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  1. Mostly due to us wanting to create something more arma-esque and not having to cut features because they were not in line with the PR brand. People were confused by the name and meaning. This is one of many reasons that led the core team to reorganize and develop the mod under a different name.
  2. Made by the talented @Ribbon. Thanks for your support.
  3. 24/7 Servers will be available soon. The Mod is made with accesibility in mind and we want to deliver something you can have fun with friends or on your own, without having to organize a server or mission. Yet, the core mechanics that make Arma great will not be put aside, that's why tactical maneuvering, teamwork and strong communication will be vital to winning in AAW.
  4. Watch the introduction video Description Arma At War or short AAW is a teamwork oriented Player vs Player Gamemode Modifciation for Arma 3. We, the developers have been working on something very similar for the past year but have decided to work on our project under a different name. Arma At War is an attempt to capture the gameplay elements of the popular games like the Project Reality: Battlefield 2 mod or Squad and deliver them in a separate game mode for ArmA 3. Gameplay, coordination and communication play as big of a role as the openness to modern concepts and influences. While we are trying to make the entry barrier as low as possible, we will still include the depth and complexity the would be expected from a Project Reality version in ArmA 3. The catch phrase 'Easy to learn, hard to master' really shapes the whole project. Core Features Advance And Secure Gamemode [Done] Capture and hold zones in a pre-determined order. Custom User Interface [In Progress] Including Spawn Screens, custom compass etc. High Performance [In Progress] Code is written to ensure high performance gameplay at high server and client frames and fast networking code. Logistics System [In Progress] Assist your team by resupplying the frontlines, build FOBs or emplacements. Medical System [Done] Treat wounds, revive and transport wounded team mates with our intuitive Medical System. Marker System [Done] Assign order markers to guide your squad or spot enemies on the map. Squad Management System [Done] Create, join and manage your squad and squad members. Deployment System [Done] Choose from a variety of Kits and join the fight on an allied Base, Rally Point or FOB. Kit & Vehicle Restrictions [Done] No more solo-tanking in lone-wolf snipers thanks to our Restriction System. Commander [In Progress] Guide your team to victory by assigning orders to Squads or make use of Support Weaponry like artillery or mortar strikes. Mod Support [In Progress] Want your favourite factions to battle against each other? AAW allows to be modified extensively. Learn more Join our discord discord.me/atwar-mod Follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/war_mod Servers Armaworld Teamspeak: Website: http://armaworld.de/ Contact: @Katho ; @eckart ; @Raven ; @[FDS] Nordmann http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Region: EU/GER Mods: no Language: International IP: Port: 2312 Hostile Takeover Teamspeak: TS.HT-Community.com Discord: https://discord.gg/pTyGxNH Website: http://hostiletakeover.co/ Contact: @SofaKing1337 ; @WARHAWK_HT ; @Jakob HT http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Region: US Mods: no Language: International IP: Port: 2302 Onion Gamers Teamspeak: ts3.oniongamers.com Discord: https://discord.gg/Uqc668V Website: www.oniongamers.com Contact: @AJAX ; @Mobius Region: US Mods: no Language: International IP: bmr3.oniongamers.com Port: 2302 LibertyGaming Teamspeak: ts.libertyrp.net Discord: https://discord.gg/YMkymHY Contact: @Hyypperionn Region: Australia Mods: no Language: International IP: Port: 2312 RU27 Discord: https://discord.me/ru27 Contact: @Ghosto http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Region: RU Mods: no Language: International IP: Port: 2332 AMFR Teamspeak: ts.teamamfr.fr Contact: @AMFR_Kendose Region: EU Mods: RHS & TFAR Language: French IP: Port: 2302
  5. Shared it on the Squad Modding Hub, a Discord server with nearly 3000 members.That should get you some decent data. Good luck!
  6. The DRK community is currently hosting a 24/7 server. Server: Pass: pra3
  7. We'd love to see communities pick up PRA3 that are interested in PVP. In the future we will expand game modes so things like PVP Insurgency, HVT Extraction or small scale Sector Control will be available and add variety. COOP is not yet planned but also not off the table.
  8. We will host a playtest on the 12th November 1000 GMT and 1900 GMT. You can join our Discord server to get the latest info: http://discord.me/pra3
  9. Afaik you can download the server mod, upload it to your server and let one of the mission run but I'm not sure if it's currently supported to work outside of our test environment. We're preparing a public release in the near future so you guys can host it on a 24/7 server.
  10. Though I'm more on the creative side of things I can share a bit of insight on this. We want the groups to be as dynamically adjustable as possible and extend their functionality down the road. The vanilla group system just didn't do it for us. I'm sure one of the Scripters can chime in and maybe explain it from a more technical standpoint. We believe that Arma is a great platform for a project like this and hope that we do justice by creating a gamemode that promotes teamplay and communication and puts you on the edge when you have to face off real players and not twitchy AI. Absolutely, we've re-written our core modules, in fact we've written a complete core library for our project which is now named CLib. Lot's of optimization server and client side. We added networking compression to further improve performance between server and client. We're running performance tests every 2 weeks and bigger playtests every 4 weeks. A lot of things are currently being revisited and we try to get a very reliable and stable code base before we move onto the pretty things like UI and Game Mechanics. UI Redesign is in progress and we're working with our QA Team to refine gameplay and it's mechanics. We'll try to be more active here, holidays slowed down progress but we're back on track.
  11. Original post in spoiler above. This topic is no longer supported, because the project has moved to another development team. Our continuation of PRA3 will be available soon. Thanks.