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  1. kingbengan

    [COOP 4] Come fly with me

    Looks interesting. Need any mods?
  2. Nice one mate! Had a ride in one during the Swedish exercise "Sydfront" as a kid. Friggin awesome.
  3. kingbengan


    EDIT: Never mind. Found the wiki. Me and two of my friends played Ravage Escape Tanoa last night. Epic mission btw. Great job! We thought the tent would function as a spawn point but it didn't. What's the main purpose for the tent? Is it just for putting inventory in or should it also be able to fast forward time as the sleeping bag. An option that didn't come up in the meny.
  4. kingbengan


    Have the same issue. Worked on normal Chernarus but I keep getting killed as soon as I get close to the first town.
  5. kingbengan

    co10 Escape

    Me and four friends in the +35 category play this mission. We absolutely love it. But the AI skill thing is bit of a game breaker for us. We do have our own rented server and are playing on that one. Is there a way that we can decrease the skill on the AI? We are not as quick as we used to be. :)
  6. Wow. Absolutely wow. Even this is Finland it also feel like here in Sweden. This map will be played for sure. Great job!
  7. kingbengan

    Ghost Missions

    Cheers fella. Me and my friends will give V3 NATO a go tonight.
  8. kingbengan

    The use of smoke nades?

    I see what you mean but this can't be right. for ex. I walked behind one building and AI wasn't aware of my presence. I popped a couple of smoke nades between my building an another big complex. Totally filled with smoke. I then crouched between those two buildings and when I was between them I got instantly shot by an AI approx 150m away. This all took place in vanilla. No AI enhancement or nothing. :) Takes away a bit of the fun actually.
  9. kingbengan

    The use of smoke nades?

    What am I doing wrong? I think I'm clever and throwing bunch of smoke between the enemy and me. I can't see anything past the smoke but as soon as I poke my head out or trying to run the enemy spots me through the smoke and instantly drops me. This is getting really annoying. Me and some friend had a go last night but smoke didn't work one single time. Are we doing something wrong or is the smoke just broken? ps: love the new weapons btw.
  10. kingbengan

    [COOP] All Out Warfare

    Thank you for a really good mission. Me and my buddies play on this for the first time yesterday. This is basically all we need. Easy to use as well. GG On thing though, when we did the "steal the car" mission we drove it back to the base but there wasn't any success hint. We might have done something wrong but just wanna ask if it's something you heard before?
  11. Something weird. Since last Tuesday when I create a VAS with MCC all items in it is just blacked out. Don't know if this has something to do with MCC or game update? Ex. http://i59.tinypic.com/k520js.jpg
  12. We only run, CBA, Dragonfyre and blastcore still game crashes for 2/3. Will tell them to delete -nologs.
  13. kingbengan

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    First I wanna thank you for this excellent mod. I have a question though. When armor become indestructible I change my settings in game/difficulty to disable. BUT we have our own server doesn't we need to do it on the server as well? And if so, how?
  14. Think he meant that the local client crashes when trying to change keybindings for interaction. I does the same for my friend.
  15. kingbengan

    [CO-OP] Escape Hardcore!

    Will this mission have any fights or objevtives inside cities? The other escape missions doesn't have anything like that and it's kind of boring I think.