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  1. Abburo

    Add Item Argo to Arma 3

    Aegis mod have ported most of Argo content, along with some other stuff. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=949252631
  2. I just want to wish you a great new year in 2018. Thank you for your efforts to keep up one of the best scenario work for Arma!
  3. Abburo

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    I see next ARMA as an engine evolution able to cover larger terrains. What era to put there is a completely different thing and I would keep the sandbox architecture that make ARMA what it is now, letting communities to populate with whatever army generation they want, from Napoleon to StarWars :)
  4. Can anybody join the Altis & Stratis in a single map? I am fully aware about the possible performance hit, hence I think that joining them can add a completely new tactical and strategically view for a lot of missions like Liberation/Antistasi or any ALiVE ports. This idea came by looking at the printed maps that BI are commercializing on their site. So, what you think... is anybody willing to try? I do not have the required knowledge at all.
  5. Abburo

    Altis & Stratis in a single mod

    Do you know also a reason? Just briefly explained!
  6. Abburo

    Arma 3 Currency?

    Arma have its own blockchain , so the currency is called ArmCoin :))). It can me mined also with a sledgehammer on your GPU :))
  7. I am a flight sim player/gamer. Hence, still I am waiting for DCS World to stabilize their platform I found myself playing almost exclusively Arma3 since 2 years already :). Good luck Arma3 by BI and keep this platform open and in continuously developing. Old chap here :)
  8. Abburo

    ARMA (#) future path

    I am looking on what happens lately with various Arma modders which are going away and starting their own game developing path. I do appreciate their tenacity and for sure some Arma challenging is benefic for everybody. But sometimes I have a strange felling. Those who are departing from this modding community are not really creating things, but they are reusing ideas tested on ARMA testbed and the result is always way below what is already here. My main rant here is coming with that PUBG Battleground, but there are few other examples of people creating in general scenarios. I made the mistake to buy that PUBG only to see that is 20% of Arma features. The gameplay is boring, the performance is poor... and that guy lost his time redesigning assets (weapons, buildings etc). This applies to all those departed modders. Selling 5 millions of copies does not by far mean the game is good, but is more like a clickbait. (Remember StarCitizen ? :D) Enough with the rant now, I really don't want to start a debate on those games, but I would really like to draw attention to Bohemia (I know I am not the only one) to be more carrefull with few things: 1. Keep an eye on modders. There are few great modders (individual and communities) doing fantastic job here. CUP/RHS/JSRS/NIM, Liberation/Antistasi and few others. Keep them close, sponsor them, listen to them and their improvement request and fulfill at least 75% of their request in a more reasonable time fasion. 2. Try bring Arma into e-sports (PUBG already announce their intention to do this... unbelievable) 3. Arma is a infantry simulator - but I think is more over that -> work more on physics models especially for land vehicles and planes. Helicopters are acceptable. 4. Do not create competition between modders, but rather collaboration. Help them integrate each other in a more seamless way. If you Bohemia will start with number 4. ... I think it will be a great step forward. In the end, congrats Bohemia for ARMA masterpiece. Your experience cannot be overcome by any other newcomer producer, but you have the moral duty to make this experience even better.
  9. Abburo

    ARMA (#) future path

    Fully agree with you here, this being the main reason I was saying BI should keep closer to some modders who proved their work is great.
  10. Abburo

