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    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Jeah, i voted too, but why i could not find the C17 in that? You still want to improve that or you want kick that out of your mod? :( Its a very nice transport plane, i hope you still want to improve that. Thx for your work on the USAF mod dude!
  2. [Mods:BWA3, CUP, F/A-18 E/F, USS Nimitz, Futarm Maritime Units, RHS: USAF & not published Mods]
  3. Sounds pretty nice! Do you think about to share a sample mission with us? ;)
  4. Sounds nice! Do you think about to share a sample mission with us? ;)
  5. YesYoa

    Advanced Rappelling

    Howdie duda123, i got some script errors with your advanced rappelling, i can´t fix it or understood where the problem is. You or anyone else out threre who could help me with that?! In the follwing video at minute 0:59 are the errors visible. https://youtu.be/OkTcfy33tNk?t=59s Thx and greets!
  6. YesYoa

    Arma 3 : Underground

    sounds and look pretty awesome!
  7. YesYoa

    [Showcase] Night Shift - FIA Bunkers

    nice atmosphere!
  8. YesYoa

    =BTC= Militia for A3

    Howdy, cool Mod and nice looking Units! But i got one problem, i cant find the classnames anywhere.. Could you help me with that? Thx a lot and greets!
  9. Hey Ollem, do you still work on it? I have a question about using tpwcas with upsmon, is there a compatibility between those? :) Thx!
  10. I tried to test it, make a fsf_secventral.sqf and put that code of the description into the missions - init.sqf. But in my case it doesn't work. Do you have an sample mission or an advice for me? Thanks.
  11. YesYoa


    already received an answer? I am searching for a "move backpack on chest" as a script version... Somebody got a hot tip for me? As long as it is not written into ACE 3. Thx.
  12. GREAT IDEA!!! :bounce3: --> https://github.com/KoffeinFlummi/AGM
  13. Hey Dude, at first i have to say that like your addon very much! We run your adoon on our server und get these logs: "2014/07/31, 3:40:50 Error Undefined variable in expression: _crewmaster 2014/07/31, 3:40:50 File vqi_halo\VQI-DemonDropper\vqi_demondropper.sqf, line 306 2014/07/31, 3:40:51 Error in expression <chemlight_blue" createVehicle (position _dem onPortal); lightC130 attachTo [VQI> 2014/07/31, 3:40:51 Error position: <_demonPortal); lightC130 attachTo [VQI> 2014/07/31, 3:40:51 Error Undefined variable in expression: _demonportal 2014/07/31, 3:40:51 File vqi_halo\VQI-DemonDropper\vqi_demondropper.sqf, line 311" My friend says to me, that your PBO isnt running on a dedicated server and i want to know whether you still work on it!? If yes, is there a date you want to update these? :) At least i have two other questions, do you want to make these addon compatible with other planes, maybe like the Boing C17 and do you want to make animations for the way to halo-jump-area, so that the plane is not so static as at the moment? Thx a lot for the coming answer and your donated time for the community. ;)