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    Please don't forget helicopters advance physics

    Well, if BI found a way to make navmesh's part of a model object similar to how the nav-paths-and-points of the RV engine work, it would be feasible. That being said, while I haven't looked into the navmesh generation for reforger, at least for dayZ it's a generation done after a terrain version has been finalized.
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    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    Sparker! Big fan of the mission(s). My buddy and I play all the time. I do have a question, though: why are you using the red brick buildings instead of the Police station building for the Police stations in Livonia (pictured below)? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2047360329 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2047360132
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    awesome-o HUD (work-in-progress)

    Hey, goko, how about HUD for Multiplayer Environment Readiness (or H4MPER)?
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    AI Suggestion

    Think about this from a cost-benefit perspective, too. Arma 3 is a great platform which is enjoyed by many of us on here, but I doubt the game is seeing the growth in playerbase that would be needed to continue development like this. The AI would have to be able to sift through specific supports, determine which one would be best to use at the time and whether or not it was worth it in the first place. It would also need to be able effectively call and fire this support in a manner easily conveyed to the player (this is still a game with a wide range of playstyles). Then each support piece, including virtual supports, will need to have costs added to them, their ammunition, etc. Would your AI need to be of a certain rank to call in support? How do multiple support requests get handled? What about multiple requests for the same target? These questions would be important from the game-development side of things. The number of players this addition might bring in will be much smaller than the potential development costs needed. Arma 3, with the exception of 3rd party DLC, is in maintenance mode. This isn't counting the fact that Arma 3's AI is the single most-taxing system in the game. Adding such a large functionality change for the AI likely isn't a good idea from a performance perspective, unless BI is going to take the time to do some low-level AI changes. Trust, me I'd love it, too. But it's likely not practical to pull off at this point in Arma 3's development.
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    Co-10 Refuel Gone Wrong

    This is the first in a style of coop game mode I'd like to call "coordinated-effort" (though I'm open to suggestions). These should typically consist of teams starting at different points on a map having to coordinate and navigate with each other in an atypical fashion due to a number of factors (either limited intel, low supplies, broken vehicles, injured teammates, etc.). I'm probably not the first one to do this, but regardless, I have high hopes for it. These are meant to be somewhat vanilla in that I use few, if any external scripts (though mods that use script functionality are not out of the question). They're also a bit more hardcore as JIP and revive are disabled (though the latter may come if sorely needed).MISSIONAlpha and Bravo teams are some of the few U.S. teams on Altis left. The botched evacuation of the island after the zombie outbreak left many military units behind. After attempting to get a truck to refuel alpha teams vehicles, they are now the one's who need saving.10 player coop mission2 teamsNo JIPNo reviveRyan's zombies requiredCBA requiredRHS US armed forces requiredSteam Workshop linkDirect DownloadI'm open to feedback and suggestions, especially on future missions of this type. If you have decide to make one of a similar nature, send it my way!
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    The Unsung Vietnam Mod 3.0 WIP THREAD

    Sav... Bruh... Yes, I did smooth out what I saw were some of the rougher edges on the UH-1B. Depending on how things continue, I should be able to help out with some other models as well. We'll make sure that we continue to increase the quality of our mod.
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    The Unsung Vietnam Mod 3.0 WIP THREAD

    ...chas... to answer your original question: yes. we will implement this feature. no. you're not going to be able to survive an AK round to the head. The values will be set to realistic levels. This is the last time we will answer this question.
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    The Unsung Vietnam Mod 3.0 WIP THREAD

    We will most likely add minor explosive resistance to flak jackets and minor bullet protection to the helmets (i.e. you won't die from a 9mm to the top of the head from 40 meters away, that's about it), but since these pieces didn't really have values in the first place it would be pointless to say that we're upping the stats. It'd be better to say that we're adding the stats, though they will remain realistically low. This video should help explain why. But just to make it perfectly clear: You will die or be seriously injured if you get shot in this mod. If you're using a keyboard, you should probably take a typing class or get a typing game. We have difficulty understading you sometimes when you type in broken English.
  10. First Assasination attempt on Colonel Akhanteros during an inspection of the observation post at Kore -2030 click to see image
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    The Unsung Vietnam Mod 3.0 WIP THREAD

