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  1. Vormulac

    co10 Escape

    My schedule is crazy right now, finishing up the thesis and just got a new job. When things settle down I'd love to get back into it :D
  2. @Psychobastard I got it sorted. Ace (w/o medical pbo files) and AIS seem like they're playing nicely. Going to run a few tests with my group tonight. I swear I'd tried this solution but I probably did something dumb somewhere while I was messing with it before. All I did was change any relevant ace_main checks to ace_medical, and that would let me have Ace and AIS running at the same time, but to fix the missing interaction menus I removed the following from AIS/Core/fn_preinit.sqf. removeAllMissionEventHandlers "Draw3D"; That's what was preventing the ace interaction menu from working as the Ace interaction menu uses that event handler. I know there are a few groups that use ACE without the medical system so if any of them come asking about how to get AIS and that Ace subset to play nicely this should work for them. As always, thanks for the scripts! Update: There are a few things that I haven't bothered to deal with like being able to use the ace menu while down (leads to being able to do ace things like set explosives while down, which is morbidly funny at times) but overall it works pretty well.
  3. Yeah I think that's likely where the issue is, I'll have to do some digging. If I do happen to come up with a solution I'll post it here. In any event, this is a great system.
  4. Vormulac

    co10 Escape

    @NeoArmageddon Hey man, glad to see you guys still chugging away on this mission. Love the changes in 1.9 :D
  5. @Psychobastard First I would like to thank you for the awesome revive/wounding system! It's definitely been fun to play with and really easy to use. But I do have a question for you. My group likes to use Ace but not the Ace wounding/revive system as it's too complicated for the kinds of missions we play (scavenging for weapons, ammo, and gear as we go, no base of operations, etc.). As such we've just plain old deleted the ace medical files so we have the stock Arma 3 medical system but get to keep the parts of Ace we like. What I'd like to do is get your revive working with this subset of Ace. I've found I can go through AIS and change a few existence checks from ace_main to ace_medical and it works great with the one exception that the interaction/self-interaction menu ceases to work (unless you're looking at your map/gps, you can still use Ace interaction to turn on/off map reading flashlights). Could you recommend any places I could look in AIS to allow the interaction menu to still work? I've tried a few of the changes in the thread and it seems they all leave me with either the Ace interaction menu xor the AIS wounding/revive. Again, thanks for the awesome wounding/revive system and any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Vormulac

    co10 Escape

    I can't thank you guys enough for your continued efforts. REALLY looking forward to being able to play the newest versions with my group. Thanks again for not letting this mission die! :D
  7. Thanks guys. @Meatball: Going from 8 to 10 is probably the most requested change so I'll talk it over with Neo. It'll make it easier because you have more eyes and weapons on the field but harder because ammo will be shared among even more people. If there's no technical hinderance to adding two more slots then I guess we'll just have to see how it affects the balance :D
  8. Yep, I'll be making a few changes so that it's easier to control what soldier types show up during which events. For now the scout (possibly recon, can't remember off the top of my head) array is used for paradrops and the other two are used for everything else.
  9. Hope that helps, let us know if you get it working. Cheers
  10. Neo beat me to it but Chernarus was always planned. Always glad to hear someone that enjoyed Engima's original also enjoys our version. As always there's more to come. If a mod sees this post could they change the thread title to "CO08 Escape Altis and CO08 Escape Stratis"? Thanks in advance (if i'm able to do it myself I couldn't figure out how).
  11. This version is a prerelease (beta) of 1.6. There's been some rebalancing of soldier types/counts but mostly this version is a LOT of backend changes. Neo's built a new revive system that I've been having a lot of fun with. If you find anything weird happening feel free to post them here. Oh, piece of advice for you: Move.
  12. Vormulac

    Escape Chernarus Problem

    Hey hey, Hyperz, NeoArmageddon and I have Altis and Stratis versions of Escape Chernarus we're working on and I ran into the same problem early on. I'm guessing you haven't run it on a dedicated server yet? If so, hell even if you have, the problem (as it was for us anyway) was that InitServer.sqf was being called by both Arma and init.sqf. This was a while ago but IIRC the problem is that in A2 the init and initserver file names were case sensitive where in A3 they're not. What I did as a workaround was change the name of initserver (or was it serverinit?) to serverInitialization.sqf and called it from the init. Least amount of changes required this way. Hope that helps. If you run into any other problems along the way feel free to drop me a line. Cheers Edit: Just saw your post in the request thread. When we're done with Altis and Stratis I'll be porting it back to Chernarus using AiA (probably Takistan as well).
  13. Neo'll have to answer that one ssechaud. That's all him :) What I can tell you for sure about it is that it's got some interesting features that I'm pretty excited about. As a "in the mean time" I did try to reintegrate norrin's updated revive but ended up with a lot of problems (teleports to respawn location on being knocked unconscious) and haven't had a chance to work it all out.
  14. is up. EnemySkills 1) Manual Settings 2) Setskill free. 1) Manual will take the settings you provide (using a preset will ignore these). 2) Does not use Setskill (for Zeus AI etc). What that horrible pidgin english says is that if you want to set the AI skills directly set Enemy skills to manual settings then set the skills. The setting "Use this setting for AI mods" does not use setskill anywhere so it should work with Zeus AI type mods.