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  1. Yup, I'm not complaining either. In fact when I complete the objetives and they remain active, all I do is delete those task
  2. Speaking about tasks and sub-tasks, I don't know if it is just me but I can't finish any of them. I mean, I do what the task says but it won't finish. If the task says I need to kill the HVT, I kill him, but the task remains active.
  3. alexsegen

    Insurgency | ALiVE - Official Release

    Hi man, cool tip. I think I'm gonna try that. Thanks!
  4. alexsegen

    Insurgency | ALiVE - Official Release

    Hello, does anybody know if this mission scripts are still working fine? I mean, I know I have to replace the Alive Modules but I would like to know if the Cache/Intel system is still working. Is anyone using this mission these days? Also, I would like to know if there is some kind of debugger so I can confirm that myself. Thanks! -------------------- EDIT: Don't mind me. I just read last comments. This mission needs to be reworked again. I will keep an eye on the updates. :)
  5. Tested it, and I like it. Will follow your work. Buen trabajo!
  6. alexsegen

    Insurgency | ALiVE - Official Release

    I miss Hazey, I hope he is ok. Send him some kisses and hugs.. #Nohomo
  7. alexsegen

    Insurgency | ALiVE - Official Release

    Exactly.. there are already a bunch of maquez's insurgency missions here in BIS Forum.
  8. alexsegen

    [ALiVE, COOP 19, SP] British Shield

    So your - Ocelot Foxhound LPPV - V1 link is broken.. what do?
  9. Sounds great.. Gonna try it tonight. Thanks!
  10. alexsegen

    RHS Insurgency ALiVE

    I'm still polishing it.. Then i will release it through BIS Forums and Armaholic too. Also I want to add an Ultra Nationalist faction at least to fight them in Chernarus. :D
  11. alexsegen

    RHS Insurgency ALiVE

    Hello, If you want, you could use my mod :P it's very simple but works well atm. Check my signature.
  12. how do you add custom information to this spawned intel?
  13. Hello guys, Lets say I want to create a mission where an enemy army tries to invade my Airbase, and to stop the AI Commander Module, all I need to do is kill this X unit (where X = placed soldier unit). The AI Commander Module will change its objetive from Invasion to Ocupy or just stop sending people to my airbase. Can this be done?
  14. Hello there, I have one question: at this moment, is there any way to avoid roadblocks, IEDs Factories, Recruitment HQ and Weapon Depots spawning inside black listed TAORs?
  15. Sir, you are very kind. I'm gonna do that soon. Thanks!