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  1. Alive virtualizes units, so they do "fighting" if you are far but it's virtual, calculated by costs and types of units and probability of outcome caching just hides models and simulation until you are close
  2. About the disembarking problem, i tested it with IFA and all vehicles worked fine except for a little t60 tank that disembarked everytime, the only difference that that tank had is that it doesn't have commander slot defined in config or by default, so maybe it's about tanks (tracked not wheeled) without commander slot only requested units as reinforcement disembarked though, like they got into combat range (700-1000 m) and they disembark, vehicles in combat range didn't had that problem (although as i said in IFA the only tank that had that problem was the t60)
  3. Any ETA about the new version? I really want to try it lol
  4. This is so awesome and has a lot of potential with the work you guys have been doing with dynamic position handling through script Thanks
  5. I have had a few issues with crewmen leaving their vehicles when requested as reinforcements, maybe something related to the flare script when it changes magazines could empty the tank out of ammo? The new version seems interesting, throwing mortars in the mix will be fun, thanks again!
  6. It's a really nice addition to the game, Im enjoying the crazy firefights I saw the changelog had the 1.0.23 version meanwhile the only uploaded version was 1.0.21, was the new version uploaded somewhere? I also had some script errors regarding artillery with mortars from the AI (related to the line in the quote below, the _distance variable threw error), i will try to post them next time from the logs Thank you a lot for the hard work, it's a really clean mod overall and it works really well
  7. Simulation false protects from immediate damage, but still registers, so when they enable simulation they get instantly killed if they were killed before it was quite a problem when caching vehicles since sometimes they would explode with simulation false so nothing happened, then the player got near and they exploded for real
  8. if you are using short sleeps consider using call for unscheduled work
  9. fycj

    Random though: why did CSAT not receive a MLRS?

    well, the campaign tried to show it as a large scale war scenario and tried to be epic as it could, while using small mraps and little variation in tanks and ifvs, it just doesn't feel right, dlc have fixed it someway samething with tanoa, the LSV is completely useless..., in fact, rhino mgs, the mora, the kuma and the t 140 are one of the best vehicles added post game
  10. fycj

    Random though: why did CSAT not receive a MLRS?

    bis should have focused on large scale equipment like artillery, ifv's, tanks... i don't see why they focused so much on mraps since they have no use in a large scale war, it's a little immersion breaking to see mraps being used in combined forces in a "large scale war" scenario, they are cheap vehicles with bad firepower and they just use them because they are light and good for anti-insurgency ops
  11. I tried a quickstart stratis showcase and same thing happened I will try to redo it with rpt and mission.sqm once i get time
  12. Been getting script errors 22:37:02 Error in expression <e = ([ALiVE_ProfileHandler,"getProfile",_profileID] call ALiVE_fnc_profileHandle> 22:37:02 Error position: <_profileID] call ALiVE_fnc_profileHandle> 22:37:02 Error Undefined variable in expression: _profileid 22:37:02 File \x\alive\addons\mil_opcom\fnc_OPCOM.sqf [ALiVE_fnc_OPCOM], line 2550 everytime alive tries to send backup to my position This also shows up 22:49:21 Error in expression < = [ALIVE_profileHandler, "getProfile", _x] call ALIVE_fnc_profileHandler; if(is> 22:49:21 Error position: <_x] call ALIVE_fnc_profileHandler; if(is> 22:49:21 Error Undefined variable in expression: _x 22:49:21 File \x\alive\addons\mil_logistics\fnc_ML.sqf [ALiVE_fnc_ML], line 7042 Commander doesn't seem to send backup or retake points Do old Alive missions are not compatible? I was running this one: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=963737272 with opcom debug and virtual AI debug
  13. Check if you are actually firing the trigger at mission start, maybe you are firing it somehow, that's the issue since the group synced always wait for triggeractivated.
  14. fycj

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Vehicle AI will never be fixed in ARMA 3 because of physx, the AI just can't deal with acceleration, turning, brakes, etc while on physx Also Physx is the reason of many physics bugs on arma 3 in multiplayer, all those funny videos about vehicles crashing and sending others into orbit. Arma 2 didn't had physx so the AI was ok and the bugs much less. Even worse, physx is the reason of bad performance in arma 3, because it's handled all by the CPU and makes the game totally cpu limited for other things, even after all the great optimization in the visual aspects and other things Physx implementation for effects are bad too, ragdolls come to mind, they are absolutely immersion breaking, the famous flinching after being hit
  15. fycj

    Arma 3 performance upgrade

    Upgrade your ram or cpu if you get low framerates on firefights upgrade your gpu if the game runs slow when nothing is happening in vanilla arma 3 is limited by cpu