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  1. For some reason I´m not able to put objects on a table properly. It works in the editor by dragging the object on it, just dragging or by pressing the alt button... However in mission appears under the table or an incorrect altitud.... Has someone experienced the same thing? Any solution or missing something...??
  2. Hello, Does anyone know why the following command is not longer working on a dedicated server? Perhaps I´ve missed something. TF_give_microdagr_to_soldier = false; I put this always on the init.sqf mission to avoid conflicts wiht the Ace altimeter which is assigned in the same inventory player slot. Any solution? BR
  3. legio4777

    Apex Tanoa Missions

    Hello, I wanna know where do I found the APEX DLC missions. I mean the files, to open it and have a look some editing things. Thanks
  4. legio4777

    Werthles' Headless Module

    In my case I´ve started a mission in the 3D editor taken the scripts from the test altis mission and doesnt work at all. It has to be the 3D Editor does it? If not perhaps someone can helps telling me what I have made wrong?
  5. Well guys, Bohemia has done a fantastic job with the EDEN Editor. However like somehting new, problems happens... I´m having problems, with my new 3D edited and imported missions from 2D editor, in Multiplayer dedi server. Once Imported and the mission is launched in the dedicated server, It let me go in to the lobby, then to the map, but inside mission all the objects, empty vehicles, units get destroyed, blowing up, units flying everywhere, like a mess! Spectacular, also see an A10 (supossed to be without fuel) flying everywhere!.... So does anyone now what can happens or tell me what I´ve missed? Other question is about virtual entities, in my case Headless Client (HC)... My dedi server create it but doesnt take its place in the lobby..... It would be awesome If someone can help me! Best
  6. This worked in arma 3 missions. edited with the 2D Editor but not with the 3D editor
  7. Yes is the same name....
  8. Init.sqf code for HC: elec_HC_detect = ["auto"] execVM "elec_HC_detect.sqf"; waitUntil {scriptDone elec_HC_detect}; if(elec_stop_exec == 0) then { []execVM "eos\OpenMe.sqf"; }; I´m using eos in my missions. I´ve no access right now to my server.cfg Hope this can help. And related to my other question about the in mission mess any idea?
  9. I´ve found this when I edit with modules. How I can solve it? Does anyone have the same problem??? No entry "config.bin/CfgVehicles/Module_F/ArgumentsBaseUnits/Units/values/Objects.default". It´s pretty anoying. Thanks...
  10. legio4777

    ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus

    Hey guys... Does anyone have a test mission???? It would be great have one to check how to put the vehicule and objects...
  11. legio4777

    Player Position Problems

  12. legio4777

    Player Position Problems

    Hey guys, I´m suffering problems since the last update with the player combat positions. Prone, middle prone etc... with the keys... I dont know what´s going on.... but the left ctrl+w or left ctrl+s etc doesn´t work... None of the positions by using the left ctrl nor shift works... Does anyone suffering the same? Best
  13. Does anyone know if there is something new with the COMBAT SUPPORT modules in the new update? I can not make it work... Modules I´ve put. ALIVE REQUIRED ALIVE PLAYER OPTIONS CS CS transport CS CAS Syczed them.....
  14. legio4777

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Hi guys, Two weeks ago I´ve detected a compatibility problem between ALiVE Combat Support radio messages and AGM due to the AGM_NoRadio.pbo. Due to this little bug, the people we jointly use ALiVE mod with AGM were suffering the following: the "CROSSROAD radio messages" didn´t appear at the place where it uses to be. At the left bottom of the screen. Which means once you request for a pick up, Arty or similar you didnt have the radio messages provided for the Combat Support Module, Debug Messages.... With the consecuent lack of relvant information in game and editing. After some test made by a member of my clan, we changed some paremeters in the AGM_NoRadio.pbo file. With it, this problem is fully solved. I dont know where to report that, or whether you have noticed this bug, and if yes when are you gonna fix it. If you need to know the changes we made please ask me and will tell you, thru here or private message. Thanks.
  15. Hi Guys... Thanks to the hannibal´s recommendation, a member of my clan has done a little change on the AGM_NoRadio.pbo and it perfectly works. If someone has suffer the same problem, please send me a MP message... My next step will be to inform to the AGM modders... BR
  16. Hi Highead did you have the chance to review it? and do you think it can be solve in the next ALiVE update????
  17. Yes it works perfectly. However you have pointed out what can cause that, it happens only with the latest version of Arma.... and the ALíVE ones... Could you check it? ---------- Post added at 15:07 ---------- Previous post was at 14:58 ---------- Hi Hannibal yes could be, I´ve 3 questions: 1.- why is working perfectly with previous ALiVE versions...? 2.- This AGM_Pbo only disables the AI chat (the annoying enemy detection in game for instance) or also the player functionality of talk when uncounscious? 3.- This affects any player that uses both mods ALiVE and AGM, does it? Or just me.... Do you have check it out? Thanks for your help
  18. Hi Friznit2 and Highhead... If you remember I had posted I was suffering some CROSSROAD message problems. After diferent researches and tests, I´ve detected that it seems to be a compatibility problem with the AGM mod. I´ve created a mission test, including the combat support modules. With that it seems to work correctly, however when I open the mission with this mod (AGM, and without introducing any kind of AGM module) the ALiVE crossroad doesn´t work at all. Nevertheless It works perfectly with a mission created previously to the 1.26 update. Therefore any mission that I create after the 1.26, and using ALiVE and AGM mod doesnt allow to receive the CROSSROAD messages. Do you know what can cause this problem? BR And hoping any light here....
  19. Hi Highhead, Could i send You a prívate message with a misión to check it out? I still do not get the Crossroad messages.
  20. Hi friznit2, do you know where I can turn on the sideChat¿?¿?. I still continue without seeing the CROSSROAD chat of the transport and Cas....
  21. I dont get the point, where is supossed to do that...? A Alive Module?
  22. Hi Guys, I dont know if it is for the new update 1.26 fo Arma. I cant see the CROSSROAD messages of the combat support, when I request a pick up transport, an attack run..... Does someone know what can happens?
  23. Hi Guys, I Wanna use the Virtual Arsenal by including a code in the init.sqf. I recently show a video from the Swiss Maverick which gaves to the community the code extract to put in the init. Here the video link. However once tested in MP dedicated server doesnt work. This is the code: { _x allowDamage false; _x addAction ["<t color='#FFAD1F'>BIS Arsenal</t>", {["Open",true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal}]; } forEach nearestObjects [getpos player,["B_supplyCrate_F"],15000]; Does anyone know what I have missed? Thanks for your help.
  24. Wait for the next update? I hope Bis fix it....