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  1. michaeldk

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Hi All :) I was wondering if there was any of you who had the mission where "A3 Wounding System" was set up, since I can not figure it out. :( Thanks in advance Michael
  2. Why not upload it to Steam, this is so slow.. 8-12h now :) :D
  3. michaeldk

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Thanks, but i can not open the mission in the editor, because it says it is dependent on downloaded contents.. Do I have to download ACE and TFAR, install it, and then remove the modules, or is there another way? Thanks in advance :)
  4. michaeldk

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    https://github.com/T...iberation.Altis Hi jus61 :) Do you have a version whitout Ace and Taskforce radio? Our small group would like a full RHS version of this mission. And to ZBUG, thanks for this mission, it is the best :)
  5. michaeldk

    DMC Air Patrol

    Hi :) Did you find a solution? Because I have the same problem...??
  6. michaeldk

    BMR Insurgency

    Hi again mr.ripley What do you use to run your server? Is it a rental or local? And what are the specs. And do you run HC on the same machine?
  7. michaeldk

    BMR Insurgency

    Thanks :) I will test it for a day or two, and post my results here...
  8. michaeldk

    BMR Insurgency

    @mr. ripley Hi :) Could I be allowed to test your version of Insurgency? I have a dedicated server with 2xHC, and I see it peaks up and down in FPS, so I'd like to try your version ?? If possible, you can send a link to nov847@gmail.com Thanks in advance :)
  9. michaeldk

    BMR Insurgency

    @Jigsor Thanks, and yes both Bornholm and Altis 1.43 are running without any problems :) @kraaka You can use Werthles Headless Kit, it is easy to set up. :)
  10. michaeldk

    BMR Insurgency

    Hi Jigsor, love the missons. I have Altis and Bornholm on two dedi. servers and it is running nice.. But how do i chance the default parameter (on lobby screen), so i dont have to set it up every time i restart the servers.?
  11. michaeldk

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Nice mod :) The backpacks are awesome :cool:
  12. Hi :) Would it be possible to have more options regarding equipment Fx that you could remove AA, AT etc. from AI ?? /Michael
  13. Sounds good! Looking forward to try it when it is released :)