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  1. scheintot2

    VTS Duck Hunt

    I don't think it will be a nest of bug but a lot of work. Would it be allowed to change all the values of all weapons regarding to CUP and RHS in a custom config.cpp?
  2. scheintot2

    SCmod v1.42

    This looks fantastic. I am sure it was a lot of work.
  3. scheintot2

    Frequent freezing

    I was referring to a damaged HDD.
  4. scheintot2

    Frequent freezing

    I've got 1600mhz DDR-3 and I cannot realy believe that. I'm also playing DCS World 2.5 and other simulations without problems regarding to my hardware. I did not just "speculate". I suspected several things to be at fault and I wrote a suggestion regarding HDD/SSD. After all I am trying to help this guy with his problem. Thats whats all about it here. Strange tone you have.
  5. scheintot2

    Frequent freezing

    I have an I5 4690K and 16GB DDR3 and no problems at all. So it has nothing to do with DDR3 or the "speed". Megahertz is not even importent at all. Read about it and you will see that the difference between different mhz is not even an fps (and in case we are speaking about 1 fps at all) worth. I've got a GTX970 aswell and it doesn't do freezing but funnily I've had the same kind of problem a few days ago. When I was hosting a server to play with a friend together it was freezing because of a script I've written for the mission and I've also experienced the same symptoms. Worth to mention: I've never tested if it realy was the script but every other mission goes well without errors or freezes. When I closed the game via task-manager I got the "unable to init dxgi" message. Probably you will get the same one. I believe it has something to do with Arma 3 specifically. I suspect one of the newer updates to be at fault because I've never seen this kind of behavior before. I will test my mission in the next days and try to detect the problem but like you have said, it is not a custom mission/script/addon/mod problem when you play vanilla version and SP - so my solution might me useless to you. Suggestion: Have you ever tried to install Arma 3 on your SSD? Even for testing purposes only? I cannot realy believe it is the HDD when you say other games are doing just fine but I think it would be worth a try after all of your effort. Maybe Arma 3 is pushing your HDD harder than other games. Somehow.
  6. scheintot2

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Awsome, thats good to hear. Thank you for your answer!
  7. Push to talk means that you push a button to talk instead of voice activation Voice over network: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voice_over_the_Net Basically Push to talk is just a transmitting method between you and Arma. You hold the button and every audio which is received by your corresponding mic will get streamed into the network. Without Push to talk it is usually voice activation. As soon as your mic receives audio it will get streamed.
  8. scheintot2

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Yes, that is correct. But it is also known that many players are actually using sound mods. Which one is and was not the question here. I already helped by reporting it. USUALLY <- it is their job to fix a bug if there is one. I don't know if it is broken but I have already tested it out last night (5 am) for two hours and haven't found the mistake on my side which COULD be there (a point, I've already mentioned). Also I wrote that I'll post the config and maybe someone will spot a mistake on my side. If not it is broken. I mentioned that out here so other sound modders or testers might have the same problem and can report this stuff not going crazy because they think they did something wrong in case it is broken. U see? So what the hell does "see if it is in fact broken before posting your findings" even mean? I did everything I could and I will test it AGAIN in a minute to double check (or 500000 check) if there was an mistake of mine before I'll post the config. PS: So please again. Don't get me wrong. I know I might sound a bit rude in comparison to the usual stuff being posted. But I don't mean to attack the audio devs at all. Personaly I like BIS very much. But I try to keep that out of my critism to give a realistic feedback out of MY personal experience over the last 16 years. Again, I know it sounds fucked up, but it is not meant like this. So I am sorry for everyone who felt personally engaged. PPS: Okay, to be honest, I could not recreate what happened this morning. I actually did not do that much different now but the sound is played stereo now. The 3d processor is made for the tail and the tail goes quiet when the gun sound goes quiet but both are on different soundsets. Is this normal or a bug? PPPS: Anyone knows what this has to mean? "New macro-based sound configuration system"
  9. scheintot2

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Sorry - what is your point here? If I'm following the series way back when?! To repeat myself: I am following the series since Operation Flashpoint (2001) so I know the progress which has been made since then pretty good. And yes, it might be sound rough because I am not sticking my head into someones ass to not hurt someone while speaking out criticism but I also did not insult anyone. I just cleared out facts. And guys, lets remember please - I also did not, how you call it, rant about Arma not sounding like the Battlefield series (in quality). I "rant" about simple features like inserting loop points into wav files which can be read by the engine and 1p and 3p seperated sound files are STILL missing. Thats all. Features which has been used in the games industry over 10 years now. I can just repeat myself. PS: inserted loop points can be read by FREE programs today... I cannot realy provide a proof except posting my config in here which I will do in a few hours when I'm back home. What do you expect me to do? If the 3D Processor is not broken which I hope because I am working on a sound mod I would be pretty happy about it. Maybe someone can also test this in a new clear test environment. (Arma with a sound mod with just one new added sound). Like I've said, I will provide the config later. If I got you correct here then you think the sound in vanilla is bad and below expectations - made better by a community modder. And here we have exactly the two points I mentioned above. The modder is using the system which is provided by the audio team to make his sound mod work. People like it and the quality is probably better than the default sounds provide. Which leads us to the first point, the quality of the game. Which is not bad in every aspect, im not saying this. But in some areas its just behind... lacking on simple features. My goal is not to insult the audio team or blame them. But as I said, as the customer I CAN'T be supposed to "understand the companies internal problems" why the audio is behind the standards. But what I can is I can provide critism and feedback of what I am seeing. And I saw enough the last 16 years to provide feedback in terms of progress when it comes to audio. PS: And yes, of course there have been some improvements. Sound Shaders, sets, cones, filters, range curves, stereo files, 128 voices - everything. And thats good.
  10. scheintot2

