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  1. Alright, thanks for the help guys very much appreciated, making progress. But as a self described half-wit who can't code I'm still having some issues. Using just what @Erwin23p suggested without editing the code otherwise the group seems to autoupdate no matter what, regardless of the detection state. I've played with inserting the "if (_ReconTeams knowsAbout player > 1) then" in a few different spots: while {true} do { hint"WP ReconTeam updated"; { if (east knowsAbout player > 3) then deleteWaypoint [_x, 0]; _waypoint1 = _x addWaypoint [(player getpos [115,45]),0]; _waypoint1 setWaypointType "MOVE";//SAD MOVE _x setCombatMode "RED"; _x setSpeedMode "FULL"; _x allowFleeing 0; }foreach [_ReconTeams]; sleep 10; }; It will just auto update to the player location on whatever I set the timing of the sleep command to. (note I'm using east vs a specified group so ideally any east/opfor unit spotting the player will direct this group to this location. Think of it as a specific group tasked with hunting the player group down, directed by any other opfor forces intel) I have also attempted to use @pierremgi code but while I get no RPT errors it doesn't seem to update the groups directed waypoint once the player has been detected again/at a new location. They seem to head to the first location and then stay put. if (east knowsAbout player > 0) then { _ReconTeams addEventHandler ["KnowsAboutChanged", { params ["_grp", "_target", "_newKA","_oldKA"]; if (_target == vehicle player && _newKA > 1.5 ) then { private _currWp = currentWaypoint _grp; if (_currWp == count waypoints _grp or {_currWp == 0}) then {private _wp =_grp addWaypoint [getPos player,0]}; [_grp,currentWaypoint _grp] setWaypointPosition [player,0]; if (isNil {_grp getVariable "timer"}) then { _grp setVariable ["timer",diag_tickTime]; _grp spawn { waitUntil {diag_tickTime > (_this getVariable "timer") + 5}; // for 3 minutes. Set as you want _this forgetTarget player; _this setVariable ["timer",nil] }; }; }; }]; }; I'm so close but I'm missing whatever the magic is to get these updates to trigger only upon redetection. I've played with setting the timer at different values the "5" is just the latest in making sure that wasn't my issue. I've also tested it just using the code as is above, removing the "if (east knowsAbout player > 0) then" portion and relevant bracket, to no real difference.
  2. Howdy. I'm a lousy scripter and mostly tinker with others. I've been trying to modify a script I've found to no avail. Perhaps someone can guide me & teach me a thing or two. Script in question: //________________ Author : [GR]GEORGE F ___________ 18/12/2017 _____________ if (!isServer) exitWith {}; private ["_ReconTeams","_enemiesArray","_randomPos","_x"]; #define ReconTeam "vn_o_men_nva_15", "vn_o_men_nva_16", "vn_o_men_nva_17", "vn_o_men_nva_18","vn_o_men_nva_19","vn_o_men_nva_20","vn_o_men_nva_21","vn_o_men_nva_24" _enemiesArray = [grpNull]; _x = 0; _ReconTeams = createGroup opfor; _randomPos = [[["base4"],[]],["water","out"]] call BIS_fnc_randomPos; _ReconTeams = [_randomPos, opfor,[ReconTeam]] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _ReconTeams setCombatMode "RED"; _enemiesArray = _enemiesArray + [_ReconTeams]; _ReconTeams addWaypoint [(player getpos [115,45]),0]; while {true} do { //hint"WP ReconTeam updated"; { deleteWaypoint [_x, 0]; _waypoint1 = _x addWaypoint [(player getpos [115,45]),0]; _waypoint1 setWaypointType "MOVE";//SAD MOVE _x setCombatMode "RED"; _x setSpeedMode "FULL"; _x allowFleeing 0; }foreach [_ReconTeams]; sleep 10; }; For the latter part of the script that updates I'm trying to insert a check so it only runs that second half to update the waypoint if the player is detected by east/opfor. Its basically a script that spawns a unit to hunt a player down (triggered by a detected by opfor trigger) but I'd rather the group it generates only get updates if the player is detected, so its possible to elude/evade the group. I've been trying to insert a "((east knowsabout Player) >0)" segment alongside the while {true} command but I have the scripting knowledge of an illiterate gibbon so every different form of doing so has run back repeated errors for me. Anyone able to offer some pointers?
  3. Howdy, hoping someone has some ideas either with existing scripts or clever methods. Long story short I'm cobbling together a semi-dynamic long-term mission with Prairie Fire DLC on the Khe Sanh map, playable as LRRP's and/or SOG. In the areas of the map controlled by Opfor (PAVN) I want to set-up enemy units/compositions that are moving slowly across a large distance. IE simulating something along the lines of troops coming in to slowly work their way to where-ever, rather than ambiently patrolling a particular sector. Ideally following terrain paths/roads. The idea being it gives something to recon/intercept/call air or artillery on. Also rather than just stumbling on random patrols in the jungle I'd like to create the possibility to set up by major routes and do ambushes. I realize in the editor I could cobble this together via a pre-placed set of units & series of waypoints. That would work but its not ideal. I would rather have it be a repeatable/respawning than a singular instance and it'd be nice for it to have some degree of dynamic element to it so its not always the exact same path, if possible. I have a plethora of ambient patrol scripts/modules for creating an occupied/guarded area but I've struggled to find anything pre-existing that does more what I describe above.
