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  1. Keys work fine now, thanks. If you didn't know arma has launch parameter for verifying keys: -checkSignatures
  2. Seems like you forgot to re-sign the pbo, DYA.pbo.Cype_Revenge.bisign is wrong. Err 0x20. Test FAILED! Also you should consider making new bikeys for updates. It's much easier then for server admins to make sure everyone on the server is running same version of the mod.
  3. 1.21 from armaholic mirror: Signature SugarLake.pbo.Major_Desync.bisign is wrong. Err 0x20. Test FAILED!
  4. tikka

    EricJ Release thread

    Any plans to separate hats from uniforms on taliban fighters?
  5. tikka

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Signatures doesn't work. Wrong signature for file @rhs_afrf3\addons\rhs_c_cti_indep.pbo
  6. tikka

    TF47 Launchers [WIP]

    I did some testing for RHS compatibility and I noticed following issues: - Sometimes (most of the time) original damage values doesn't get overwritten. To fix that you need to ensure that compatibility addon gets loaded after launcher addon to do that you need to add launcher addon to compatibility's required addons. You're also inheriting rhs_ammo_3bk12_penetrator which might not be loaded, fix is same as for the previous one - add rhs_c_heavyweapons to required addons. requiredAddons[] = {"tf47_m3maaws", "rhs_c_heavyweapons"}; - Both AT4 and MAAWS have same cfgPatches class tf47_m3maaws which might cause issues. - There are more inheritance issues in your config e.g. you're inheriting RocketBase and CA_LauncherMagazine but neither might actually be loaded (vanilla stuff most likely gets loaded before addons but I'd add those parents and whatever else you're inheriting to required addons just to be sure.). Oh, but when compatibility patch actually works damage is much better, no more one shotting M1A2 from front armor with MAAWS HEAT round. You still might want to do some minor tweaking (MAAWS, I didn't test AT4): - indirecthit values seem a bit high - HEAT rounds seems too efficient against T-72 and T-80 variants
  7. basic_defines.hpp: ST_GROUP_BOX and ST_GROUP_BOX2 are defined twice. CSSA3_defines.hpp: CSSA3RscMapControl access = ReadAndWrite, but ReadAndWrite is not defined.
  8. tikka

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    Is there proper documentation what's actually included in the mod somewhere? Also classlists?
  9. tikka

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Please move RscDisplayChannel from Core to Markers class RscDisplayChannel { onLoad = "_this call AGM_Core_fnc_onLoadRscDisplayChannel;"; }; Currently it breaks compatibility with swt markers and you'll have to modify Core.
  10. tikka

    Sweet markers system

    Could you set focus to marker text field by default? Now you have to click it before you can type text.
  11. tikka

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    https://github.com/KoffeinFlummi/AGM/wiki/Functions#agm_interaction_fnc_addinteractionself I couldn't get that function to do anything, no idea if it's the example or is the function itself broken. MY_SelfInteraction_ID = ["Test Interaction", {true}, {hint "Test"}, true] call AGM_Interaction_fnc_addInteractionSelf; Also the AGM_Interaction_fnc_addInteraction and AGM_Interaction_fnc_removeInteraction examples seems to be calling wrong functions.
  12. For some reason marker side system sometimes loads very slowly on briefing screen (+10 seconds), that causes markers to go on group channel. In game it seems to be working fine everytime.
  13. Any plans to release modular version of AiA on pws? As in AiA as core and every map individually.