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  1. Hi guys I recently reinstalled ARMA 3 ultimate edition. Now playing the "Old man" scenario and I'm really enjoying it so far. I was wondering though, are there any suppressors/silencers to be found in this scenario? So far I've checked a few of the weapon dealer shops, but none of them seem to have a silencer for sale. I've been trying to find some info on this, but so far without any luck. Being sort of new to Arma 3 and its contents, is there like a list of weapons and their available mods somewhere? And if so, are these all available in the Old man scenario?
  2. Thanks @gaverio, MERCS and Pilgrim look very interesting 👍 Are there also any must have desert (Afghanistan like) maps/campaigns out there?
  3. Well, not a complete beginner, but I picked up Arma 3 (Ultimate edition for €33 sale on Steam) again yesterday after not having played for over 6 years Anyways, I don't want my 1st post to be a rant one, but I'm just wondering if I'm doing something wrong here. I thought I'd try the first mission that I came across in the main menu "Showcase: Infantry" My absence from this game must have made me rusty, because whatever I do, my entire team is shot down within the first 10 minutes, including myself. Is it me, or is this mission quite impossible. It is as if all enemies prioritize me over the rest of my squad, are able to see through bushes and trees and aim with superhuman precision. I tried reducing the difficulty (set enemies to novice and enabled the "less damage" tick-box), but it didn't seem to have any effect. Any advise? Also any advise on a nice and atmospheric campaign for a beginner? (considering I have the ultimate edition content) Or are there any user made campaigns that I should definitely not miss out on? (Edit: oh, I see I already posted 3 times before on this forum 😄. Is DUWS still a thing?)
  4. Made a small video from v0.8b showing that saving the game is not possible (I enabled unlimited saves, so that shouldn't be the problem). The video also shows the problem I have in VAS. Am I the only one with this VAS issue? here is the video
  5. First of all, many thanks Kibot for all the effort you're putting into this. DUWS makes my arma 3 experience a lot more exciting! I've just been testing out v0.8b. Unfortunately, as said before I cannot save anymore. After reinstalling the game i was able to save once, but after loading I couldn't save again. Apart from that, I have a question about VAS. The armory isn't working properly here. I can buy the armory with cp points and enter it which gives me the VAS interface. But then when I select a weapon for instance and press "add item" nothing happens. Also removing gear does not work. Any idea what that is? I tried 4 different DUWS versions and had several complete arma 3 reinstalls but nothing helps