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  1. That worked no problem! even with 400 markers in the count :D Awesome, really appreciated, i was stuck on that for a while.
  2. I have this in a trigger condition and it works no problem getMarkerColor "markername" == "ColorGreen"; Thats great for one marker, but is it possible that if i have more than one marker then i can list them in an array and have the trigger condition check the whole array for when any of the markers might turn green, if so what can i put in the condition? getMarkerColor "_markerarray" == "ColorGreen";
  3. Thanks Tay, i did read a lot (not all) of the thread and that is mentioned a lot, but lets say i have over 200 markers, i have them listed in an array like so _areas = ["TasksSmall","TasksSmall_1","TasksSmall_2"....]; //list of markers What is the best way to continuasly check each time one has changed color and run a script.
  4. How can i check when only one marker and not all of them has changed color from my array?
  5. Weve come a long way from the sad old AK in Arma 2... its sounding really nice, im enjoying the updates and feel happy i may not need to rely on mods for this important aspect of the game, nice work
  6. I have setup 2 independent task modules in a area with the task state set as assigned, is it somehow possible to activate only one of them via the Strategic Map Module? the idea being the player would enter the area, the Strategic Map will open and the player has to choose one, ive tried things like sync the mission modules to the create task modules but thats just wishful thinking, any clues?
  7. Hey thanks Bull, I have no problem with setting up both modules, i have only started too look at Strategic Map and realize its really only a teleport/fast travel system, what i was hoping was if there was some way to activate or assign a task module from the from the Strategic maps 'Mission' module, its a bit hard for me to explain in detail but lets say i have a cluster of 3 'Create Tasks' modules setup in an area, i could then use the strategic map to let the player choose which mission he would like to proceed with. I could set triggers for the tasks and teleport player into the triggers which would activate the tasks but thats not ideal for me, the Mission module does have an 'On Activation' field so i was thinking a script could set the task to assigned but im just guessing, cheers again ill keep looking around and playing with it. Edit: ok it was quite easy in the end, simply put this in the 'Mission Module's On Activation Field' ["YourTask_ID", "Assigned"] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; Very cool BIS, very cool
  8. altis

    Random tasks\objectives

    I have setup random missions with the scripts from this thread and everything runs great. Could anyone tell/show me how i could make/change the script below to not be random but instead closest to player, i have a player with a large placement radius and so would prefer to use that for randomness instead. I dont code by i can get my head around some things. //objectiveInit.sqf _objType = floor(random(10)); if (count glb_objectiveLocations > 0) then { _rndLoc = glb_objectiveLocations call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; switch (_objType) do { case 0: {[(getMarkerPos _rndLoc)] execVM "Objectives\objective0Create.sqf"; glb_objectiveLocations = glb_objectiveLocations - [_rndLoc];}; case 1: {[(getMarkerPos _rndLoc)] execVM "Objectives\objective1Create.sqf"; glb_objectiveLocations = glb_objectiveLocations - [_rndLoc];}; case 2: {[(getMarkerPos _rndLoc)] execVM "Objectives\objective2Create.sqf"; glb_objectiveLocations = glb_objectiveLocations - [_rndLoc];}; case 3: {[(getMarkerPos _rndLoc)] execVM "Objectives\objective3Create.sqf"; glb_objectiveLocations = glb_objectiveLocations - [_rndLoc];}; case 4: {[(getMarkerPos _rndLoc)] execVM "Objectives\objective4Create.sqf"; glb_objectiveLocations = glb_objectiveLocations - [_rndLoc];}; case 5: {[(getMarkerPos _rndLoc)] execVM "Objectives\objective5Create.sqf"; glb_objectiveLocations = glb_objectiveLocations - [_rndLoc];}; case 6: {[(getMarkerPos _rndLoc)] execVM "Objectives\objective6Create.sqf"; glb_objectiveLocations = glb_objectiveLocations - [_rndLoc];}; case 7: {[(getMarkerPos _rndLoc)] execVM "Objectives\objective7Create.sqf"; glb_objectiveLocations = glb_objectiveLocations - [_rndLoc];}; case 8: {[(getMarkerPos _rndLoc)] execVM "Objectives\objective8Create.sqf"; glb_objectiveLocations = glb_objectiveLocations - [_rndLoc];}; case 9: {[(getMarkerPos _rndLoc)] execVM "Objectives\objective9Create.sqf"; glb_objectiveLocations = glb_objectiveLocations - [_rndLoc];}; default {diag_log "Objective not defined"}; }; } else { ["Won"] call BIS_fnc_endMissionServer; };
  9. altis

