos

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Maybe I'm mistaken, but is the US side really don't have any night vision capable scopes? Even their rangefinders lacks this feature? It's totally possible that I do something wrong, I haven't really used the mod that much yet :)
  13. Funny, I reported these two issues, but I forgot the most frustrating one. :) So, we are playing a campaign. When a mission ends, after some minutes most of the stuff from the finished mission gets deleted. The problem is that not only those stuffs. Even the car/helicopter disappears in what we came. Even when we sit in it... Imagine how fun, that you exfil after a mission well done, and suddenly the chopper disappears under you midair. Or the car, and you find yourself speeding 60 km/h on your ass ;) It hurts :) Is it possible to make only the generated stuff to disappear? Or at least to spare those vehicles that have players in them? :) Thank you!
  14. Now I re-read some of the previous post so I'm not sure what you meant by the mcc zeus module bug - so I write mine down just to be sure :) I found that when use my mission on dedicated server, the mcc modules does not work. I can put them down, but no dialog appears. (For example, I can't start the campaign, only a module-representing circle appears in zeus). Other stuff: I have the time-acceleration setting in the right mcc editor module set to 1x. But when we start the mission, the time acceleration is 12x. (Putting down the right zeus module fixes it). The ambient module sometimes work, sometimes doesn't. I had it in the mission, set to 25%. I was hosting, we traveled through half of Altis, but no encounters (I watched it in mcc the whole time, no enemy icons). I had a crash (unrelated), so I restarted, now on dedi, but that before I changed the probability to 50%. We played 5-6 hours but still no ambient enemies. Two days later I started it again with the exact same settings, and no changes to the mission. This time lots of roaming csat everywhere on the map. Even after server restart, it worked right. Thanks! :)
  15. I don't know if this is a bug report or feature request :) Player requested reinforcement arriving by paradrop are of course subject to wind. However this means that if we want to call in for example a squad to static defend a specific location, they are blown off position, and just stay where they land. It would be nice that paradropped units first go to the marked insertion point, and start their job (reinforce, static defence, whatever) from there.