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  1. My client is running 1.28 while my server is running 1.24 Server wont update anymore. What do i do?
  2. For the past couple of days, when i try to connect to my server, i get "bad version, server rejected connection". The server is running version 233780 -beta and my client is running the stable branch. Server is running vanilla arma 3 with wasteland mission too. I've tried multiple times to update the server and multiple times to verify my client files. Neither fix the issue. Any idea what's causing this?
  3. PAL-18

    Bad Vehicle Sync

    Oh wow, thanks for the tips. I'll definitely try them. I managed to get the vehicle wiggling down to its minimum with the following settings: MaxMsgSend = 900; MaxSizeGuaranteed = 894; MaxSizeNonguaranteed = 416; MinErrorToSend = 0.004; MinErrorToSendNear = 0.04;
  4. PAL-18

    Bad Vehicle Sync

    MinBandwidth = 107374182; MaxBandwidth = 1073741824; MaxMsgSend = 1792; MaxSizeGuaranteed = 894; MaxSizeNonguaranteed = 416; MinErrorToSend = 0.002; MinErrorToSendNear = 0.02;
  5. PAL-18

    Bad Vehicle Sync

    I just have 1 mod (Arma Server Monitor) and 2 server keys for mods (Crosshair Fix + Map Texture Remover). Could these still cause problems? Oddly, the server FPS never dropped below 45 when we were both in the car so i don't understand why its so optimized. P.S. I got the vehicle sync partially fixed (no more drifting) but as a vehicle turns, my passenger see's it wiggling back and forth. Is this fixable?
  6. PAL-18

    Bad Vehicle Sync

    Ah thanks, gotta play with the values then...
  7. On my server, sometimes vehicles that players drive don't sync to the passenger. I tested this with just myself and 1 other player in the server. When he drove, i desync'd once but when i drove, he said i desync'd most of the time. Any idea what causes this and how i can fix it? My server is the only one running on the machine (see specs below): Processor: Intel Xeon E3 1225v2 Cores/Threads: 4 cores/ 4 threads Frequency: 3.2 GHz+ RAM: 32 GB DDR3 Disks: 120 GB SSD Network connection: 1Gbps
  8. I'm having some problems with the scheduling system. I have 4 messages i want displayed in a 5 minute rotation for each message (eg. message1, wait 5 minutes then display message 2, etc.) Right now, the following is making 2 messages display at the same time (i based it off the example provided in Sheduler-FAQ.txt): How do fix this?
  9. My server status is stuck on "Creating" even though i have a map defined in startup parameters and i have a mission configured in the config file. Any idea how to fix this?
  10. In the "What you need" section near the top of the tutorial, it says "No longer required if installing the server using the the Dedicated server package". How do i install the dedicated server package that doesn't need a steam account that owns Arma 3? Also, does anyone know how many slots i can host (without lag) on the following specs: Intel Xeon E3 1225v2 (4 Cores, 8 Threads, 3.4 Ghz) 32 GB RAM SSD Hard Drive 1 Gb Network Connection (Hosted at a datacenter) P.S. It will be a Wasteland server and it will be the only server on the machine.
  11. Ah cool. Also i found out is it possible for the beta to use global chat. Answer is over here.
  12. Should all the config files be set to that format too? Also, why can't other channels be used to kick/ban users?