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    Feedback Thread

    -First need small map we don't need island make small please. -Quickplay with friends not server browsing.It's like queue find game. -Capture points open land and we are targeted too easy make them cover position and limitation map because everyone camping mountains. -View distance setting game running smootly but when I look Island my FPS drop.(Or small map :D) -Make class limitation, I don't wanna see my team all sniper OMG. -And last make this game different not like Arma keep it casual arcade style. Thanks a lot this game I really enjoy. PS: Keep free to play or gift them Arma III owners please :)
  2. Mlirka

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    I can't download your site is down ?
  3. Yes arma support Turkish language can I show many picture maybe thanks for patience
  4. I will translate this mod to Turkish can I added sub mod for armaholic maybe or I will sent file to you ?
  5. How can I change radio language to italian ?