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  1. Vcomai works well with warlords. I have other issues with running loops to push on independent side ai. You running any scripts to push gear on that side ai? Like gun flashlites and chatter script?
  2. Hey. I have tried your gun script and the updated jboy scripts here. I am currently at work so I cant post my initserver.sqf. but will later.
  3. Hey GF. I did try the script version and no luck. Just not sure why warlords ai spawn doesn't pick up those scripts running. I also tried jboy chatter and flashlight script updates and nothing. I tweaked one script version and it applied the gun lights on 1 of 5 trials but ai didn't turn them on or off like scripted. And it does run vcomai and asi revive. So there's that.
  4. Just wondering if anyone is running 3rd party scripts on the ai with warlords. I have vcomai and ASI revive for players to get revived by ai but not others. I believe it has to do with the warlords spawn system. I have tried adding a gun flashlights script and ai chatter script with no luck. Anyone crack open the warlords spawning code yet? Thanks in advance
  5. jandrews


    @Beagle I have a solution. Make your own warlords mission and raise the cost of those planes to very high. Plus you can add AI AAA batteries in editor and do special things so they keep the skies less cheese. I have vcomai running on warlords. Its using a specific loop. My question is does anyone have an scripts running on the ai when they spawn? I dont want to use a mod either. I have tried some other loops and I believe warlords is not having it. So any ideas on how to push 3rd party scripts on ai when they spawn? Thanks in advance.
  6. jandrews


    Hello, thanks for the explanations. I was wondering if its possible to run many external scripts with this mode. I have VCOMAI running on resistance only. However I wanted to add some other small things to the spawned AI. I do not see any lines to add code to spawning units like AI chat or gun flashlight scripts. I tried having a script just loop during game play but even that freezes the game at loading screen. Are there filters in place to hold loading if external scripts are detected? Perhaps you could add some additional lines to the warload init allowing code to pass on to the AI as they spawn.
  7. Well I am no script magician. But I see your script doesn't add a flashlite just on/off. I remember this, perhaps this with a loop say while {true} do { { private "_unit"; _unit = _x; if (side _unit == RESISTANCE) then { _unit addPrimaryWeaponItem "acc_flashlight"; _unit assignItem "acc_flashlight"; _unit enableGunLights "AUTO"; }; } foreach allunits; }; sleep 60; Now the code below would needs to be modified to apply to only resistance groups. if (side _group == Resistance) then [ { dummy = [_x, 60] execVM "Scripts\JBOY_PatrolChatter.sqf"; // 60 is number of seconds to wait between speaking dummy = [_x, 60, 5] execVM "Scripts\JBOY_LightsOnOff.sqf"; // 60 is duration light is off, and 5 is duration light is on} foreach allGroups; ]; Not sure. probably not this easy.
  8. Is there a way to push this script on to all units of one side. For example, for warlords mission once AI units spawn in a sector could this script be running to check those units for a flashlite and add chatter too? Also would that conflict with VCOMAI. I doubt it but thought id ask. Thanks.
  9. jandrews


    I'd like to see the description.exe of you could post here as spoiler as to not take up a whole page. Thanks.
  10. jandrews


    class CfgWLFactionAssets{ class WEST // --- BLUFOR { class InfantryUnits { class B_Story_SF_Captain_F {}; }; }; class EAST // --- OPFOR { class InfantryUnits { class O_V_Soldier_hex_F {}; class O_V_Soldier_M_ghex_F {}; }; How do these units garrison and patrol? I did not include the independent side b/c I get that. It seems these units are joined with the player. Is that correct? is this another filter?
  11. jandrews


    Can anyone go in to detail in how these two lists are filtered differently between bluefor and opfor? The question I have is about filtering units. I can use mywlassetlist to filter what the available units are to spawn using that script alone. Why would I need to add the second list? What does it allow me to do? Only related to blu and opfor units. I get the independent class. ['MyWLAssetList'] [CfgWLFactionAssets] Thanks in advance.
  12. jandrews


    I would agree with the previous post as well. I know the update is new. However when someone who makes warlord missions knows more. Could you post how the heck the new updates actually work. What does the new listing do? The wiki is very vague and imo poorly written. Thanks in advance.
  13. jandrews

    GF Auto Population Script - Mod

    Sounds awesome! Excited to see it in action. By the way. Your awesome! Hats off to you and others who continously work to improve this gaming experience.
  14. jandrews


    Hello I am looking for a jump script that will apply to only a certain player class. And the addaction would be applied to the player themselves. The idea is the class paratrooper will be able to jump to another location once his timer is up and not be dependent on a item like a pole after each area is cleared. Only dependent on timer and classname. Also this seems like a work around to white listing class names. So for this code. 0 = [this,1000,90,true] execVM "MGI_HALO.sqf" Would 0 be changed to this?
  15. jandrews


    Hey Beagle can you give me details. Id have to agree. Some suspicious stuff going on. Need to check this please. When is the dang update too?