    Why i love Arma 2, but Arma 3 makes me meh

    Theres terrabites of wasted internet on this forum of people requesting those very improvements from way back in Arma 2 days, and all those engine improvements are not great they are friggn awesome! ive never cared for BIS campaigns/missions, its just me, the voice acting alone grates me.. i rather play other games for immersive story telling, imo im just happy for BIS to make more assetts for mission makers, especially more diversity in the dress area, mods are great but its nice not to rely on them for mission making, if game making were a race then BI are definitely the turtle, which is not a bad thing per se. As for the OP well thats fine, i was always on the fence with both titles but but Arma 2 has been removed from the harddrive now, Arma 3 is just too slick now, especially with the introduction of Eden, i still find Altis to be one of my favorite maps, the only thing that really let this game down the most imho were those helmets... ohh those fckn helmets, why!!? :)
  10. Im using high command on a group as transport, trouble is they refuse to move once i get in the vehicle, once i jump out they move to waypoint, is there any way around this? edit: Ok, seems to be only vehicles with weapons, unarmed vehicles move no problem. edit2: Ok got it working, so you need the commander position filled, to be clear i had used an empty Gorgan, and moveindriver and moveingunner, i guess it makes sense you need the commander also :)
  11. altis

    Fed up with that AI

    This, in my opinion, AI can be frustrating but then when me or one of my AI squad are killed i realize its usually because i had put my self in a bad situation, its hard to play this game uber realistically, especially when you want to try dash to cover 50 meters away in a firefight, or snipe at a squad while hiding under a bush etc, the fun part off the game for me now is simply trying to keep my AI squad alive during any engagements, i really enjoy it because you need to constantly consider paths, available cover, formations etc.
  12. It will be interesting if Russia actually do deploy their S-400 SAM system, thats a game changer for everyone flying around Syria including the IDF who seem to bomb what ever and who ever they want in Syria at will, they may need to liase with Russia to avoid any 'accidents'
  13. That was a stupid move by Turkey. Russia deploys missile cruiser off Syria coast, ordered to destroy any target posing danger "Moscow plans to suspend military cooperation with Ankara after the downing of a Russian bomber by Turkish air forces, Russian General Staff representatives said on Tuesday. Further measures to beef up Russian air base security in Syria will also be taken."
  14. altis

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    So who arms these guys, who buys their oil?? where does the supply line lead? they are not terrorists but a professional proxy army, proxy to whom?
  15. altis

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    WARNING: RANT AHEAD This war on terror or more specifically the Islamic State is interesting, these obviously are not some freedom fighting rag tag insurgents fighting foreign invaders, they are foreign backed invaders themselves whom are close to, if not indeed, a professional army who seem to obviously have the backing of some very big players, where does the money flow to and from? its hard to believe that these transactions are not traceable, also how are these mercenaries able to enter Syria with such ease? what borders do they flow through? if the world was righteous then who should we really bomb? also is it not against international law to arm and support a (foreign) militia fighting against a sovereign government in its own country or something along those lines, how has this war been able to continue for so long? Im currently fascinated with the media, or both the media and governments reactions to terror, its a tragedy at what has happened in Paris, but the same thing also just happened in Beirut (a day or two before?), but as reported by western media it was a "Hezbollah strong hold" so seemingly a legitimate target, no matter that all who were killed and injured were civilians, and what about Syrians, they have faced and lived through horrifying terror for four fukn years, beheadings were the norm, but we in the west were are like 'eeeww thats horrible... so ahh, whens the new iPhone coming out' as if we had just seen some holloween movie, but as soon as a Westerner gets beheaded... "Lets go to war", suicide bombings and murder also happen in Africa seemingly every other day but we dont mourn that, because its true that Arab and African and other indigenous lives do not matter in the 'west', its just the way it is, and im sure the same would happen if the roles were reversed. When i was young i really looked up to America and believed they were "the good guys" who helped beat "the bad guys" i wanted to be a cowboy and marine, now im old and fucken jaded and understand ive simply been brainwashed by hollywood... i look at the presidential race and find it hard to distinguish between that and Americas got talent, the same one liners, the same speeches every year, every decade but you just know that its all about the war at the end of the day :( Speaking about the end of the day... out of all this mess and all who are fighting in it i respect the Syrian army, they have fought and continue to fight every foreign terrorist on the planet it seems, they are fighting for their homeland, respect and honor to them.. i know that the 'International media' are disgusted with "BARREL BOMBS" but lets consider, how different is that to say the IDF bombing schools and hospitals as a 'method' to turning the populace against its fighting force? (heard on Aljazeera, sorry if wrong but happy to discuss civilian casualties from any conflict) i dont think the SAA are simply targeting there own civilians, more they target the terrorists who hide among them, anyway they, the soldiers on the ground are the true heroes of this tragic story imho. I admit ive had a couple of beers and simply ranting i guess, but i think as humans we are completely fucked lol, we dont have communities any more where anything is verified, we have online communities were nothing is verified except our passwords, we dont follow leaders anymore, now we are led by money hungry wolves, theres no turning back, its too big, theres no revolution, only conquer(the populace) or collapse... its the dollar man, thats what defines us, even in church right?
  16. I have to ask... can they please be configured to work with Alive, how about a CSAT replacement option :D Great work, thanks!!
  17. Straight outa disney... stop derailing the thread, take it here https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/128311-syria-what-should-we-do-if-anything/ EDIT: ninjd OT i would also love to see a map in the vein of the images in the original post, ive been watching a lot of the Syrian army Gopro stuff on their armoured units like this and was amazed at the destruction but naturally thought of Arma maps, it would not need to be as densely populated and i imagine something the size of Zargabad, maybe a bit bigger would work... my favourite buildings to use for cover in Arma 3 are the ruins.
  18. altis