  4. Hey! Struggling to get the AI to heal the player in S.O.G. Tested it with default NATO units and the AI will revive the player. However my S.O.G units will receive the call to help and then revert back to "ready" without reviving the player (me?). Struggling to figure out the cause/fix for this! I can get my AI squadmates to revive eachother, however. Interestingly I tested it with the unsung units versus the default Prairie Fire ones and the AI medics will heal me. Interestingly enough, with one final test, if I set my player-unit as a Prairie Fire/SOG unit no units (vanilla, unsung, PF) will heal me. If I set my player as an unsung/vanilla unit, PF/SOG units will be able to heal me. So something about the PF/SOG units seems to mess up the AI's ability to heal them when used by a player. So for the mean time I can use a prairie fire LRRP squad and set my player unit as an UNSUNG seal and the script works fine, but it'd be nice to be able to play as the prairie fire unit.
  5. This is a long shot but I'm trying to utilize this script for a custom mission but am running into a challenge due to my novice script. I want to set a custom init on the groups spawned via the helicopter re-enforcement. The idea is to use this script to spawn/deliver the unit and then have the unit assigned to GAIA (This set of scripts: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/172933-mission-template-stand-alone-gaia-make-missions-fast-by-using-mcc-gaia-engine/ ) via this in the init line "(group this) setVariable ["GAIA_ZONE_INTEND",["<ZONE NUMBER>", "MOVE"], false];" (the exact variables being mission specific). This will let me set up triggers that trigger helicopter re-enforcements into an area where the over-all GAIA AI can incorporate them into the larger battlefield. The idea being to create an ongoing/never-ending battle scenario with re-enforcement triggers on cool down timers, so approx every 30 mins (or whatever interval) new units are flown in to the combat area. Just in case you're curious why I am trying to put this all together. I know this is probably basic to some of you but if you could help me figure this out it'd be appreciated.
  6. Oh also, another thought from more play-testing with GAIA. If there was a modifiable function where you could have GAIA merge depleted/low-man squads within a certain range that'd be incredibly useful. One of the weird immersion-breaking elements of GAIA is squads whittled down to 1-2 men still attempt to operate as if they were fully functional and usually do suicidal-like things. I wonder if this could be tied to implementing a "tactical retreat" behavior for GAIA where if in certain conflict-areas lots of lost & damaged squads/assets would force GAIA to pull back & reconsolidate its forces. This could be relatively simple such as pulling back to an area a certain range from the conflict-area & having in-area units reconsolidate/merge before advancing or you could have units attempt to withdraw to a designated base/hq/safe point in order to be re-enforced to full strength. Right now GAIA's command-strategy results in something akin to brute-forcing, a bit like a parody of soviet WW2 "not 1 step back" hyperbole. Making GAIA attempt to preserve & retreat units would really enhance the emergent battles. Little tweaks like the ones I've described could make GAIA even better for quickly creating a realistic & dynamic mission. With those sorts of behaviors you could use GAIA with a mod like unsung and have GAIA make squads insert, patrol, withdraw when wounded/damaged, etc with minimal scripting/effort. As is, I often set up GAIA matches in the editor and just watch them - tweaking things until the battles/behaviors seem realistic - and these are the behaviors I've found myself really desiring to see occur.
  7. Yes, absolutely. I use GAIA as the main-stay of almost all my missions to handle the AI & create dynamic/persistent missions. I posted on the last page my thoughts after using GAIA for quite some time. Take a peek at my last post on page 7. I'll summarize here, though: The biggest improvement with GAIA imho would be more sophisticated co-ordination with different unit types, aka better combined arms tactics. I would like to see the variety of unit compositions considered when deploying orders to units operating in the same zone. For example utilizing certain units as scouts to spot the enemy, integrating artillery more (I have not noticed GAIA successfully utilizing mortars, etc, so I run a different script currently to ensure mortars fire on spotted targets in range) and so on. I think in particular the use of scouting/recon would immensely benefit the existing GAIA behaviors. I also haven't noticed GAIA properly co-ordinating air assets. It'd be nice to see helicopters called in as support, which seems like its intended to be possible by having GAIA allowed to call in non-GAIA units for support (aka having a helicopter at base take off, perform support & return without ambiantly patrolling) but I've failed to ever make this work. In addition having slightly more nuanced patrolling behavior could add a lot to possible situations emerging. As currently squads rarely engage in much defensive combat, its usually a zigzag of flanking and counter-flanking. As I said in my last post: Here is a potential situation I'd like to see: BLUFOR Squad A is patrolling, encounters an enemy squad& destroys it, rather than resuming patrolling Squad A then is ordered by BLUFOR-GAIA to hold that position for a period of time. OPFOR-GAIA will most likely dispatch any additional nearby units to the former combat zone & spots it has on BLUFOR Squad A, thus a static battle for a particular spot/point can occur organically.