    There would be multiple issues with retextureing the AAF Officer Uniform (which would be the only one remotely applicable). For one, "remodeling" a BIS A3 uniform means de-binning it. We cannot do that, it's against the A3 EULA. Secondly, A simple retexture would have problems such as improper normal and specular maps, meaning we'd have to make our own from scratch (again, this is difficult without a pre-existing hi-poly model from which an Ambient Occlusion map already exists), as we don't have the A3 Hi-poly models. Finally, while the AAF officer uniform does look like it uses an M65 jacket, There are probably a number of things on there that are out of era. We are capable of, and most-likely will retexture (and MAYBE remodel some of) our own uniforms with higher resolution textures. Until then, you can deal with what we have. We're working on getting everything from A2 working in A3 first before we do much of anything new. However, don't worry, we have collected a backlog of new models.
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    So, I bet this will be the LSV they go for. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light_Strike_Vehicle_(Singapore)
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    The Unsung Vietnam Mod 3.0 WIP THREAD

    Well, m8, I do want to emphasize that the alpha doesn't contain but a fraction of content, so if you're looking for all of the same content from 2.6, you won't find it here. That being said, if your not (which is what I suspect) then you'll need to find the white-list for the arsenal box after opening the mission pbo. Then you'll need to clear that. I didn't make the mission so you'll have to find it on your own.
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    Arma 3 flinching mechanics

    Well, I mean, there was this mod. I will warn you though, the AI will still know you're alive if you ragdoll.
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    The Unsung Vietnam Mod 3.0 WIP THREAD

    Sav, I'm gonna give you some advice. (this is a joke between me and sav) Still waiting for #AskUnsung questions. If you have them, ask here, or pm me, sav, or nakkas.
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    The Unsung Vietnam Mod 3.0 WIP THREAD

    Hello everyone! So the UNSUNG PR team needs your input. If you have a question to ask the devs, send it to me via pm. Logistically speaking, we've been working hard to give you guys new outlets to stay up to date with the mod. We have some other things in the works so be ready.
  17. Watching the road from Rasman, Takistan. Mods: HLC M14, CUP Terrains, RDS civ
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    FMOD in ARMA 3

    How is it more realistic than realistic? At any rate, I'm pretty neutral about it. I can see the benefits, but I'm not sure it'd solve anything.
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    Feedback tracker administration

    http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=27085 Low priority, but as a mission maker who relies on these a lot, it'd be nice to see some of these come back, as well as seeing this function worked on and expanded.​ ​
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    Is the 3D Editor mandatory?

    Yeah, mate. If you're not on dev branch, get on it and try out the 3d editor. It makes the whole process 20 times easier.
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    Helicopter General BUT Essential Improvements

    As far as walking out of vehicles to exit them, this can be done via animations to an extent. However, this would be somewhat of an arduous task as only the seats nearest the door would have a non-teleporty translation. Although if the animation engine were able to support say like a looping animation until a certain point on a vehicle, that'd be cool. Let me draw you a crude picture via text. U=seat P=Player ___=ramp P-> straight animation, walk off ramp UUUUUUUU___ P-looping----> looping animation and then walk off ramp UUUUUUUU___ That'd be cool. BUT then you have the issues of the side doors being entry/exit points on some vehicles, so you'd need an extra "get out via ramp" option.
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    virtual3dgun looks beter than deltasix controller

    I request support for the NES zapper. I'd like to play seagull hunt every once in a while. Satire aside, looks really cool. Looks like using a dummy rifle, but with more visual feedback than the typical "bang bang" from your pretend shooting.
  23. For the record*: As has been previously stated, the UNSUNG 3.0 Alpha has no integrated ACE 3, ACRE 2, or TFAR functionality apart from the inheritance from base classes. We do have this on our list of todo's and while I cannot guarantee ​ANYTHING at​ this point, we (or I at least) will see about having some basic functionality and integration for the Bravo (read: Beta) stage. Keep in mind that the team has other priorities at the moment and we're still working on a good number of our vehicle fleet. However, please understand that we do plan for this functionality to be there. In the meantime, we cannot guarantee functionality or stability with the listed mods. We will continue to update you on the matter, and we appreciate your patience. *note, I'm not PR representative of unsung, just a dev.
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    Just came back to A3 - Disappointed

    You'd have been fine creating a topic in the Questions and answers section. On topic: Conflicting statements are conflicting. I understand that you may be upset with the fatigue system and setting (although, the setting isn't actually that off​ and most of the equipment actually does exist irl). However, that doesn't mean that A3 is catered to suck in the COD and BF crowd. The devs just probably wanted to do something different than "Russia's being a d*ck. America, stop Russian tyranny" or "Fight the jihadists because terrorism" (and yes, I'm aware that the stories are more in-depth than that, but you get the point). Now, there ARE other things they could have done, but it is their game. There are plenty of mods that offer contemporary equipment and vehicles, and then you also have Unsung for your Vietnam fix. :)​ T​he setting isn't perfect (could use a bit more lore development and equipment) but it is something new without providing us with jet-powered ospreys like COD. The modern stuff is great, but sometimes I need something different. And the sounds are a WIP, btw.