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  1. I tried a quickstart stratis showcase and same thing happened I will try to redo it with rpt and mission.sqm once i get time
  2. Been getting script errors 22:37:02 Error in expression <e = ([ALiVE_ProfileHandler,"getProfile",_profileID] call ALiVE_fnc_profileHandle> 22:37:02 Error position: <_profileID] call ALiVE_fnc_profileHandle> 22:37:02 Error Undefined variable in expression: _profileid 22:37:02 File \x\alive\addons\mil_opcom\fnc_OPCOM.sqf [ALiVE_fnc_OPCOM], line 2550 everytime alive tries to send backup to my position This also shows up 22:49:21 Error in expression < = [ALIVE_profileHandler, "getProfile", _x] call ALIVE_fnc_profileHandler; if(is> 22:49:21 Error position: <_x] call ALIVE_fnc_profileHandler; if(is> 22:49:21 Error Undefined variable in expression: _x 22:49:21 File \x\alive\addons\mil_logistics\fnc_ML.sqf [ALiVE_fnc_ML], line 7042 Commander doesn't seem to send backup or retake points Do old Alive missions are not compatible? I was running this one: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=963737272 with opcom debug and virtual AI debug
  3. Check if you are actually firing the trigger at mission start, maybe you are firing it somehow, that's the issue since the group synced always wait for triggeractivated.
  4. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Vehicle AI will never be fixed in ARMA 3 because of physx, the AI just can't deal with acceleration, turning, brakes, etc while on physx Also Physx is the reason of many physics bugs on arma 3 in multiplayer, all those funny videos about vehicles crashing and sending others into orbit. Arma 2 didn't had physx so the AI was ok and the bugs much less. Even worse, physx is the reason of bad performance in arma 3, because it's handled all by the CPU and makes the game totally cpu limited for other things, even after all the great optimization in the visual aspects and other things Physx implementation for effects are bad too, ragdolls come to mind, they are absolutely immersion breaking, the famous flinching after being hit
  5. Arma 3 performance upgrade

    Upgrade your ram or cpu if you get low framerates on firefights upgrade your gpu if the game runs slow when nothing is happening in vanilla arma 3 is limited by cpu
  6. Drongo's Air Support

    Eagerly waiting for the release of Air support and Artillery modules, they seem great!, the rendition to old CoC Artillery is great, I still remember the classic "Rounds complete" and "Splash" radio sounds Coding the impact, ffe, and delayed fused and other features must have been really time consuming but they add so much more immersion to the game, i hope you release the new versions soon
  7. I don't understand, delay works for setting a delay for the second respawn, not to actually delay the first spawn
  8. co10 Escape

    Very fun mission, i had tons of great moments with it and my group of friends, about the AI aimbotting, it could be the use of optics that gives them normal long range accuracy and very good short range accuracy or that they go low on ammo (less than a magazine), when they go low on ammo they pick their shots with extremely high accuracy. It really depends on what you expect from the mission, i don't really see it as a "mission" more like a roguelite so I'm kinda okay with the AI being godlike, in fact i would increase AI skill over time if players don't move but im somehow a masochist
  9. I have a question, in the main sqf there is a line to delete empty groups, but that line is executed by every group that is respawning with jebus, so i wonder if i can copy and use it with a while elsewhere in the server rather than in the main sqf of jebus, or it's crucial to the script to delete empty groups every time jebus respawns a group? Thanks
  10. Thanks NinjaRider and Rydygier for the hard work! i'm used to GAIA but im intrigued to see how complex and dynamic this system seems
  11. GF Cleanup Script

    Does this works with dedicated server? since it uses vehicle player and it only runs on server...
  12. BIS added physx for marketing but forgot that AI also drives vehicles rest is history
  13. Ah okay, thought you didn't tested without jebus The delay between waypoints generated could be because the scheduler gets overwhelmed for any reason
  14. But why do you say jebus breaks ups and upsmon? as far i know nothing from the code of jebus could break those two scripts, and they are really old so probably they don't even work at all I have tested upsmon personally some months ago and it didn't work (i did it without jebus), the only version i know of upsmon up to date is from Antistasi but it's totally rewritten to work within it
  15. But you can still do hit and run tactics, since they only know your last position so if you change your position quickly by sprinting or whatever they won't find you (i have seen this in zeus that groups go to your last position and if they don't find you they get a S&D waypoint in the vicinity for a while until the next report) you may be using a AI sharing script like VCOM or ASR AI (although ASR AI still has some time delay between broadcasts)