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  1. pulstar

    Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain]

    Bornholm lite still works, if that helps.
  2. pulstar

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    I was going to opt for a Kraken but the HyperX is more comfortable. Are you using it with onboard audio? Been debating getting one of those USB amp/soundcards for headphones..
  3. pulstar

    Armored Warfare

    So I downloaded their hefty installer, and played one round before uninstalling it. I just can't fathom the futuristic HUD on cold war hardware. If they'd gone with futuristic tanks, then maybe I could have played a bit more.
  4. pulstar

    Air Missions: HIND

    I just it includes a scenario editor even if it's a primitive one. Apache Air Assault had a nice flight model, but it didn't have anything to extend its re-playability beyond a sparse quick action scenario.
  5. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=547259879 Well more helicopter games is always a welcome thing, even if they're arcadey in design.
  6. pulstar


    Wishlisted for now, till they implement joystick controls and a "better" flight model. Does look nice though, for we seriously lack helo games!
  7. pulstar


    Turns out I had files dating back to Octobe inside the addons folder. All good now :D
  8. pulstar

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Nope still same issue.
  9. pulstar

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Is there a special way to install the PBO version? I extracted to the userconfig folder too.
  10. pulstar


    Tried playing last night, helmets still missing, tank has no firing sound.
  11. I updated to 1.54 and CBA 2.3.0 at the time and struggling to disable this debugging window whenever I load up a mission using the Eden editor.. No idea which is causing it :/
  12. pulstar

    The Division

    Well for me I hate being unable to crouch
  13. pulstar

    The Division

    Siege isn't a bad game, and it's sort of a guilty pleasure of mine to play it, but I think it's time Tom Clancy's name is put to rest. And Unlike TD, Siege's controls are fun, if a bit twitchy for eSports sake. Arma controls like Japanese mecha in comparison :blink:
  14. pulstar

    This game is too hard :(

    I'm not bad in this game, I've become too used to the AI limitations.. But playing against other people, especially in twitch-tacticals such as Rainbow Six Siege, I get creamed a lot, and my bad ping doesn't help :(
  15. pulstar

    Escape from Tarkov

    Nice, the animations put Arma to shame :D I hope to be included in the beta!
  16. pulstar

    T-90 Russian MBT

    Wow that looks amazing. If even 50% of it is translated to in-game visuals it'd be stellar. Congratulations on this grand effort!
  17. pulstar

    MGSR Mod

    Damn, after playing MGS5 for +60 hours I now have an urge to fulton any containers I find in Arma or pluck bushes from the ground With regards to the AI, after playing against it for many hours, I can definitely say it's very limited, probably intentionally to make the game easier for mainstream players. But being a stealth game, it does a few cool things as well. Like reacting to sound, and cones of vision, not to mention soldiers with NVG are better equipped to catching you in the dark. Arma could really use some CQC AI routines, in its current state you can't do stealth or use physical attacks against unsuspecting NPCs.
  18. Thanks engima for writing this script, really adds a missing level of ambience. I also add RDS civilians into it, more variety. Of course if I load a mideastern map all those civvies suddenly look out of place haha.
  19. pulstar

    Information - Blackfoot

    And the helo's radar signature is the same regardless of the bays being open or closed :D
  20. pulstar

    Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    kimi would you please consider adding slaving gunship cannons to pilot HUD?
  21. pulstar

    ArmA 3 Custom Buildings

    Are map makers allergic to including new buildings or something? :o
  22. Strange that this script didn't get wider adoption. I really like the idea of this, since you can get headtracking on the cheap. I will try to implement it as an addon for my personal use.
  23. pulstar

    Head Tracking for under 10€

    Thanks, I decided to stick to smartphone tracking for the time-being, no 6DoF but that's not a deal breaker. Too bad VR's re-launch this year isn't that affordable.
  24. pulstar

    Fed up with that AI

    I have no issue about AI marksmanship over distances, after all most modern armies receive target training! What I wish Arma had however is blindfire suppressive fire; you won't see bots blindfiring at you from around a corner. Another thing that can use tweaking is enemy detection of players in buildings. Many times I climb a tall building trying to get a sniper advantage but the AI spots me in microseconds after the first shot. No idea if this can ever be fixed using current AI routines. One more thing that people seem never to mention: AI would be really lethal if they learned how to plant mines both antipersonnel and anti-tanks.
  25. pulstar

    Head Tracking for under 10€

    Hello, can I use this http://www.amazon.com/Bokit-Infrared-Extender-Receiver-Repeater/dp/B00S4HCC7K/for basic headtracking using a webcam? I'm a bit confused abuot how those IR emitters work, and I don't have the patience to learn how to solder IR diodes. Appreciate any help :/