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  1. qantaqa1987

    This game is too hard :(

    Really.. Arma robot AI is maybe the dumbest and unfairest AI in the universe (Bots from 90's). Like the door thing in earlier video WHY OH WHY DEVS that should have been fixed in alpha stage.. oh sorry i forgot this is military simul.. sandbox, everything has to be hard even using doors... list is long. But if you play beta game you get beta AI. Wait the APEX patch and you get full experience.. till then play PVP or coop and hunt rabbits easy kills, i can recommend( tho need some beer for that).
  2. qantaqa1987

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    This new fatigue system is so annoying. I can move few meters and then i have to listen my character breathing. It gets to nerves very quickly. Try to be AT soldier now! they are the fat internet warriors who can move 10 m and die to hyperventilation on the spot. Bohemia can only make 3 sound samples for sounds. Foot steps and breathing omg!!! thomp thomp thomp............................................ uuhh ahhhh huuuuhuuhu uuhhh.. and I'm off to play something else.
  3. Are you going to upload new version to STEAM? Merry *hic* Christmas to you. :)
  4. qantaqa1987

    A plea from someone with lazy, stubborn friends

    God damn this community has some issues.. i really hope ppl start to share mods in workshop. PWS = buggy shit, Armaholic folder thinkie = try to advice ten of your casually playing friends to do it IS A MAJOR PAIN in the... And after 1h of advicing you just want to give up and go play something else. Valve is a great company.. Bohemia too but they should integrate some sound mods and ACE in to Arma 3 :)
  5. qantaqa1987

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Not for me... :*(
  6. qantaqa1987

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    So where i can download this? soon have to go work so hurry up ^^
  7. qantaqa1987

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Far away shooting sounds weird. Tanks firing 1km away sounds like muffled thunder, should be more like . Firearms you can barely hear. Could the grenade explosion get some attention too?
  8. Hello, Better nigh vision= full screen, noise... etc. Option that servers can lock brightness and gamma so we get good night game play = no more gamma cheating. Adjustable FoV. Flir made better so it isn't god mode. Vehicle physics so you cant flip tank over so easily.
  9. qantaqa1987

    The New Sounds are Pretty Good.

    JSRS is superior compared to vanilla .. but they are going to right direction.
  10. qantaqa1987

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Hello.. Why every unit is smoking these days(at least at night)? out hale should be less visible just looks weird, maybe if there was -10*C it would be fine. :)
  11. qantaqa1987

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Im very impressed! good job audio team! will we get better explosion sounds?
  12. qantaqa1987

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    "Please fix the bad hit effects in the game finally!" If you haven't noticed the game is half done! Gotta hope they make new animation DLC. ;) i.e. bazooka loading, rifle grenade, when you crawl near walls your char will stand up.. etc But i im sure all is done when the new map (sequel) comes out.
  13. qantaqa1987

    Long range engagement.

    Lets hope it gets better! Marksman and snipers are killer machines right now. Scouting, taking high priority targets out... etc would be their job. Right now everyone wants to be anti-materia rambo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3k3s0Ys7wQ
  14. qantaqa1987

    Long range engagement.

    Would be nice feature and ofc it would be on/off thing in difficulty setting.
  15. qantaqa1987

    Long range engagement.

    I know all the mods and how i can get it right on spot. Arma marksman DLC devs say shooting will be rewarding and hard to master? (if i remember right). So why not make long range engagement more challenging and rewarding? I know if you dont use sniper in game its "hard" for someone but not for long. It takes few games and you are uber oneshot killing machine. It would be much more fun if you had to align your scope and you'd have indicator where your bullet will lead and this would only affect Marksman and snipers? Im not attacking anyone here just waking up some conversation and suggesting some improvements devs could possibly use. <-- not me, but showing some sniping so ppl get the idea.