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  1. Hello, I'm trying the VR Arsenal right and I really love it. But when I hit the "try"-Button and test my loadout a little, there is no obvious way to get back into the menus to go on with editing it. Do I have to save it before trying, then reload the mission and load the previously saved loadout? That is really inconvenient, so there must be another way. I couldn't find a hint ingame or online, does anyone know? Thanks, LuLeBe
  2. LuLeBe

    Development Blog & Reveals

    The last screenshot confuses me: This doesn't seem like Altis nor like any other BI Map? Is this a hint to what we might see on the upcoming new terrain? Or is it just for bootcamp training? Or is it even on Altis and I missed it entirely? IF so, where can I find this place?
  3. I don't like the last episode. The first one was great, you could see the story developing, feel with the characters, also because of the nice voice acting and the atmospheric parts whjere you walk through forests etc. In Adapt, things were still very well put. The missions did not have such a strong overall story and were more loosely connected than in survive, but still, it felt cool. Win however is more like a mission pack without a good story and you never feel really engaged. Make some patrol jobs longer, give players more time to think and position their units. Also, I started laughing when I saw the credits and thought "wait, they can't finish this thing before it really started!". I expected piloting a jet on being a tank platoon leader, maybe shelling some enemy sites with artillery. But no, we still play the same infantryman as in survive. Where are the new things to try out which you made us expect? Finally, I think the campaign started off as an awesome piece of art, but it seems like BIS ran out of money, time or both as adapt barely managed to keep the high level of entertation and win totally failed, atleast for me.
  4. I would also like to see a 3D Editor based on this new technology. Placing units and looking for nice spots for a mission to take place would be way easier than now. Right' now, you can't really imagine how the terrain looks just from the map, so it's constant trial and error, and Zeus would make that a lot faster.
  5. LuLeBe

    NEW Visitor for A3!?

    I would not expect that. I haven't done any real modding except for some configs yet (and lots of missions in the editor, but that's not modding) and I don't feel like BIS will give any real beginner information. They might tell you how to implement physX etc., but there won't be tutorials (doesn't need to be inside visitor, maybe just on some official BIS youtube channel or so) on how to start making maps. That's what I think at least. However, I'm also really hoping for it, that would be great to get a lot more people into modding! I myself would really like to do some of that and I'm willing to invest time and I've done so with different things in the past (Android Programming, websites etc.), but I think some good tutorials by BIS would make the whole think a lot easier.
  6. LuLeBe

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Hey, I really like your maps, they work well and apart from those infinite sand dunes people are already talking about, there are no issues at all! But is it possible for you to include the "Army of the Czech republic" (A2:ACR) maps? Ich really like bukovina from that dlc and would like to have it in ArmA 3 again! And thanks again for the great work so far!
  7. LuLeBe

    Altis map - planned changes

    Yes, I really like these new things, just keep adding new content, that's always great! And please add destructibility for some of the existing buildings. The big office buildings in kavala would be a great place for missions if we could enter and destroy them. Also, the midrange texture thing is something you should try to fix.
  8. I use them not all that often, but sometimes they play a big role in my missions: recently I used them to determine whether a building has been destroyed to trigger an action that switches all the lights off. Oh, that's another thing, we still can't switch lights on and off.
  9. Yes, I'm now done with all the missions and really had no problems at all. And for my little spoiler with having no AI inside buildings...yes, you're right, there comes a point where that's not true anymore. Thanks BI! But you could have some more of those "clean building" mission parts, they are a lot of fun. And maybe you could integrate some more choices for players in the next episodes? An example of a nice one would be: You're somewhere stuck with your buddy, he asks "Our only option is to go into that town over there and ask for help or do you see any other ways?" And then you can choose between "yes, I guess you're right." or "We could try to find help at this camp over there." And if you go to the camp, you might find more help than in the town, but there is a possibility that there are just enemies who will kill you. That would make the campaign again a lot better than it is now.
  10. The Campaign is amazing so far. I've played the first couple of Missions and it feels really good. One thing about enemies: Overall, these are the cool things about it (and I haven't found anything bad except for the little thing in the spoiler...even though it doesn't spoil anything about the plot etc., just AI): - Great Voice acting - You can really feel like the guys on your screen..you're sad when someone dies, you're really happy to get into safe spots - No issues, even after my leader was killed I could still finish the mission with the other guys - Not too easy, but no stupid deaths where just some random mine goes off somewhere and you're dead - Great implementation of ArmA 3's new features: strategic Map, Drones, Diving etc...it's all there! Ultimately, I really have to thank you guys for that campaign, atleast so far! If it goes on as amazing as now, I hope you made it last like 100 hours. I hate knowing that I'm gonna be done with the first episode tomorrow....