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  1. @Dwarden sure, but since it's not in the OP, it can be hard to discover (it took me 2 month to discover it thanks to a friend randomly talking about this steam branch :rolleyes: )
  2. Great tutorial in the post just above. But you might as well add the special profiling Steam branch for Arma 3 following this wiki page : https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Steam_Branches. In short : - Right click on Arma 3 in your Steam Library, then Properties - Select the tab BETAS - Enter the code CautionSpecialProfilingAndTestingBranchArma3 then click CHECK CODE - Finally, still in this BETAS tab, use the dropdown list to select the branch profiling - Performance Profiling Build - Enjoy ! This will ALWAYS be up to date, guaranteed without pain (because finding the dropbox link, downloading, extracting and renaming everytime can be boring after a few times) PS : And don't worry, although the branch is named Profiling, by default it will launch the correct arma3.exe that is the performance version, and not the profiling one (not 100% sure though, if Dwarden could confirm :P )