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  1. I found a Bug with the new SPz1 variants: The "Squad Leader(MG)" seat cannot be occupied by AI with the get in waypoint. I placed a SPz1 in the editor with crew but without Infrantry in the back. Then I placed 6 Infantry units and gave them a GET IN waypoint. Played the Scenario with the following result. 5 men will enter 1 will stand right next to the Spz1.
  2. What I meant was to add the Items you have reskinned in normal Hex, but in Urban Hex. An Urban Hex Sweater Uniform, Modular Helmet, AAF Uniform, Vest etc. I really like the CSAT Urban Hex pattern as it uses blue which can also be used for units at sea.
  3. Really nice mod. This really looks good for Units behind the front lines where no HighTec equipment is needed (e.g.: national guards in the home regions of CSAT) . Really like the sweaters. Is there any plan to reskin (reequip) the Urban CSAT faction. Would also look good as a decent navy uniform for CSAT troops. So a Blue or Grey sweatter would fit good to the Camo.
  4. aefak1989

    Redd'n'Tank Vehicles

    Do you have a list which variants of the Wolf you are planing to release? Is a hardtop version planed?