    2015 Rugby World Cup

    Next up France vs ABs.. been looking forward to this game, cant read too much into the disruptions with training and players sacking coach, France lift themselves for these moments, but im quietly confident NZ will hit their straps this game.
  19. altis

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    Same media bullshit, it started as "A US official who wishes to remain anonymous says bla bla.." its now spread like fire in the media, no verification needed at all and now its become "truth" on news channels... Remember no verification or confirmation from US Intelligence except "err no comment" but you would imagine they would be displaying all sorts of data showing where these 4 missiles landed and how the Russians failed??? Propaganda is the most powerful tool, like sheep dogs... or im happy enough to get of my high horse if there is actual evidence and verification etc :) By the way who does ISIL sell there oil to?? are there sanctions in place with banks and companies/countries who deal with them??
  20. altis

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    I hope the Russians obliterate as many as possible, friendly and non-friendly terrorist..
  21. altis

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Yep, great question...
  22. altis

    2015 Rugby World Cup

    I feel for the English but only a little, its gotta hurt badly but Australia won the game as opposed to England losing it, they were simply out played, hopefully their media is not to harsh on them.. but seems the knives are out already. Aussie looking good and look to have a sharper running game than the ABs (atm) solid set pieces especially in the scrum, actually they look to be the most lethal side ive seen come out of Australia imo... ABs looking shaky, Georgia gave them a good work out, they have some monsters in that side, i think probably Aaron Smith tried to speed the game up too much with too many quick taps, but then i think that may have been the game plan to try and run Georgia of their feet, the execution was lacking though. Cup is up for grabs, hard to pick any favorites from here, but Aussies clinical demolition of England was very telling, and well done to Japan, its never an easy game against Samoa.
  23. After getting excited seeing the live stream ive finally had a chance to try the new editor out, after using the old editor for so many years it was more like timid baby steps lol, most things are business as usual but it'll take a bit to get as confident as i was with the old 2D editor, like a 2D beaten caged animal being set free in the wild.. Awesome work BI :)
  24. altis

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    Ahh its all fucked up and no good guys anywhere to be seen, whats the current game plan to combat ISIS if any? arm and train more (moderate) terrorists for regime change at any costs, last i heard they spent 100s of millions training and arming "5" rebels to go after ISIS!? thats just fkn hilarious if it wasnt so tragic, every time they do this weapons and equipment are seemingly handed over to all sorts of jihadists and whats worse is it seems the air strikes are only for show if reports regarding 50 or more intelligence analysts claiming that their data is being manipulated are anything to go by (Iraq and WMDs all over again), Assad appears to be the west's true and primary target and everything else is the same old war on terror dribble for the masses.
  25. Thanks, that makes sense.. guess ill un-subscribe from steam :)