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    I'll do it in a few hours. I am currently at work. BTW: in my tests I had the impression that spatial = 0 makes the sound like you hear it with media player, spatial = 1 makes it more positional. PS: I did not rant. This is criticism. In my opinion its facts. Personal feelings are not realy asked here. If the audio team was small and did they best, thats fine. But that does not make the problem go away. It stays at the priorities for the game itself. They should give the audio team more ressources then. As hard as it sounds - it doesn't even matter where the internal problems are. I, as a customer, should not care about that. I should care about the quality which is delivered by the final product. Also I knew that because I am following this series since 2001 and the progress is slow for being the third (or fourth) game in 2017. So it is not a "lack of background knowledge".
  11. scheintot2

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Apparently the 3D processor "panner" is not working correctly. When I tested it a few hours ago the sound was barely noticeable within 5m of the sound source. Farther it disappeared completley. The range and rangecurve of the soundshader which was used was of course farther than 5m. Also it is not documented how 3D processors behave with spatial = 1/0. (not blaming mega for doing all the documentation, thanks for what you did). Spatial has to be set to 1 for some specific 3d processors to work at all. I think because if the sound is not spatial the engine can not translate the emitter. But what is about panner? Does it have to be on? I mean I tested it with both, nothing worked but if it would work, what then? Anyway, it feels like it is completley messed up. Just emitters are working with spatial set to 0. Working with Arma 3 still feels close to working with Arma 1. Why things haven't changed that much? I mean we still cannot seperate 1p and 3p sounds by default. Yes - I've found a way of doing this like I mentioned above but it is still very tricky and I have to see if it is public suitable. The same goes for loop points the engine cannot read (or at least there is no documentation how it should be done if it is possible). Features like mentioned have been in games for a long time. First games appeared over 10 years using this features. Why Arma 3 cannot do things like this? It seems like the sound here is not taking serious. We just get a "being highly discussed" and "don't expect something like that". I mean we are speaking of features which are standards since a long long time for the most games. We are not speaking of something being completly new to the games industry. But in Arma old methods barely getting up to date. We have already reached a time where kickstarter games have a better sound production- and system than arma (the system is the importent one). Here it just feels we have reached another century because they added stereo support. It could be so much better to be honest... but it is cheap. Can I remember you - it is 2017, not 2004. You don't even need to do that much. You just open the fucking possibilities and the sound designers/ modders (who are doing this for free, for nothing but for fun because it is a hobby) are doing the rest. And now all the bugs coming up with sound controllers (which have been reported, even with the mark that sound modders could lose their motivation behind their work) and not correctly working 3D processors (at least for me, I've tested it but I could have been missing something)... seriously, sometimes I just wanna say get your shit together. Seriously the only reason we are here is because Arma gives the community a lot of freedom in terms of modding. IF there was an alternative (true competetion in terms of military sandbox, not a tactical shooter like squad) you guys would see a different light. Just imagine something would come up and do things better than you. And if there is coming something, remember these words! This is not a hatespeech to you, it is just how it is. I just criticise you and the priorities being set here. For the average user the technical stuff I mentioned doesn't mean much. But the quality which is delivered by it WILL be noticeable to everyone. And since I find quality in a product importent, the technical stuff IS importent.
  12. scheintot2

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Whats about inserted loop points to wav files? Can we ever expect to work with these? Don't want to blame you guys but inserted loop points can be detected by free programs out there. Arma 3 should be able to read them too or at least give us an alternative. Of course just relevant to sound designers / sound modders but it will also improve the sound quality in arma itself which will lead to a cleaner product design. PS: I've already successfully implemented first and third person sounds for every weapon in the game except GAU-8 of the Wipeout.
  13. scheintot2

    Arma 3 has no loop detection

    No. It means that a soundfile for a weapon has two specific inserted loop points (start and end) so the engine knows where to repeat when automatic fire is applied. Good for any automatic fire or especially gatling guns. Also you would get rid of overlapping sounds. It sounds so unprofessional when you shoot in full auto and hear that the tail is overlapping. With loop points you would shoot 20 shots in full auto and then you just hear one single tail, which has loop points applied. Also you could add another echo to the tail which has no loop points applied for the echo effect itself (you shoot twice, you hear a boom far away twice). It would sound clean, professional and is easy applied and inserted. Why is this - 2017 (almost 18) - still NOT possible? Questions like this have to be asked frequently. It would also be possible to just tell the engine the ms of start and end because then you don't need to insert loop points but what ever, both seems to be not possible which is kind of odd and realy outdated.
  14. Games which got released around 2005 could handle loop points. Free software can handle loop points. Why Arma 3 can't handle loop points?