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  1. I can't find the video memory setting in Arma 3. I thought that setting is only available in Arma 2.
  2. The latest TS 3.0.13 works fine for me too. I can confirm that by setting the bottom right option at the Hotkeys tab to "Keyboard & Mouse Only" , I'm able to set a hotkey using my keyboard and ACRE works fine.
  3. I think BI only test the maps and missions by loading the editor (with no or few AI in it) and I am very sure they did not test in multiplayer environment.
  4. This is really a disappointing launch day. Looks like a repeat of what happened back during Arma 2 launch.
  5. The main branch now is just a back dated beta version. I thought we are suppose to receive a day one update which has all fixes till launch day?
  6. Launch countdown status in arma3.com has been changed to RELEASED
  7. I'm expecting a huge disappointment on final release. I'm guessing there will still be features missing. Bugs and performance issues will still be present. BI simply can't get everything fixed in time for launch. It looks like a repeat of what happened back on Arma 2 launch day. And I thought they are suppose to learn and improve from past experience.
  8. Did BI only become aware of the MP performance issues through feedback by the users? It seems that they did not do any QA testing but instead relied heavily on users to report any issues to them.
  9. ryaneu

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Do you guys think by forcing the game to run on single or 2 cores will solve or improve some of these problems? like setting -cpuCount=1 or -cpuCount=2 ---------- Post added at 03:30 ---------- Previous post was at 03:25 ---------- The problem is, in multiplayer, tweaking any of the video settings have absolutely no effect on fps. At least for me. ---------- Post added at 03:36 ---------- Previous post was at 03:30 ---------- Solid 50 fps in single player is no big deal really. Nobody cares much about single player. If you are getting solid 50 fps in multiplayer too then I will consider that major.
  10. ryaneu

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Another weird behaviour that I noticed. GPU usage is higher when at the main menu screen (with top down view of the map). As soon as I go in-game especially multiplayer mission, GPU usage decreases. I thought its suppose to be the other way round.
  11. Yes I am using vsync because I can't stand any screen tearing. Had to enable it.
  12. Getting around 30 fps in Altis, Invade & Annex multiplayer mission. No matter how I change the settings, fps remains at the same value of 30.
  13. Is it only me that tweaking my in-game video settings have no effect on FPS? I initially use the autodetect setting and it sets my overall quality to ultra, which makes all or most of the individual settings to maximum. Then I proceed to turning down the indivual settings like texture quality to very high and the rest of the settings to high, but without touching the resolution. Basically no matter how I tweak or turn down most of the settings, my FPS still remains at the same value. Anyone can explain why I am getting this behaviour? My system: Intel Core i5 3570 MSi gtx 660 ti PE/OC 8gb ram windows 8 64bit
  14. ryaneu

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I noticed that the GPU usage/utilization is very irregular in Arma 3. I know that because I use MSI afterburner and have user defined software automatic fan control enabled which adjust the fan speed according to GPU temperature. Sometimes my GPU fan speed remains low and I get around 20 fps in-game. Some moments later, GPU fan speed suddenly increases and my fps also increases to 40 and above. This behaviour is very irregular.
  15. ryaneu

    Arma 3 - Sneak Preview Livestream

    In the sneak preview livestream video, you guys mentioned that the game is still pretty much incomplete. Do you guys think you will be able to finish what needs to be done in time for launch which is just one month's time?