  8. This script was exactly what I needed to add in a task-system for my sandbox missions.
  9. I cannot wait to download this and install it. Amazing work as always. You guys are some of the finest modders & your mod just makes Arma almost everything I want it to be.
  10. Aaaaaah Delta is out! I don't suppose there's a smaller download to go from Charlie to Delta? Being on satellite net with a 512mb daily limit really hurts... For now I'll ust have to find the changelog to pour over.
  11. gfresco

    Zee Identity Pack

    I admit I'm playing Unsung pretty much exclusively these days & some female Viet Minh/Viet Cong is one of my long term hope for this project, hehe.
  12. Imitating the GAIA cache system for ultimate GAIA compatibility would be great for my style of mission. I use GAIA to populate a number of combat zones across the map, with the units spawning at map edges. The 2-phase GAIA cache system allows for units further from where the player starts to distribute across the map sooner without a big performance hit by reducing the squads to 1-man outside the initial range. This way I can set my cache range to around 1500m but have troop movements simulated up to 3000m
  13. I don't know why I haven't set to using this earlier with my GAIA based missions as I find GAIA's own respawn feature iffy. Is there any issue using it with GAIA's cacheing system instead of its own? IE will using GAIA's cacheing trigger JEBUS to respawn when GAIA fully cache's a unit?
  14. gfresco

    Zee Identity Pack

    Holy moly. Been away from ARMA 3/online for a while and the progress you've made is stunning, Zee. I'm glad to see the option to incorporate female characters is being expanded! The heads are flawless so it seems the final hurdle, no help from B.I on this one, is getting working female bodies/skeletons? It'd be nice to be at the point where it'd be easy to add female characters to factions added with add-ons but I suppose we're still a ways away from that. Still, the progress thats been made is stunning I still have the very first release installed on one of my laptops & its quite the comparison to the latest SS's posted here.
  15. @spirit6 Thanks for the great system. GAIA is my go-to these days for the types of missions I make (Dynamic fully populated map missions where 2 sides are fighting regardless of what the player does). The co-ordination of infantry groups is fantastic & I've enjoyed just watching my missions play themselves. That said, there are a few issues & suggestions I'm personally experiencing. I'll list them all in as concise a manner as possible. 1) Respawns: Works fine mostly but sometimes there is a inconsistent delay. Would be nice to knowb why (perhaps large maps, long GAIA cycles?) &be actually able to hardset a delay time (For example set an infantry squad to respawn right away but a helicopter to only respawn after a 30 minute delay) 2) Use of combined arms/co-ordinating vehicles: Maybe its my own map/mission design but I find GAIA doesn't do combined arms assets so great. For example if I have infantry patroling an area I'd like them to be able to "call on" helicopter support. Instead what I find is helicopters basically patrol their own areas independently and only occasionally co-ordinate on the same targets as ground troops. I've tried to set helicopters uncontrolled by GAIA & then enable GAIA to send non-GAIA units into attacks but when I do this GAIA never sends them in. 3) Utilizing Transports: It simply doesn't happen. No matter how I set it up helicopters/trucks go off and patrol themselves and infantry units do their own things. I'd like to set it up so helicopters would shuffle infantry units close to combat zones (think helicopter transport in vietnam) but it just doesn't occur. 4) Scouting: It'd be nice to be able to have units that intend to pursue & track enemy units without engaging them (except in self defense). That way you could set 2-man recon squads to act as GAIA's eyes and ears to help her co-ordinate directing her assaults. 5) For infantry patroling/behavior it'd be nice to have a defensive option where squads/infantry use "hold" and other commands to establish a position. Here is a potential situation I'd like to see: BLUFOR Squad A is patrolling, encounters an enemy squad& destroys it, rather than resuming patrolling Squad A then is ordered by BLUFOR-GAIA to hold that position for a period of time. OPFOR-GAIA will most likely dispatch any additional nearby units to the former combat zone & spots it has on BLUFOR Squad A, thus a static battle for a particular spot/point can occur organically. What I'm aiming to do in my missions is basically have the AI realistically simulate combat at the battle-level. GAIA works fantastically for co-ordinating infantry and general intelligence of enemy presence but doesn't quite manage combined arms. if GAIA could get its infantry to call in airstrikes, strafing runs, & utilize vehicle/air transport to move around it'd make my ARMA experience complete!