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  1. hem

    Santa Claus

    Thank you once again everyone who used santa in there community events, servers and missions! Sleigh Have a very merry Christmas! :dancered:
  2. hem

    Santa Claus

    Hi, Sorry I didn't include face wear because balaclavas and other things use it which clips into Santa beard making it look strange. Maybe one day arma will allow for more clothing slots? Thank you very much :) Had a lot of fun playing this, also love the music :D Merry Christmas
  3. hem

    Santa Claus

    Same to you Would love to see some pictures of you / your community using this mod! Thanks once again everyone how has downloaded my mod.
  4. hem

    Santa Claus

    Nice! Thank you. Haha cool! Thank you. :)
  5. hem

    Santa Claus

    Thank you Kerkkoh! Thank you and please do :)
  6. hem

    Santa Claus

    Thank you everyone for the nice comments. As requested units have been added for Blufor, Opfor and Independent all also being colour coordinated, I also added a explosive version of the present. First post has been updated. Once again thank you & if anyone has any other suggestions please share!
  7. hem

    Santa Claus

    That's a good idea actually, I'll get on that :) and thank you very much.
  8. Santa Claus I wanted to create something fun this year for Christmas and this is the out come. Includes Santa Claus unit (Civilian > Christmas > Father Christmas) Santa Claus uniform (xmas_santa_uniform) Throw-able present (xmas_present) Explosive present! (xmas_explosive_present) Santa Claus blufor unit & uniform (Blufor > Christmas > BLUFOR Father Christmas) Santa Claus opfor unit &uniform (Opfor > Christmas > OPFOR Father Christmas) Santa Claus Independent unit &uniform (Independent > Christmas > IND Father Christmas) Again this was created purely for some fun so please enjoy! Credits I want to thank Schultz for helping with a binarise issue I was having and helping with some testing. Update! Update - 05/12/15 As requested units have been added for Blufor, Opfor and Independent all also being colour coordinated, I also added a explosive version of the present. Change log - Added Blufor, Opfor and Independent units with there colours - Added Explosive present (xmas_explosive_present) Download (05/12/15) Steam workshop Dropbox Thank you for taking a look and have a merry Christmas!
  9. Been working a on a new vehicle, mini dumper with articulated steering and the wood gas system. (sorry for the dark image, I'm bad at taking pictures) There is currently around 12 vehicles (land, air and sea), 11 run off the wood gas system and 1 runs of solar power, we are also constantly adding new vehicles. Thanks.
  10. Awesome work Schultz :cool:
  11. hem

    [DA3] The Congo Crisis

    Awesome work, love that Jeep. :cool:
  12. If you had actually taken some time to read the rules of the contest it CLEARLY states that the legal age is over 16, although if you are under this age you can have a legal representative (Older friend or parent). This person will represent you in the situation of you winning.
  13. hem


    Awesome! I was lucky enough to visit Alcatraz when I was in San Francisco, which was really cool.
  14. hem

    Black Powder Mod

    I really like the sound of this! Can't wait to see more.
  15. Although we have been working on the map for awhile it is still full of issues, we will be using a map that is currently in development and is almost finished. Also, on the note of this topic... what features in the movie, is the shape of a skateboard and has no wheels?