    ARMA (#) future path

    I would avoid contests as we already know that few great modders left this area after such events due to various frustrations generated by who's better. Giving the current status I see pretty straight forward which mods deserves BI's close support. I would not sponsor modders before they are ready but after they work is done and feedback is collected through the Steam workshop. Everything is already in place to be able to check users feedback. Also, if I am going sponsor anybody I am expecting to receive some documentation and sources for all their work so that in case that they quit I can pass those to other interested Modder to continue that work. Modders are doing everything for free now, so I really see no harm in the above approach. Sometimes contests are more harmful than it should... and this a general state in our day by day living. The e-sports for ARMA would not be comparable with CS-GO or any other fast paced games. But have a look into Dyslexi group. They are pretty "pro" . And there are few of them. Arma community is now pretty hefty according with Steam reports. ARGO is a great initiative and have a lot of ideas from CS-GO world (including graphite on the walls). It has a lot of room to evolve by using some basic vehicles, drone monitoring and ... well... sky is the limit here in ARMA :) Jet DLC is a bit different... that one is a DLC not a mod, because is paid. But yes, modders might consider a similar approach as well. The quality control however will be more rigorous. The word "simulator" might be a bit too much for this game, but is the only one who deserve to have this status for now. I don't know what RO/RS series stands for. I am a DCS World player as well. I also play Assetto Corsa/rFactor2. They are simulators close to "reality as possible as it gets". And have to say that waiting for DCS to finalize their latest engine updates since few years now, I was mostly playing Arma... I have almost 2000 hours on it without creating any mod or mission at all... just feeling great while playing it.
  11. A special mod draw me attention today as it was also mentioned by BI on their recurrent Sitrep. It is about "Aegis". The main reason that draw attention is that is mainly a reskin of Vanilla items and some few interesting addition to vehicle also. I saw few APCs with removed turret and marked as medical vehicles which can really be used in Liberation mission. I also saw some very interesting police skins, a black Ifrit, some nice extra skins for helicopters... all of them very nice. I know we can change the mission as we like :), but I just considered worth for a heads up here, in case you will find usefull this array of great working items for your next version of mission. Also some nice skins ported from Argo for Clouds and Flames are available here.
  12. Indeed, you're right ... it is a different type of warfare. Thank you @Wyqer
  13. I am very pleased about the changes you proposed for .96 I would have also a suggestion to add a new kind of missions/tactics where undercover mechanism need to be used. Something similar with the Barbolani's work if possible.
  14. Abburo

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I am attaching here a powershell script I am using to keep the servers mods updated, having as source my workstation.
  15. Sorry being unclear about the info source. It is stated here:
  16. I just saw the Zbug's original mission seems will add some new core functionalities. Will you consider those into your work here Wyqer? Is any featuring between you and the "old team" already ongoing ? In my perspective you have added here some features for which I cannot go back, like supplies, support for multiple maps... etc... On the other hand the new core options looks very appealing too.
  17. Wyqer, in order to avoid some confusion that people might face while managing resources I would suggest you to try change the name "Destination A" to something like "Source Storage" and "Destination B" to "Destination Storage".
  18. Abburo

    What is the best CTI Mission?

    Liberation and Antistasi are currently the state of the art missions,
  19. Wyqer, I am not too chatty but just want say a big thank you for your hard work on this mission. This idea was initially a great one but you polished you even more... Just a general feedback based on my experience related to Taunus map. That one is a great looking map, marvelous one I can say, but unfortunately it have two main issues. The first one it is compute resource intensive and the second one it is very buggy. Textures that hide enemies which are shooting, walking through walls, elevators shaft traps (can enter but not able to get out )... and other. AI are spawning some times in some rooms which are actually sunk into the ground so that cannot access them. My solution to that was to blow up entire building so that can have access to trapped AI.
  20. On Tanoa there is no heli respawned on the aircraft carrier. I have resseted everything and deleted user profiles but no luck. On Altis for examples looks fine.
  21. When I fresh start to Taunus there is no FOB container available for ferry. As workaround I had restarted the mission with 1st FOB already built.
  22. Abburo


    I see gamepads appropriate only for fight games like Mortal Combat , Tekken.. etc. Otherwise I found them extremely inaccurate especially for flight sims, even for arcade. But that's only me :). I do play Arma3 with max level of simulation for helis. In this conditions a gamepad usage became a struggle more than an enjoyment. There are few reasons I am saying this: - the joystick length/height is defining how precise your hand will be. Higher -> better precision - gamepads usually have 8 bit controller which translates in only 256 steps in resolution. Only the latest ps controllers have 10 bits resolution = 1024 steps. - T16000 have a 16 bit resolution controller (65536 positions) , with contactless sensors and normal height on joystick. Now, anybody can do the math and choose whatever it suits for him/her.
  23. Abburo

    JETS DLC Wishlist

    Will the airplanes flight model reworked? I never use airplanes in Arma because I am finding the flight model offending my senses :). Really, I am used with DCS/X-Plane and because of this I simply cannot acomodate them in Arma. The helis however are much better represented, even they are not even close to the sims mentioned above, still am very much enjoying the low level flight with them.
  24. Abburo


    If you have money to spent then Warthog is the thing.. for now! If you are not so keen with that fancy look and advanced features then you can go for this hotas: http://www.thrustmaster.com/en_US/products/t16000m-fcs-flight-pack The joystick is contactless so that is the most precise in its class. You can also consider the pedals that you can find on the same site for even more immersion. A TrackIR will be very welcomed but you can also consider a cheaper open-source solution like facetrack/facenoair... If DCS type of simulator is not on your radar then is more safe to stay with the cheaper version I have recommended to you.