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  1. start game - alt tab - use steam browser
  2. henri

    Nobody Playing Arma 3?

    have you tried the steam browser? LOL
  3. realistic armor to stop getting one shotted in tanks and other vehicles, make helicopters tougher
  4. henri

    Tanks are underpowerd!!

    also they are waaaaaaay too easy to destroy, i mean one soldier is able to one shot entire tank platoons. crew allways bails, why oh why!?!
  5. henri

    Hosting Issue today

    unable to see any non dedicated servers and our dedicated which before only showed up on Gamespy has completely disappeared. it kind of ruined our weekly gaming night as we can not game.
  6. henri

    Real Armor Mod

    any update? would love to see this released as I am sick and tired of being shot while inside a tank/helicopter
  7. seeing how singleplayer runs fine it would seem that the issue is with the server.exe
  8. I wonder what would happen on a much smaller map, lets say a valley with one town in it, enclosed by mountains
  9. henri

    Arma 3 : Operation Make Faster Game

    try this... two people in MP one low spec and one high spec so they are both in the same chopper then the high spec in 3rd person sets his viewdistance to from 500 to max and on the low spec machine warp/desyc/teleport and for everyone temporary a dip in fps. it would be interesting to test mp with everyone on a 1000 max viewdistance and experiment with different viewdistance setups. to see to what extent updating building state etc. to lowend clients like PvPscene to see how syncing data between server and clients with different viewsettings affects server fps. Maybe the client low end clients cause a wait for reply?
  10. things don't spawn but are cached when not in view is what I understood. They pop into rendered reality when they enter the players reality....so a tree which falls in a forest does not make any sound when there is no one to hear it, because it is cached! This turns philosophy, religion and metaphysics on it head! The 1Para alive test server works really well btw, where is them re enforcements?!!??!?!
  11. I can not belive not everyone and their mother in law are all over this thread. Have been unable to test myself but can anyone post some definitive results on this please. Also i feel the urge to ask how, if this works, does it work?