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  1. Some queries. Please bear with me, I am not really up to speed on these things. Is this a new exe for arma or do you require a beta build of Arma for this to function? if the former is it possible to get hold of the standalone exe? - I run from PWS launcher as I share mods with my coop friends and we launch from a PWS coop collection, so as a result the steam beta option is not really viable for me. I have been using process lasso to set CPU affinity for cores 5,7,9,11 and have some significant improvement by taking the load off core 0 and then moving other process away from this. (taking inspiration from here: ) However I am a tad lost with the launch parameters for my 3960x cpu, 16G RAM and GTX980ti. (being a cpu with 6cores - or 12 Hy[erThreaded (i think..)) Reading various posts about the place it appears that I should set the following launch parameters: CPU count 12 Enable HT Maxmem 8192 MaxVram 100 below my card (I have set this to 12800) Malloc System (or preferably your snazzy version) Appreciate any and all advice. Cheers.
  2. dogdoor

    Spyder Addons

    It worked! This is excellent.
  3. dogdoor

    Spyder Addons

    Legend! Thanks, trying shortly. And if I want to shortlist - other recruits I gather I just place the class names preferred in the whitelist list? I am using UNSUNG and the UNSUNG_W (all west factions) is the only faction option that works - sub factions dont, so I plan to white list the units I want.
  4. dogdoor

    Spyder Addons

    Thanks Spyder, I am not sure where to place the init code - normally I set this init on one of the ai in the team (non playable) however if this is called by the recruit script I am not sure how to apply it. I do not want every ai medic to have this just the non playable ones in my team
  5. dogdoor

    Spyder Addons

    Thanks for the quick reply Spyder. at the moment I place: dummy = [this, units (group this)] execVM "scripts\automedic.sqf"; in the AI init. Not sure how to execute this via the recruitment option?
  6. dogdoor

    Spyder Addons

    I am using the Advanced Auto Medic Unit Script
  7. dogdoor

    Spyder Addons

    heya, is it possible to set an init for just the medics class? I have setup a healbot that heals the team in combat and I would like the init to trigger when I recruit. Thanks
  8. dogdoor

    Automated medic?

    Just got this working in MP with Ace 3 - it's great! Question, if I want medics recruited with Bons recruitment script to spawn with the automated Medic options, how would this be done?
  9. Any chance someone could package up with a quick tutorial? Keen for something along these lines for my missions however looking at the post all I see is a wall of scripting. Cheers
  10. Is it possible to apply mcc generated missions in the editor? What I would like to do is have a commander AI at the player base that provides a list of available missions for players to choose from, I would like to limit the missions to the Factions placed in the game. Alternatively is it possible to build mcc missions in the editor (rather than in game), so that the task pop up progressively? Thanks
  11. Thanks, I stripped out VAS and bunch of old scripts and it seems to be fine now. Cheers.
  12. I think I worked out part 1. I gather that you need to put both SRC and LoadoutTransfer folders into the mission I am encountering "loadoutTransfer\LT\LTcommon.hpp .VAS_RscControlsGroup: Member already defined". error?
  13. Two queries 1. installation for script version. The directions state "Place the LT folder in your mission folder " Should this be "LT-1.0" parent folder or "LT" within src or LT within Loadout transfer subdirectories? 2. To save your currently equipped loadout without the option to access the loadout transfer options or arsenal, is there any easy way to attach this to an object? I have been using the mod version with great success. But want to move to the script version as some of our missions seek to limit the players available equipment. Thanks - excellent mod. Cheers
  14. Am using AIA standalone (light) and AIA quality replacement pack however when I run it says it is missing "aia_activateA3modelsModelReplacement_CO". Any ideas? Ta Ludi
  15. We have been using bcombat for some time and there are some sexy responses in combat. Should I disable the AI Skill Module for this to function correctly also?