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  1. hungry

    Arma 3 Survival

    Join on our discord server, you can get help there 🙂
  2. hungry

    Arma 3 Survival

    Project got released.! 🙂 [Steam Workshop] https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1278609853 [Discord] https://discord.gg/47yf3HY
  3. hungry

    Arma 3 Survival

    Contaminated zones🙂
  4. hungry

    Arma 3 Survival

    Some new ingame pictures 🙂
  5. hungry

    Arma 3 Survival

    Open Beta 1.0 released!🥳 If you want to play, just download the mod, start the game and then press on play 😏 Please give us as much feedback as you can, on our discord server(https://discord.gg/47yf3HY) 🙏 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1278609853&searchtext=arma+3+survival
  6. hungry

    Arma 3 Survival

    Closed Alpha is out! If you want to test with your friends, join on our discord server : https://discord.gg/Sm97NS
  7. hungry

    Arma 3 Survival

    Add me on Steam for any questions :) http://steamcommunity.com/id/OfficialHungry/
  8. hungry

    Arma 3 Survival

    Yeah we know, it would be disappointed for us. We wanted a backpack , that looks like this one from dayz. We dont steal or buy models, we designed all items/models which you can see in these devblogs by our self :)
  9. hungry

    Arma 3 Survival

    Yes, it was a test to change the road on the map, these pictures was taken a month ago. We maked new roads by our self :)
  10. hungry

    Arma 3 Survival

    We also changed some location on the map:
  11. hungry

    Arma 3 Survival

    Devblog #11 New Inventory: New Crafting Menu: Interaction with players: Surrender animation while moving: Blind people: New Buildings: Seatower & Watergate: Hospital: New Items:
  12. hungry

    Vortorsk Terrain

    Hey Mike, looks good!
  13. hungry

    Arma 3 Survival

    The Project is still in progress, we are working on a huge devblog for you guys ! :)