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  1. aronh17

    Combat Patrol

    Another quality of life improvement for the mission in public servers would be to implement a system where when majority of the team reaches extraction it ends, or maybe a timer counts down. Sucks having to wait for people when everyone needs to get there.
  2. aronh17

    Combat Patrol

    Played this mission for about four hours on my server today, and I have to say it's really fun and replayable even now in its fairly limited state. I'm really looking forward to it being expanded upon, so I wanted to leave some feedback on what I observed from the sessions today. Firstly I would greatly appreciate the introduction of non urban missions, maybe make a few custom base compositions that can be randomly spawned in if a non-urban area is selected. Friendly fire support should be added, but limited in uses and limited to the Squad Leader. This would help a lot with the advanced enemy reinforcements turned on. Although it seems like it does not attack much I'd prefer the big enemy UAV drone to not be spawned every mission, make it more dynamic. I do like the little drones though. There needs to be a default mission spawn, preferably near the starting location as spawning on your dead body is no good. Also needs options in parameters for spawning on allies or reserved to the spawn tent only. Someone had the idea of possibly rearming at the spawn tent, or you could have the option to call in an ammo drop instead. Either one would work. That basically covers what I could think of right now. Once some more objectives, maps and units are supported this will be my go to mission. It's a good start at the moment, keep up the great work!
  3. Quick question, is there a way to turn off ACRE auto muting people not playing Arma?
  4. On Arma 3 1.62 RC the menu gets wonky because TFR adds stuff to the menu. This should be removed or adjusted before Apex launches July 11th if anybody is around to work on it.
  5. aronh17

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    I like the visual upgrade overall as it gives a great look to clouds, overall lighting and of course the screen space reflections really boost visual quality. On the other hand night time can look strange at times especially with clouds, sometimes clothing stands out slightly bright in darkness. So for me day time is much better than it used to be, but now night time has its quirks. Altis and Stratis are stronger on the brightness and contrast which isn't a huge deal to me but Tanoa looks absolutely fantastic.
  6. aronh17

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    Everyone needs to load in and max out the rain and lightning and take a walk around listening to rain hit surfaces differently. This audio is incredible. You've outdone yourselves BI, I'm excited to see the rest of the expansion.
  7. aronh17

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    I suppose for some single player situations at 1440p and up sure, but even the GTX 970 gets on average 39 FPS at 1440p according to that. Depends on what you play I guess, most of the multiplayer on Arma will limit you by CPU so the GPU will only go so far.
  8. aronh17

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    Doubtful, unless you're pushing 4K resolution.
  9. I wouldn't chalk it all up to the old engine, I thought it was down to being difficult to have detail far away without a big performance impact. The most relevant comparison I can think of is Squad and even in Unreal Engine 4 they have it worse than Real Virtuality. Guys float in the air from not very far away in Squad.
  10. Noted, I'll bug him because I like this too ;)
  11. aronh17

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    What I'm getting at is it should've been an overall overhaul to everything. Making an extremely penalizing fatigue system with no tweaks to other systems makes the game feel strange. I still don't see how it is this big of a deal though, you can re-enable it with a mod and majority of the people that dislike the new system runs mods. They still have control over their game, but as I said the old Fatigue system should've still stayed in the game as an option. I'm finding it difficult to see how the current system is Call of Duty like to people though, because it definitely is not.
  12. aronh17

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    Although I feel like it was unwise to take a step forward and then backward, I personally think the current stamina system fits Arma more in its current state. With the old fatigue system you were majorly penalized for doing mostly anything, but then you had a basic medical system that involves either healing instantly to 75% health or having an unlimited 100% health heal from medics. Having a hardcore fatigue system while having extremely basic sub systems didn't seem to mesh. The current system doesn't seem that bad but if it had the old animation slowdown feature it would be much better. The old system should still be in the game as a choice though.
  13. Toadie did change the values but it seems it didn't work right. It will likely be fixed in the next major update.
  14. Yes, there are Arma 2 assets and it denotes where they are used in the guide. There was a KSG in an old Arma 3 screenshot and it's in the guide as the Bulldog and it does not note that it is from an older game. I'm only basing my references on stuff that has been seen in Arma 3. Albeit this shot is very old, when BLUFOR had the current CSAT gloves but it's been in game: http://www.hardcoreshooter.com/wp-content/gallery/arma-iii/lighting_2.jpg and the gun matches the Bulldog from the guide, seen from my earlier post.