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    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Libya? Lol. By the way, there is a difference between real war and CSAT vs NATO. Support the refugees, France hasn't had enough eh? They are dropping chlorine, which isn't the most toxic chemical thats been used, its meant to disrupt - similar to tear gas, why poison hundreds in protests with tear gas right? No one is retarded to start another cold war, maybe in your mind, you need to look at the bigger picture. Not the ArmA 3 one.
  2. M. Glade

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    FSA is a bullshit "moderate muslim" terror group, they execute Syrian soldiers who surrender, and they want support from the west? Cmon, open your brains, its clear who to hit and not. And with your cold war bullshit, go back to CWA lol. The US and Russia are on the same side now, they both want to eliminate ISIS. And yous forget that the majority of the Syrian population ARE BEHIND YOUR HOUSE, WORKING AT THE 7/11, you forget what happened to these refugees. So I would burn the populous with whatever chemicals I can find.. Imho, the U.S and Russia should start larger scale operations in Iraq and Syria, finish this shit once and for all. I know buckets of names of reserve and active duty Soldiers & Marines who are dying to take a pick at an ISIS fool. Once the bigger problem is solved, you can focus on whos throwing soap on eachother.
  3. Removed due to modification issues.
  4. M. Glade

    Disappointed with lack of Interactability on Tanoa

    You know what map has 100% enterable buildings? New York. But seriously, I'm glad im not the only one who feels sad on this building issue.
  5. Don't get me wrong, I love the new Apex Buildings. They're awesome, look great aswell. But one thing pisses me off, ALOT. 99% of Apex buildings only have half the interior, I don't know if this is a performance thing or a labor-cut. Imo - I'd like to see a complete building, this Arab prince (above) doesn't like having a tiny little bedroom like that. Was this intended or are these buildings just like that for aethetics, thanks! I wanted to put this into a suggestion but I thought better in Q&A.
  6. M. Glade

    These Buildings

    No rags, I just mean add more rooms lol. With Eden even the guy who has 5 hours and played Altis life can build an awesome interior. I just find it really limiting on the in-depth side with the lack of rooms, claustrophic to a person who really wants to do something with it (and keep it vanilla). I don't think, adding more rooms will have that large of an effect performance wise.
  7. This seems like a large project. Are you going to have some Icelandic language callouts, like I could imagine a Astorisis language something like that... Or are you just going to do like Swedish callouts?
  8. rhs huge project coming soon (this is part of my campaign) (took 200 hours or so to make the whole base) (houses 1300 men)
  9. Static ships, since in Apex we have the huge ass port. I want to some tacticool as fuck boarding ops, which will really bring that "CQB" thing BIs going for in terms of Apex. Like a couple tankers n cargos. With interiors, cmon!
  10. Hey, I'm making a mission where there'd need to be like 50 civilians lying dead, already have custom blood textures everywhere etc. but the bodies look retarded when I set their damage to 1. Not what im after, I want to make them lie down (ex. arms open etc.) like there's been in some Scenarios guys've done. I'm sure this isn't impossible. Thanks!
  11. If you look in /directory/Addons you will find missions_f~... which you can put into the editor and edit yourself. I myself, too, am looking for the Apex source so I can see how the team / some animations are done. Just to bump, what I see as an issue however is, you can also find the showcase for Helicopter / Marksman DLC even though you didn't purchase it. This is an interested topic of discussion, would like to see a dev maybe comment on this?
  12. I was about to start my new project, when I found these camies in the main char pbo (for NATO) and some vests. New faction ? :D Edit: found way more but not going to post, look under characters_f. These include more civie clothing, who knows?
  13. M. Glade

    Never used textures?

    Great replies, I never looked into these back in the Alpha. Lets hope they re-appear, A2 style!
  14. M. Glade

    Tanoa / apex flags

    To not create another thread, I made this just now for my project.
  15. M. Glade

    Never used textures?

    Alien? What the f*ck? Rip hype, I haven't dug or tried to make a mod since the BETA I guess they like to fill up our Steamapps, ok nice.
  16. M. Glade

    War Plan Blue (W.P.B)

    krasavny rabota, ya s neterpenym zhdo. Those models are fucking magnificent.
  17. Sorry, just finished replaying all of the A3 campaigns. But I definitely agree with everyone's statement above, I miss the old A2 style missions. Sit down, brief up, get a STRONG ASS attachment to the characters. With a team like this, us (the community) can barely compose a proper wiki on everyone. Would also like to see more use of the added gear/equipment. There was nothing wrong with the stand alone campaign (compared to other stories/games), but its very short and that "cliffhanger" effect isn't working, after playing it you don't feel like the story affected you. I had a different feeling in ArmA2. AP is repetitive. I also wanted to see more immersive missions, which incorporates all factions (civilian, syndikat, CSAT and finally NATO GROUND FORCES), made into smaller missions similar to what BI showed with the rebels on Altis, not even once I've seen the regular NATO troops in the campaign. The cutscenes were something new. I also see a small problem with what happened in the current campaign which might effect future campaigns, like if you look, CSAT were f*cked over in the End Game mission so probably means they don't want to make more of a appearance and that Solomon Maru dude could have done way more (mission-wise) down the line but he had to be killed off. So if an extension is made it'd have to be completely from scratch (more or less, or bring in that Kerry guy who imo was an AI with a nice voice) or do that PMC thing everybody wants. Constructive-critic-rant over *sorry for the poor grammar, this was written with speed*.
  18. With this Multiplayer Apex campaign, my whole knowledge of the story turned into a shitstorm. Either way you go, in the Altis campaign (to support NATO or to defect and help Memer) the devices' situation is still unknown. Imo, I'd like to see another campaign (solo) which'll clear out more of this and we'll possibly see more use of the actual map. Not extremely happy with what BI did with this Apex thing (story-wise), especially with what happens to Altis after.
  19. M. Glade

    [WIP] Los Santos map

    Watch how the Lifers are gonna snatch this up ^_^ Great map, doesn't resemble GTA but it sure has the aesthetic, defo gonna follow this.
  20. M. Glade

    Helicopter Not Flying at start

    Oh, heres one. (Sorry for bumping, f you still have the issue). Make the helicopter fly at the start of the scenario and teleport it to the exact place where you need it, this should work.
  21. When I mean Apex units, I mean this. I'm making a campaign, Its going to be 100% vanilla. In order to keep make custom names (as of now) is make a mod and make a separate unit. But awesome enough Apex came out, so I'd want to use this. Note: I cannot find truck and the rest of Raider 1's squad in the CTRG Pacific Story character list.
  22. I'd like to see one, maybe even do a civilian showcase like in A2. Can't wait for the official missions to come out, BIS do what you do best thanks!
  23. M. Glade

    Helicopter Not Flying at start

    Ahh makes sense, you could also try to make it fly higher then script it to go lower.
  24. I'm building a community-campaign, I've already done the majority of the story (which I won't put public yet) and setup the initial get-to-know mission and first part. All I am lacking is some nice voice over artists, If you have an American accent please hit me up (European accents do work for some of my troops). Send them over as mp3 or ogg, don't expect payment unless I get donations for creating the mission. Thanks
  25. Ah ok, thanks for the replies guys. But I mean there is a couple new factions such as Syndikat so showcase those, not necessarily gameplay showcases.