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  1. Hi @Dedmen, Following this release, myself and a few others were unable to load a particular map, https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2084904847, while running the performance binary while opening in editor. After disabling, we were able to load the map in editor. This occurred when loading only the map, and it's dependency, no other mods. The particular error in the .RPT was: A3_Static_F_HMG_02 in a3\static_f\hmg_02\ A3_Structures_F_EPA_Civ_Constructions in a3\structures_f_epa\civ\constructions\ A3_Weapons_F_EPB in a3\weapons_f_epb\ A3_Weapons_F_Gamma_Rifles_MX in a3\weapons_f_gamma\rifles\mx\ Mods: A3;curator;kart;heli;mark;expansion;jets;argo;orange;tacops;tank;enoch;aow;@G.O.S. N'ziwasogo v2 APEX Version 2.04.147615 Fault time: 2021/05/17 13:35:48 Fault address: A70C6FF4 00:A70C6FF4 Unknown module file: world: pja305 Prev. code bytes: 45 58 4C 8B 85 C0 00 00 00 48 8B 8D D0 00 00 00 Fault code bytes: 42 C6 04 08 00 4D 8B 80 40 04 00 00 41 8B D7 4F ======================================================= Thanks for all the work on this branch!