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    6thsense was the first community I played with.
  2. I cannot launch ArmA3 since the update. I always get the following error message: ArmA3 failed to start: (error code: 81) I have no idea why this happens. I tried some remedies, offered by the community, but nothing seems to work.
  3. I also have the same exact problem. Nothing helps. I never modified the registry, it just fails to start after the update.
  4. How do the new new binocular animations look like?
  5. That indeed sucks, I wish it wasn't so rigid. Anyway, I hope they sort out the bino animations, so the rifle stays hanging on your chest, but you can look around with free look.
  6. The soldier dropped the weapon, let the rifle hang on the sling in front of his chest, grabbed the bino from a bag hanging on his side. It took only a second and looked more realistic.
  7. It wasn't for awhile, but it is again, for some reason.
  8. Oh man, not this rifle on the back thing again. Is it really hard to believe modern slings allow soldiers to just let rifles hang on their chests? Again, this will make switching to binos a pain in the ass, because you have to wait for the relatively lengthy animation to finish and I bet you can't move while it's played, so you are exposed to sudden enemy fire.
  9. So you can still fit a lot of giant stuff into tiny backpacks? That's disappointing.
  10. BigBoss

    Development Blog & Reveals

    It's funny how some people thought the big UAV was cut entirely from the game, just because it was shown only on one screenshot before. Me too, but unless it is free, there won't be many more MP servers using it.
  11. BigBoss

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Personally I don't mind the lack of campaign on release. I never finished the ArmA2 campaign, due to bugs, frame rate issues, problematic friendly AI, weak plot and general lack of fun. I'm not a big fan of the Armaverse either. I'm happy to get a bigger island and more units for me and my community to play with, also I want to see more features improved. Sure, I'm curious about the campaign, maybe this time it will be on par with the OFP and Resistance ones, but it isn't a priority for me. I just think this is a bad decision, PR wise. Reviewers and gamers will expect a campaign, because every game has one, except MP only ones, but ArmA3 isn't MP only. They seem more confused than desperate. I still think they are trying their best to release the greatest ArmA title so far, they just kind of drove themselves into a corner with this Alpha, Beta business. I think it took way too long for them to set their priorities straight. Looking at the dev branch, they only now started to work on issues, like the AI, which should have required attention immediately after the Alpha's release.
  12. AFAIK the pilot sits in front, because he has better visibility from there, since the cockpit doesn't obstruct the view.
  13. BigBoss

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Because people are impatient, and these news are quite disappointing. I think terms like Alpha, Beta, Full are pretty pointless when it comes to ArmA, the game will be basically in a beta stage until BiS decides to stop its support, which is years from now. I'm ok with this. Unfortunately the press and those new to the series, aren't aware of this, so when the game goes Full, they will expect it to be a full game. But that won't be the case, since it will have no campaign, which will lead to bad PR. People can grudgingly accept if some of their favorite features don't make it into the full release, but a single player campaign should be given, it is essential, even if the community seemingly "doesn't care about SP". Personally I would delay the full release and extend the Beta period, until the Campaign is ready.
  14. BigBoss

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Get a room, you two ;)