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  1. Done. Still says 1.76 at the menu though, and I don't see no new DLC so I suppose the big download may have been just decrypted Apex DLC?
  2. Still downloading... It raised the download size to 11GiB after a while. Takes a few hours on my slow connection.
  3. Okay, 1.78 released for Windows, and my Steam on Ubuntu is currently downloading 8.3GiB for Arma 3. Day one ports patch? Exciting stuff :D
  4. I did eventually finish the campaign, and only ran into minor frustrations later on. It's a good idea for a DLC which obviously takes inspiration from some recent walking sims and adventure games, but the clunkiness and bugginess of Arma holds it back from being something great.
  5. Restarted from scratch and picked a different drop location. Managed to get through the mission now. Sadly, these kind of issues are very frequent in Arma (all of them) single player. Very frustrating. Wasted hours on it, and it really takes all the fun out of it. Basically ruined this campaign and DLC for me. Not even sure I want to keep playing now for fear of running into similar issues again.
  6. Brisse


    Currently using 17.2.2 from the official repo.
  7. Hi! With the MacOS and Linux ports recently (yesterday) being updated to 1.76, I can finally play Laws of War DLC. However! I already got stuck in the supply drop mission. I get to the point where I have inspected all the crates. Then a new task pops up which tells me to defend against guerilla ambush, but nothing actually happens. There's no ambush. It doesn't seem to trigger. Anyone else had this? Tried reloading a save from just before the crates are dropped, but same thing happened again and I can't progress further :(
  8. Brisse


    Just a heads up mesa users. mesa_glthread=true Increased my performance in YAAB by 3%. Ryzen 1700X 32GiB DDR4-2400 R9 Fury Ubuntu 17.10
  9. Brisse

    1.76 Ubuntu 17.10 Gnome

    This behaviour might depend on if you are running Wayland or Xorg. I assume you are running Wayland, so I suggest you try Xorg and see if that changes things. From what I've seen so far, pressing the SuperKey with GNOME on Wayland always takes you to GNOME's activities view, no matter what game you are running. There's no exclusive fullscreen with Wayland and I don't think apps can take control of the SuperKey like they can in an Xorg session.
  10. Brisse

    Public Beta

    Hey! Thanks for the update. Finally I get to have a go at Laws of War DLC which I missed out on after ditching Windows early 2017. Downloading as we speak :)
  11. Brisse

    Public Beta

    Hey! Thanks for the update. Finally I get to have a go at Laws of War DLC which I missed out on after ditching Windows early 2017. Downloading as we speak :)
  12. Brisse

    Public Beta

    @fraczek Running 2560x1440p@120hz on Ubuntu-GNOME 17.04, no problem. Anyone else with MacOS seeing the same issue as fraczek?
  13. Brisse

    1.7 released but no access to Apex/Tanoa

    Looks like they fixed it. Yesterday I installed the game after the update came out. No Apex at the time. This morning I got another 5GiB download and now Apex works fine :)
  14. Brisse

    Public Beta

    Thanks BI and VP for todays update to 1.70. Still way behind Windows, but better than nothing. Longing for the day where the ports are on par with Windows and when it isn't marketed as 'experimental'. Ditched Windows early 2017 so I haven't really played Arma in a while. Going to try this on my Ubuntu-GNOME 17.04 machine as soon as Steam finishes downloading. Briefly tried 1.64 as well. Was very surprised to see performance rival and even surpass the Windows version, but there were other problems, not to mention that the version was becoming so very old and lacking recent DLC.
  15. Brisse

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    Just tried the Jets DLC showcase and I just have to share a though about the clouds. They start at about 2500m asl and they go on until 10 000m asl. That's not right! :D Clouds like that I'd expect to see at 500 - 2000m asl.