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  1. The last time an update was shown was April, which was last month. I hardly think it's reasonable to ask if the mod is dead when progress was shown just a little over a month ago. A year, maybe, but certainly not under 90 days. Ease up. According to both the forum guidelines page and the forum rules thread, it is not against the forum rules to ask for updates. Why would it be against the rules to ask a question as simple as that? I see people do it all the time and they aren't met with such responses. I've done it myself plenty of times over the years and never been told that I was wrong for asking. Of course, Bourgeois was not respectful in the way in which they asked for the update.
  2. Some talented people making really good videos and previews!
  3. *snip* Forum glitched and double posted.
  4. I fresh installed all CUP components on my server last night along with the compatibility mods for ACE, yet I'm getting this error, which is preventing the server from starting: 18:05:23 Warning Message: Addon 'CUP_Vehicles_ACE_compat' requires addon 'CUP_TrackedVehicles_Bradley' I've confirmed that all of the files are present and accounted for, yet this error is being thrown. Why might this happen? EDIT: Turns out by installing it from the online control panel, it added underscores to the mods and my previous command line set up didn't have underscores in the mod folder names. Simple fix.
  5. It's for dropping paratroopers in a line out the back of aircraft. Think of the U.S. Airborne invasion of Normandy from WWII. This is what it looks like:
  6. Amit


    You can find it here: https://dev.withsix.com/projects/mikero-pbodll/files The ones you need are the DeOgg and DePBO installers.
  7. Amit


    You can find the relevant installers for the dll files on Mikero's devheaven page. It's still up and available Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. A friend of mine is having trouble with transmitting on the radios. His PTT key for TeamSpeak works fine for the normal in-game voice chat, but when he holds down CAPSLOCK, his voice will not transmit. The indicator will show up in the bottom right for him and make the squelch on/off, but his voice will not transmit to the rest of us. The only way for it to transmit is for him to use voice activation detection. But he plays in a noisy environment, so that's not an option. Another way it works is when he uses the option to set voice activation detection while he holds down his TeamSpeak PTT key at the same time as CAPSLOCK. It's a workaround, but an uncomfortable and annoying one. Is there a way to fix the requirement of using voice activation detection for him?
  9. Could you not just add labels for each? The original set are already for TFAR so just put "TFAR" in brackets for those ones and "ACRE2" in brackets for the ACRE 2 versions. What's more confusing right now is having support for ACRE 2 radio backpacks with no access to them in the arsenal. I've also found that whenever I save a preset in the Arsenal, it's not possible to load it again. Any idea why that might happen? Thanks for your time.
  10. Thanks, that worked. All that needs to be done is to append the backpack radio classes with "_ACRE2". Is there any reason why the backpacks are not available in the Arsenal by default, though?
  11. Any word on the situation with the missing ACRE compatibility files?
  12. If you are talking to El Tyranos, you should PM them instead of posting on this thread. Your e-mail address is now open to everyone who views this thread.
  13. Amit

    Creating Ship in Arma 3

    Looks nice! Good tutorial.
  14. I asked about this in the Iron Front A3 LITE thread, but haven't got a helpful response yet: how do I use ACRE radios with the radio backpacks in IFA3 LITE? I was told that I need to use the optional ACRE compatibility file, but there is no such file to speak of included in IFA3's download. Anyone know where this file is located?
  15. Sorry for my ignorance, but where would I find that file? In the main mod folder for IFA3 Lite on the Workshop, these are the only optional pbo files I see: