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  1. Thank you for Information magnetar. Do you Change something in the DAC config (e.s. respawn system) or does it work out of the box with the ACE3 HC Modul?
  2. @SavageCDN Dankeschön ;-) / Thank you
  3. Hi SavageCDN, thank you for the answear. Unfortunately the example Mission of Moonson isn't online. Do you have a working DAC HC Mission for me? That would be great.
  4. it is possible to use DAC with a Headless Client and the HC Modul from ACEX?
  5. Mabye there is a little bug in the df15_c.pbo. I have a lot of messages in the game, if i use it with CUP. Especially if I place Cars like a Ural in the Editor. Can you fix it?
  6. -Sharp-

    Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    Thank you Kimi for the fast fix, now the Pilots can fligh more deeper and saver. Our Infantry sends you their best regards, too :-)
  7. -Sharp-

    Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    Hi Kimi, thank you for this mod, out pilots love it. Also your decision to integrate the CUP helicopter was very welcomed. Unfortunately the HMD doesn't work with the CUP UH-60 FFV variants. It is possible that you fix it with the next update? Thank you very much for that.
  8. Thank you for keep this mod alive. Our Pilots would go on pension if this AH-64 has boken wings. We will keep our fingers crossed that you solve the 64bit Problem.
  9. Jap, i think one symbol should be enough for a high zoom Level. Maybe you can put the size of the unit above the NATO marker and the containing unit names could be right of the marker in a list or box. (e.g. two Fireteams (Alpha 1 and Alpha 2) are merge in one inf marker with two dots above for squad and right of the NATO Symbol you can read ALPHA 1 | Alpha 2). That is one idea, i know that liltte things cost a lot of time. Thank you for your friendly ear...
  10. Yes, I know the checkboxes, but especially in CQB situations the different Fireteams/Groups are very close to each other. Group and name markers are overlaped and it is very difficult you get out any information. I think your idea to put them into a list or box can solve this problem. Maybe additional checkboxes for Group names, Group markers, Waypoints .... can be helpful, too. 50 - 60 Percent of our Platoon use this nice mod, espacially Leaders, JTACs and Pilots. On our root server runs an acs and everybody can share information about it. Perfect!!!..... we love it..... but some players don't have space, money..... for a second monitor or laptop... (I know "no hands no biscuit" :-) a full sync of Athena doesn*t seperate this two groups. I hope BIS will implements needed commands in the future. Don't missunderstand me, the mod is great and fully usable, i only beef on a high Level... ;-)
  11. Hi Skruis, first of all, thank you very much for this awesome mod. Our group used it since you realeased it. The new features are very cool and useful. But it is possible to make this features more configurable (Turn it on and off like the Athena Group Markers or the BIS Markers)? I ask because the addional Information overload the Screen in some situations. Maybe you can relocate group Markers to avoid overlapping? That could be helpful. Do you plan any syncronisation (up and down) between the BIS map and Athena (e.g. BIS lines <--> Athena Lines)?
  12. Hi Shay_gman i would like to report a bug. If i put the HUD Modul in the editor, it is impossible to get in the 3rd person view. The 3rd Person Setting is set on "Everyone".
  13. -Sharp-

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Hi Adacas, first of all; Great work, our Platoon loves your SF equipment. Now we have a litte problem, because during winter time we often play winter Scenarios and we need some vests which fit to your nice snow uniform. It is possible that you bring out the mircas vests in a snow pattern variant?
  14. -Sharp-

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    ohhh, thank you for the hint. I overlook it.
  15. -Sharp-

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Hi Adacas, we love your mod, it is fantastic. It is possibly to add a snow/arctic camo pattern? I think it could be very useful in winter missions.
  16. -Sharp-

    EDEN destroying Headless Client setup

    I can confirm, that the hotfix solve the problem. I tested it with MCC, ALive, and other Scripts. The HC starts and AI run without a problem on it. Thank you for the fast patch, you are the best.
  17. Thank you very much Naught, your solution works great.
  18. Hi Naught, First of all thank you for this amazing script, I use it very often in our Missions and the performence is great. But I have a little Problem with the UGVs and UAVs, because after the mission starts I have no access to the UGVs. It is possible to exclude specific units to transfer to the HC? Maybe with a phrase directly in the init? Can you give me an example? I also have problems with triggers, which are connected with waypoints in the Editor, because they won't be transferd to the HC and it isn't possible to stop units via trigger for example. Do you have any solution for that problem? Thanks in advance